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The US Gazes Into the Islamophobic Abyss

The US Gazes Into the Islamophobic Abyss

Christian Christensen

"When we think of Islam we think of a faith that brings comfort to a billion people around the world. Billions of people find comfort and solace and peace. And that's made brothers and sisters out of every race -- out of every race. America counts millions of Muslims amongst our citizens, and Muslims make an incredibly valuable contribution to our country. Muslims are doctors, lawyers, law professors, members of the military, entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, moms and dads. And they need to be treated with respect."

Is it media that infantilizes us by suggesting that the merits of even the blatantly idiotic and offensive are worthy of debate and analysis?

This is the question that I’ve most wanted to ask of someone in the halls of media power. Well, as long as it generates some sort of “ratings” or “viewership share” for which the media can parlay into sustained fees for advertising air-time, then yes, all of “the blatantly idiotic and offensive are worthy of debate and analysis.”

And the more idiotic and offensive the better, ‘cause nothin’ sells quite as well as a spectacle.

I’d like to remind Ben Carson that there are still many fine citizens of this great country (sic) that don’t believe that people of his “persuasion” are even quite human and still maintain, as their earlier champion did, that a black man (or woman or child) has no rights that a white man is obliged to recognize. Therefor (in the eyes of those so disposed) it is unconstitutional for Obama to even be in the WH and nonsensical for Mr. Carson himself to pretend to be a candidate for that “great” office.

Most days anymore I don’ know whether to laugh or to cry. Watching these sorry pricks (Fiorina included!) makes me want to wretch.

“the Al Qaeda attacks that killed almost 3,000 in New York,”

Which is where I stopped reading. Because it’s not true.


So is it verboten now to question a religion that abuses women, and that murders gay people, Jewish people, secular people and artists, writers, and filmmakers?

Do people who follow identity politics really believe that coddling the medieval abusive belief system that is Islam is doing Arab people, Persian people, north African people, and Indonesian people a favor?

How would most here feel if someone from another culture said it was Christophobia to criticize anti abortion, creationist, homophobic, global warming denying American fundamentalist Christians? If their response was “it’s just their culture maaaah,” would you not be outraged? You not doing suffering secular, women, and gay people in the middle east any favors by coddling the belief system of Islam.

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Muh tin foll hat. Let me guess you are going to blame “the Jews,” like a Nazi?

Hey–put down the guitar and read your history . These behaviors are universal and found among practitioners of all faiths. Our own history is replete with acts of unimaginable brutality toward “other” populations, including genocide.


This article hardly goes deep enough.

How is it that an architect of killing enterprises could call himself a Christian? I am talking about Eric Prince, the darling of the private army and major figure during Bush’s war on Iraq.

How is it that a decorated war general, Boykin, could go public stating “I knew my god was bigger than his (Muslim) god,” or Bush, Jr. could let slip the word CRUSADE.

Also missing from this article is the FACT that the U.S. military pushes a particular version of Christianity that’s couched on this idea that ONLY Christians are holy in the eyes of god; and in resuscitating those earlier church teachings–the very ones that convinced colonial conquistadors that the natives living in the Americas were savages. And due to the fact that they didn’t worship Jesus Christ, they were defined as fair game for the slaughter–it’s revived that SAME mentality. It’s indeed back!

It is also a FACT that the U.S. Air Force utilizes Christian Chaplains in order to push this idea that it’s totally in keeping with Christian doctrine to drop bombs and ordnance on women, children, and civilians guilty of nothing… apart from living in lands that U.S. imperial forces wish to commandeer.

Christian publishing is a multi-billion dollar business. Christian radio, Christian TV stations, Christian rock music, and gigantic mega-churches don’t only reach out and touch a sizable portion of the U.S. citizenry; these groups push anti-Muslim ideology. Add in the Christian charter schools and millions of tomorrow’s adults will have been indoctrinated into a worldview that has ZERO tolerance for “other.”

Add to this lopsided cognitive equation the type of cultural conditioning borne from the sports world–particularly football–and the whole “with us or against us” mentality becomes calcified, conditioned, and unquestioned. That again, is not true for all Americans, but it certainly impacts probably half.

Organized religion is an institution; and institutions push rules, operate on the basis of “father knows best” hierarchies, and almost always distort the actual teachings of those they’re hypothetically designed to serve, honor, and represent.

Today’s martial Christianity is as removed from the teachings of Christ as are the horrific misogynistic practices of Fundamentalist Islam from the inspired teachings of Mohammed.

