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The US Doesn’t Even Care About Syria — But We Keep the War Going


The US Doesn’t Even Care About Syria — But We Keep the War Going

Stephen Kinzer

During seven devastating years, war in Syria has killed at least 150,000 people, turned more than ten million into refugees, and reduced once-thriving towns and cities to rubble. Finally it is winding down. Syria now has a chance to begin rebuilding. The country can be reunited, its economy can start to function again, and a measure of political stability can return. None of that, however, is likely to happen. American military and security planers are determined to prevent it as long as President Bashar al-Assad is in power.



The principal goal nearly since our founding has been to destroy any government who does not become our toady. Duh. Syria, Ukraine, Honduras, Venezuela are just a few of the latest. But trying to enlighten the average schmo in the US to this historical fact is, at least I have found, to be an impossible task. My mother in law angrily stalked out the room and didn’t talk to our family the rest of Last Thanksgiving because we told her the child’s story of ‘the First Thanksgiving’ was untrue and gave her the actual facts. Do you think she is going to believe what we did in Ukraine or Honduras? Our educational curriculum has destroyed our capacity to understand historical truth. ( yes I double majored in political science and history as did my son- lol!)


Democrats and neocons (is there any space between them any more?) have no intention of permitting Trump the space to actually follow through on any decent impulse he has to stop the war machine. If he were intelligent, he’d stop saying anything publicly and just do it. Each time he speaks, another “chemical attack” takes place.

If you want them out, issue the order Trump. Just do it. You’ll automatically be relieved of the “Worst President Ever” epitaph.


Trump’s campaign position on foreign wars was distinctly anti-war, based on promises he made to the alt-right, which is opposed to foreign wars. Promises to bring the troops home from all foreign soils was part of Trump’s America First, campaign. I suspect it was one of the reasons some Democrat voters jumped ship and voted for him.

Trump, of course, has been no better than Obama on following through with campaign promises to turn down the war machine and the alt-right has been critical of him for what they see as a betrayal. It’s an all too familiar story. The danger, here, is that Trump, because of his ego, may even more easily manipulated to use military action than Obama was.

The blame for this recent call for more military action, then, needs to be squarely placed on establishment Republicans and Democrats, same as always. They are the War party. They’ve trained Trump, well, to be “presidential” by using bombs and missiles to show what a tough guy he is. When it comes to war, there is no opposition party in Washington.


Never read an article that breaks it down so perfectly.

And remember, if Trump pulls our troops, it would be further proof that he’s Putin’s puppet in the minds of Democrats.


And that statement while true, leaves out the narrative of who were the war contractors that benefited from the 17 trillion $$$$$$$$ of this death and destruction? That they are never part of any president’s rhetoric; or any congressional rhetoric, is a horrible thing to me!

" We have nothing?" Wrong! Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and too many other war profiteers to name here…HAVE BEEN GIVEN EVERYTHING!


And logistics and services firms like Halliburton, and mercenary firms like Blackwater, etc…


Those arm companies have in fact proclaimed that instability in the Middle East as a profit making opportunity and one that would lead to higher stock prices in their stockholders meetings. It good for business. It good for the DOW and while it might lead to the deaths of millions and a gutting of Social services in the USA , that all that matters.

This what happens when the one percent put in charge and this what happens when “Government run like a Business” which has been a rallying cry from the far right for decades.

This an interesting link to how the trope of “running Government like a business” took off under the Reagan administration.


Yes.! Too many to list!


Nice reply…thanks.


The goals of TPTB in the ME are to prevent a regional power from emerging as a threat to Israel’s hegemony in the ME. Further goals include surrounding Russia and China with as much of a US footprint as possible–which, in part, explains the US intervention in Ukraine. These plans have been in the works for decades now even though the developments seem spontaneous. TPTB have more power than any commander-in-chief who “executes” war and such for the “national interests” (energy resources and key real estate for infrastructure [pipelines, etc.]). The narrative will be worked if can be tweaked for public support, otherwise, it will be another “intelligence” failure taking the blame.


It’s absolutely sickening the way the media uses the violent footage to manufacture even more consent.

It’s too bad they call it ‘spreading democracy’ instead of ‘preventing democracy’ but they know what they are doing. It’s why you call a Nazi a nationalist. Because people are stupid.


Oh shit. We just attacked Syria.


Yep. We are currently bombing Damascus. WW3 here at last!


The military industry is a business that feeds on endless wars.


The people arent stupid. They just dont care. But they will care when the chickens finally come home to roost here and people suffer personally


“We should stop trying to turn Syria into an American protectorate, and look for ways to withdraw our troops rather than justifications to keep them there forever.”

Of course we should; but we won’t. Democracy is dead in the US. Welcome to the dustbin of history.


Yes. The war profiteering business is like any other business; in order to sell it’s products it needs a demand for it’s products. And without enemies there is little demand for its arms sales. If America had no enemies, the war business racket would have to manufacture them; and unfortunately… that is exactly what they do!


Everything the U.S. has been doing in the Middle East since 2001 is consistent with serving perceived Israeli interests, and inconsistent with serving US interests (other than collateral special interests, such as arms manufacturers)

If we were to judge our leaders of late from the perspective of serving U.S. independent interests, we would have to conclude them to be morons. But I think they are far from morons, so it follows … well you can figure that out.

One revelation: https://www.transcend.org/tms/2016/08/clinton-email-we-must-destroy-syria-for-israel/
Hillary Clinton exposed email on Iran-Syria showed deliberative concern for Israeli interests, and not one wit of concern for independent U.S. interests.