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The Unwanted 'Bride': Can the 1967 War Offer Opportunity for Peace?


The Unwanted 'Bride': Can the 1967 War Offer Opportunity for Peace?

Ramzy Baroud

There is a saying that goes: “Be careful what you wish for, for you may get it.” This has been Israel’s dilemma from the very beginning.

The Zionist movement, which held its first conference in Basel, Switzerland 120 years ago, wanted Palestine but not the Palestinians. They achieved this objective 50 years later, in what Israel termed as its ‘war of independence.’

Then, in 1947-48, the Palestinian homeland was captured, but millions of Palestinians were cruelly evicted following a harrowing war and many massacres.


As for whether peace is possible, probably not until the US engages the process honestly:


Miko Peled gives me hope for the future:


Let me draw out the connections this piece points to, but doesn't make explicit:

1) Greater material powers, i.e., the U.S., supported the creation of a new apartheid state (Israel) from the beginning. This was AFTER the U.S. had turned Jewish refugees from the terror in Europe away with restrictive immigration policies targeting Jews, who were known by the U.S. government to be in immediate and hideous danger.

So the U.S. supports Zionists because it loves the Jewish people? NOT.

So the Trump regime's playing global power politics with the lives of ordinary folks, exploiting fractures among them (sex, race, ethnicity) to achieve more thorough hegemonic control, is a radical departure from the U.S.'s historical "normal"? NOT.

2) Those who sought security in the state of Israel to salve the historical wounds of genocide, scapegoating and exile, have utterly failed. They sold their deepest humanity and highest gift--the ability to recognize their divinity within all of humanity despite being subjected to hideous trauma. They used their historical victimization as an excuse for victimizing others in order to achieve short-term material wealth and "security" for a small number. They continue the drama of violence and vengefulness rather than decisively departing from humanity's habitual rut on behalf of all.

Too bad, for the Jewish story of being the One God's chosen could have inspired more to believe they could leap out of our common rut and inspire us all to do the same...of course, there are powerful peacemakers within Jewish Israel who have done exactly this, and continue to do so. But the masses of Israelis have chosen to stay in that rut, and dig it deeper.

The obvious historical lesson: those who seek the same short-term, small scale material ends through the U.S. will fail as utterly, for the same reason, and with ever more catastrophic results.

The historical narrative of U.S. exceptionalism could inspire us to make a great leap. Some individuals are, of course. But most are not going nearly far enough to redeem our national historical legacy.

The "unwanted brides" of the U.S. are legion. They continue to haunt us today, and will continue to make a lie of all our lofty self-promotions until their wounds are addressed, and their spirits integrated in our collective consciousness and behavior. Their rage and pain, not only the personal psychosis of our current regime's leaders, fuel the escalating carnage we experience today.

And to the extent we each fail to feel deeply enough into our contributions to this carnage, we consent to its continuing in our names. If we fail to acknowlege and make reparation to the "unwanted brides" in our "personal" and ancestral history, we tacitly bless those who are willing to stop at nothing to avoid such healing confrontation.

3) We stand at Life's altar now, just as Israel did in 1967. Will we seize the titanic energies of this historic moment to make a brutal bid for further domination? Of other people, of Nature, of the divinity within humanity? Or will we seize them to bring down our selfish terror of the unknown, and ride their wave into a world of radically enhanced cooperation, creativity, and communion?

Will we recognize, this time, that it is not the "leaders" who are responsible for our movement through this crossroad?

Will we understand, finally, that our own responses to Life's call determine the actions of our leaders--and learn to answer that call in a new way?

Or will we once again choose the "easy" way, acting like helpless victims of Life's power and abjuring responsibility for the resulting tragedies?

The brutal fascist and cold cunning oligarch live inside each of us, along with hosts of screaming raped and rejected brides. It is up to each of us to grow into a laregeness that can hold them all in loving and regenerative embrace. When we refuse to do so, we have no one to blame when the inner warfare and domination plays itself out in physical reality.

No one, that is, but the "man in the mirror."

As long as "the news" refuses to let the stories of today drive us straight into the arms of our collective, essential and longstanding dilemmas, it contributes to the violent play of our history continuing as our future. I do deeply wish that intelligent and heartfelt writers like this one would take a soulful leap into a larger sense of their mission, and their power, at this critical juncture...


Had the United Nations, the United States, and the International Community moved quickly to not only tell Israel that they cannot expropriate land that doesn't belong to them and build settlements on West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, but to enforce the two-state solution, with Jerusalem as a shared Capitol between the Jewish nation-state of Israel and the Palestinian nation-state that was comprised of West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, there would be more peace today, and Israel and Palestine would be living as neighbors at peace with each other.