It is VERY dangerous (in fact, I can think of nothing more dangerous) when religious ideology becomes the foremost cause FOR war and champion OF hatred. And that is what’s taken place inside mainstream America. It was used to create a reliable Conservative voting bloc. John Dean wrote about this as did Chris Hedges, among others.

The true believer never questions what s/he believes. Therefore, for this sizable ilk, facts and Truth have NOTHING to do with their already made up & blind minds. For them, Muslims are on the wrong team; they are not saved by Jesus Christ; and they constitute a veritable ideological enemy. The Crusades ARE back.


It is easy to parrot a simplistic, propagandized characterization of Islam. And likewise Christianity, or any other religion. The Christian colonists that arrived on these shores committed the greatest genocide yet in human history. And all of the western colonial powers that killed, tortured, and brutalized millions did so with a cross in one hand and a bible in the other.

This is a very short and focused piece and can’t address the many issues that come bounding when the dog-whistle “Islamophobia” is sounded. An idea that did not come from me, but made sense when I heard it some time before the illegal invasion (which one? you could ask.): US foreign policy in the mid-East and by the UK prior to the US has been anything but supportive of indigenous democracy for Arabs, Persians, etc. And the cold war only intensified this trend as both sides of that conflict merely selected, propped up, and sustained brutal strongmen willing to do the bidding of their benefactors. It is not surprising if many people there scoff when they hear the words “democracy” and “freedom” float so easily from the lips of their western Christian “betters.” Their ruling elites have been corrupted by (or offered their existing corruption to) foreign powers that care not at all for the welfare of ordinary citizens. So many there get no solace or protection from their traditional social hierarchy, nor from a just and caring secular government. What they do have is a common faith that, lacking all other champions, affords some measure of solace and solidarity in the face of a harsh and murderous world. Yes, it seems easily perverted, but that too should be carefully scrutinized.

I detest the medieval backward paternalism of Islam no less than I detest the medieval backward paternalism of the Catholic Church, the somewhat progressive Francis notwithstanding. “islamophobia” is a dog-whistle, just as Mr. Christensen suggests. It is not the same as an honest critique of Islam, and indeed all monotheistic belief systems.

No, and why don’t you drop the attitude and learn something?

Thank you. What i would have written if I could have. I agree with your take on it.


That’s rich, coming from a ‘truther’. Are you going to regale us with talk of the melting temperature of steel? You people are scum.

The problems of the middle-east are for the people of the middle-east to sort out themselves. The west doesn’t get to bomb and launch coups in a region for decades on end, crushing every genuine attempt at democracy, and then whine when radical elements bubble up to the top. Especially not when we’re directly and indirectly supporting so many of those radical groups for abstract concepts of geopolitical realpolitik. No, I don’t particularly like Islam. I don’t like any religion. But I don’t view 1.6 billion people as a threat or worthy of bigotry either. And I refuse to be manipulated into turning a huge swathe of people into a scapegoat.

In trying to prevent change, conservatives cause apocalyptic change.

No, because the alternative, inside job narrative is mind-bogglingly stupid. Literally ever ‘truther’ theory ever has been utterly dismantled a thousand times over.

You sure are willing to turn Truthers into a scapegoat for hate are you not?

And your snide remark about the melting point of steel. Is the fact that molten steel was flowing at the sub ground floor levels of WTC1, 2, and 7 get your goat? I mean, you non-truthers just don’t know what to do with that!

Huge sections of steel beams being hurled at 60mph in all directions, and you non-truthers just don’t know what to do with that so you hurl insults.

And WTC7 really pisses non-truthers off. What to do what that? I mean, if it weren’t for truthers then NIST wouldn’t have even attempted to explain it, as it wasn’t even mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report.

You really have some nerve calling people who are trying to discover the truth about those events “scum”.

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Oh really? Do tell.

I suggest you start by taking point by point the case that has been made that explosives took down the towers. You can find the evidence at the website of architects and engineers for 9/11 truth.

But just to ask you personally. You can honestly look at WTC7 coming straight down and not have questions? Are you really that emotionally attached to the official narrative that didn’t even mention it?

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That hardly compares to the refusal of most to even question the official narrative of the seminal event of our times. The event that has “justified” so much horror abroad and at home. The event that has spawned so much human misery, war crimes, and all of the rest.

A truther’s frustration of this constant unquestioning repetition is completely understandable by any person who has honestly opened their eyes to see the utter absurdity of the official line.

