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The Untold Story of the Roe v. Wade Anniversary


The Untold Story of the Roe v. Wade Anniversary

Gloria Totten
What's different about the Roe anniversary this year is the newly proactive abortion rights movement.


We shut down 49 clinics in 2017 and we will fight for another 45 years if necessary to close them all down.

Abortion Clinics Closed

There are better options than to kill a baby to solve a problem.


For once some good news to report; a serendipitous read, thanks to the author.

By way of solidarity, here’s a good link to a brilliantly argued essay:

The gist of the above essay notes the anti-birth control stance of fierce anti-abortion hardliners as giving the lie — for all practical purposes —to any genuine desire to lessen the need for abortions on their part.


And we will fight you every step of the way.


“According to a recent ProPublica report, featuring information from The Lancet, the U.S. maternal mortality rate (26.4 deaths per 100,000 live births), is almost three times higher than the United Kingdom (9.2), more than three-and-a-half times higher than Canada (7.3), and almost seven times higher than Finland (3.8). Perhaps even more problematic, however, is that fact that while the number of women who die in the United States during the maternal period is rising, little action has been taken to address the issue.”


And what if the pregnancy IS the problem?

Your lack of compassion for the mother is duly noted.


Many years ago, I worked in a hospital that provided space for a local anti-choice group to meet one evening each week. I couldn’t help but notice that the members—every last one—were all old white men.

Fortunately, the calendar will solve that problem.


@ekm “brilliantly argued essay?” NOT! This is brain twist. Among PP’s stated goals from the beginning were to empower women to honor their own minds and bodies. By what ruberic is over 60million abortions since RvW considered a success in that regard? PP has lost its way and produced just the opposite.
IOW, it is PP that has failed, not the pro-lifers. Time for PP to admit it’s short-comings and re-evaluate. Otherwise, it’s just a devaluing of women, not empowering.

There hasn’t been a problem with access to women’s healthcare in decades. In fact, what has been the point of PP since the sacred Obamacare was put into place? There are at least 4x the amount of pro-life charities for women than those of PP and it’s a lie that PP does anything more than abortions in 90% of their clinics. Does PP advertise in their clinics the contact info for the pro-life alternatives?

It’s a terrible consequence to force health insurance to cover pills and other birth control… getting pregnant is not an ailment. Is anyone making the connection here as to why the cost of our premiums are up 3-fold in the past several years? I’m so excited my insurance went from $210 to $775 just so you can have more affordable sex.

Women have responsibilities as well as rights by uniquely being able to create life. Reminds me of the PP accidental tweet:

“No one should fear that those entrusted to protect them will harm them without accountability. Freedom from violence is reproductive justice.” -Planned Parenthood, @PPact, May 2, 2017

Ironic. The short-sightedness of the choicers, like this so eloquently displays is unfortunately becoming more commonplace and spilling over into more areas of life. The likes of which will takes us all down just like we humans tend to do in cycles over and over.


Typical red herring. The number of “problem pregnancies” i.e. tubal pregnancies or those that endanger the life of the mother, are in the range of about 2%. Medical science is so advanced and technology is so incredible that children are being born and living who just 50 years ago would have died.

Try being realistic for a change. 70+% of babies born in the black community are to what is euphemistically called “single-parent families.” In other words, some punk with a desire to prove that he is man by whippin’ out his Johnson and using it and some gal who fell for his line of chatter about “I love you, baby.” Of course, when the dust settles and the bed sheets stop moving, this guy is long gone and the girl inherits the problem. The same is true in the white community with Billy Bob and Sara Jean in the back of Daddy’s Caddy at the drive-in movie.

In other words, the problem is immorality, not pregnancy. It is falling for the vacuous lies we were sold back in the sixties by this guy:


Time will solve “that problem?”

Don’t bet on it…look at all these young people – passionately pro-life:


Lack of compassion? There are over 7,000 ministries and clinics all dedicated to the health and well-being of women and to help them keep their babies in difficult situations.

Show me one of them that is run by a Leftist. You would rather kill the child and be done with it, wouldn’t you?


“…the problem is immorality…”

You are not the arbiter of what is moral.


We have a guide to what is moral and immoral. The guide is love, as indicated in the 10 Commandments of the Bible and the words of Jesus the Christ, who told us to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and spirit, and our neighbors as we love ourselves.

Killing a child in the womb is not loving that child.
Using a woman for sex and then abandoning her is not love.
Using women for pornography is not love.
Human trafficking is not love.
Starting wars for corporate profits is not love
Protecting corporations like Monsanto, whose products cause cancer and are killing our world, is not love.
Screwing people out of their money (our plutocratic government) is not love.
Letting criminal bankers walk free after wrecking our economy is not love.

Love is the treatment of others with their best interest in mind. Love wants to see the best for others. Using women as sex toys, spreading STD’s, and giving them no other option but abortion after they have become pregnant, is not love and certainly not in the best interest of women.

I have a moral standard. It is the one that Jesus taught us about loving others. And therefore, I have every right to share with others what that standard - love - is. You just don’t like it because it cuts across the things you like to do.

principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.
synonyms: ethics, rights and wrongs, ethicality More
a particular system of values and principles of conduct, especially one held by a specified person or society.

Everyone has a system of morals, even the immoral. Their morality is immorality. They just don’t like being called out on it.


Centuries from now, I think people will view the rampant slaughter of the preborn as well as the slaughter of animals for meat, to be horrific barbaric relics of a less-enlightened time. This will be due to a changing morality that will follow technological innovations that can help us avoid animal slaughter and fetus slaughter. As for me in this time, I’m proud to stand for life: no death penalty, no meat, no abortion.