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The US and the Rise of ISIS


The US and the Rise of ISIS

Stephen Zunes

The rise of ISIS (also known as Daesh, ISIL, or the "Islamic State") is a direct consequence of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. While there are a number of other contributing factors as well, that fateful decision is paramount.


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tepid bullshit. we love arabs killing arabs. finance all sides.


The article is another magicians trick , that being an attempt to distract the audience so they are oblivious to how the "magic" being worked.

ISIS is a group of thugs armed recruited and trained by the US and its allies to wreak havoc in the region and justify intervention.

It is not a consequence of the invasion of Iraq, but rather part Of the invasion plans.

It bears repeating that the USA wanted to maintain a permanent military presence in IRaq and after the withdrawal the rise of ISIS gave them that very opportunity. It also must be pointed out that the government of Iraq has claimed many times US airdrops of supplies are made to ISIS. They also claim that the US has actively impeded offensives against the same.

Indeed there are members of the Iraqi government who claim Russia would be more effective an ally against ISIS and that US forces should be asked to leave. The US response to this was that if a Russia did in fact join the fight against ISIS the US would stop their own attacks on the same.


Our government has much to answer for: the false claim of bringing "democracy" (read: the conservative version of supporting tyrants who cooperate with the MIC, etc.) but enforcing the New World Order where total economic and military control of all nations is dedicated to benefit the few.

The expected consequence of destroying a strong if brutal foreign government created a new army of angry survivors. Saddam Hussein (along with other tyrants who once held the area under tight military control) was permanently removed based on the lies of Bush the minor, the man who would be King.

The "accidental" deaths of many civilians (otherwise known as innocents or easily forgotten "Collateral Damage" have left behind many angry survivors of many nations, now united in a "righteous" war of retaliation against the USA, and more recruits are added to their numbers every day.

The misguided arrogance of the malignant cesspool known as Karl Rove and Co.has convinced the Far Right that their superior intelligence and governance expertise all but guaranteed corporate economic and military domination of all.

Earning the wrath of the masses of unwashed masses may yet prove them wrong.



Islam spread from India to Spain in the years after Muhammed died by holy war. Muhammed was responsible for Islam spreading thoughout the Arabian Peninsula, but his followers were responsible for the spread from the Arabian Penisula east to India and west through North Africa to Spain. Muhammed made it clear that infidels (those who do not worship the one true God) must convert to Islam or die. I don't know how much ISIS is forcing people to convert, but they are certainly killing infidels.

The other two monotheistic, Abrahamic religions of the Book have also fought holy wars. Read the 31st Chapter of Numbers in the Torah. Yahweh (the God of the Ancient Israelites) commanded them to slaughter the Midianites (men, women, children, even the livestock) because they did not worship Yahweh (Yahweh was a jealous God). The Christian Pope Urban II told the Crusaders that it was the will of God that they march to the Holy Land (what is now Palestine) and slaughter infidel Muslims. Christians have killed Jews for hundreds of years because Jews are Christ-killers.

During the Thirty Years War, Christians killed Christians (Roman Catholics killed Protestants, and vice versa).

Humans are the most irrational when they act out of religious fanaticism. Perhaps the best thing that could happen in the world would be for everybody who wants to be religious to convert to Buddhism because Buddhists don't have gods who tell them to kill infidels.

The US is no more responsible for ISIS than it is for religious nutcases who shoot people in abortion clinics.


I am in total agreement with your thinking.
Imagine what would happen if the Middle East came here and declared war on made up charges and then bombed the hell out of us.
Do people here see people there as so different that the they are forever forgiving?


One must bear in mind that the United States created ISIS.