After seeing your comment to Noodle, I realize to some extent we agree on the legitimacy of questioning the official narrative.

Doesn’t piss me off in the slightest. You leave a building burning for half a day and it collapses. Big surprise. As for your blather about molten steel:


Metal loses 50% of its strength at 60% of its melting tempature. The supports on the higher floors of the towers weakened and bulged outward until they finally snapped, then the floors started collapsing on each other, all the way down. You can clearly see the bulging in photos taken from police helicopters on the day. 1,500,000 tons of building collapsing on itself produces enough force to fire heavy things out the side, big shock. But I know, physics and metallurgy are haaaard. Oh you poor baby.

Of course you’re claiming it was explosives. Yes, they managed to hide explosives powerful enough to eject massive heavy beams out the side, and no one in a complex of 50,000 people noticed. Right. Oh but hold on, you were prattling on about molten steel before. So which was it, explosives or thermite? Oh, I’m sorry, “nano-thermite”.

The entire World Trade Center complex was damaged in the attacks. WTC 7 happened to be badly damaged enough that it collapsed, the others weren’t so they didn’t. I notice the conspiracy theorists never talk about the other buildings, both part of the WTC complex and not, that were severely damaged in the attacks. The Verizon Building took over a billion dollars to repair and the Deutsch Bank Building was so mauled it was simply dismantled.

Here’s another thing they never do: provide an explanation for why the government, having gone to all this trouble to create a false-flag attack of truly breathtaking scale, didn’t bother to fabricate evidence linking their fake attack to the country they wanted to invade. Iraq had long been in the neocons sights, and the plotting to invade started almost immediately after 9/11. I shouldn’t have to remind you how pathetic the evidence for invasion was, and how completely shredded it has been in the years since 2003. Then again, maybe I do, since you’re obviously an ignorant fool.

Also, riddle me this, genius. If WTC 7, which all evidence indicates was a rather mundane office building containing things like insurance company records, contained…whatever, that needed to be destroyed, why on earth did they choose such an insanely convoluted way of doing it?

The worst part of you ‘truthers’ is that you very well may be right that there was/is a conspiracy and cover up. But one of who knew what, when. It’s very clear to me that the Bush administration is guilty of at least criminal negligence, having been given clear information that something big was coming and having dismissed it with a “good job, you’ve covered your ass, now get out”. Over the last 14 years a constant trickle of damning information has come out, not least of which are the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 Commission, which two administrations now have fought tooth and nail to keep from being released, by all accounts because they directly implicate the Saudi Arabian government in financing the attack. Who knows, maybe the Bush administration knew specifics of the attack and allowed it to happen so they could get their “new Pearl Harbor” and the excuse they wanted for their imperial projects.

But none of that changes the fact that it was terrorists who hijacked planes who did the attack. If you “truthers” actually gave one iota about truth you would be inquiring in those directions, not endlessly recycling long debunked nonsense. But inquiry requires actual effort, which none of you “do the research” parrots want to engage in. Much easier to copy-paste gibberish from conspiracy websites. You people are retarded monkeys, who smear shit all over the place and discredit and embarass anyone who genuinely wants answers, like those trying to get those pages released to the public.

“I’d like to remind Ben Carson that there are still many fine citizens of this great country (sic) that don’t believe that people of his “persuasion” are even quite human”

Yes indeed!
For an African American to engage in this hate fest is sad, shortsighted and dangerous. It might not be the same people but it definitely is the same ideology that hung African Americans from trees. It is by no means an accident that in contemporary America, it is ok to espouse incredibly bigoted views against Muslims - some very powerful people are behind this.

It first came to my attention during the brouhaha about the so-called “ground zero mosque” that a well funded cottage industry has sprung up for the sole purpose of “mainstreaming” Islamaphopia. The disgusting Pam Geller and Robert Spencer immediately come to mind.

There is a KiSwahili proverb, a rough translation is “he who prepares a trap for his enemies must first ensure he doesn’t fall into it himself”. Some historically persecuted group now think it is clever to re-ignite the latent hate that lies in the hearts of their historic tormentors, because now, it will be directed against another helpless group that they’ve decided they don’t like.

The ADL’s silence in the face of this hate-fest is both deafening and quite telling. When they’re done with the Muslims next stop is African Americans and when they’re done with that they will be coming after you know who……I hope to be wrong.

So true. Reality is nothing if not change. Only through delusions of being god would anyone try to prevent change. But then, some people…