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'The US Government Has Scarred My Daughter and Me for Life': Families Sue Trump Over Deliberate and 'Inexplicable Cruelty'


'The US Government Has Scarred My Daughter and Me for Life': Families Sue Trump Over Deliberate and 'Inexplicable Cruelty'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Accusing the Trump administration of deliberate and "inexplicable cruelty" perpetrated against them under it's so-called "zero tolerance" immigration policy, six families have filed suit against the U.S. government for the harm and "lasting trauma" they continue to suffer.


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I am wondering just how devoid of humanity a person has to be before ICE will hire them?


Trump should be in prison for his crimes against humanity.


The “just following orders” automatons need to be outed and hounded by their neighbors. The authoritarian model requires two types of authoritarians, the first is, of course, those barking the orders, while the second is those blindly following those orders. Both are a pox on civilized society. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (–Edmund Burke.) Passively waiting for the disease that is Trumpism to abate is folly–potentially life-threatening folly at that. Far too many Trumpbots are willing to fight for his holey cause that is nothing more than himself. It is time to metaphorically stuff them into their gym lockers until they see the errors of their ways.


Whats it all about
Is it the end of the old golden rule
Is it cool to be cruel


Trump and his brown shirts need to be installed at Gitmo for what’s left of their abhorrent lives!


How is it any different than being in the army?


Trump should be executed for his crimes against humanity.

But then again, how many additional ex-presidents, and their co-conspirators should be subjected to the same?


…and…thw C.E.O’S. OF EXXON / FOSSIL FUEL COMPANIES…THEY KNEW…and “did it anyway”… LIED for decades


His brown, well ICE was treating people awfully when they were in Michigan per Michigan’s new rep----- they were harassing citizens in the street constantly and acting like NATO. There are some good people in the army like Lt Hugh Thompson, wo I recently read about who stopped the massacre at My Lai----and I am sure some people in the army are awful, like the one who shot Pat Tillman…it just seems that ICE has more psychotic people—maybe they were hired to be the KKK to immigrants—but without the hoods. : (