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The US Government Just Literally Put Dick Cheney on a Pedestal



So what's the message here. "War Criminals Are Good and Whistleblowers are Bad"


Bush joked that, upon telling his father about the ceremony, the latter
"perked up, and he said, 'send my best regards to old iron-ass.'"

I still fondly remember those endearing hegemonic words, "Either you are with us or you're against us."

Yeah, the Bush-Cheney cabal was truly one of the most successful and daring of them all. It deftly managed to impress its own versions of reality of most of the world

Congratulations Mr. Cheney for yet another form of "immortalization."



impress its own versions of reality of most of the world

impress its own versions of reality ON most of the world


'Dick'. Appropriate... Although it makes me consider castration.


Lots of people have gotten statues. That doesn't mean all that much. Saddam had a statue. Heck so did Stalin.

Were there VPs who didn't get one ...lol


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


On another comment thread , I saw the best commentary yet . Amongst the fulminations , one post stood out . The man posting simply said , "I memorialised him this morning in the toilet bowl ."


*I wouldn't advocate the damaging of public property, but a couple of eggs thrown at this one wouldn't heart.


A Truly Sad sign of our times.Deception on all levels.
We may well pay a high price for not prosecuting Bush/Cheney for war crimes.If we don't another enemy will & I fear that our nation will fall & be vanquished in total defeat for those war crimes.in the mid east.
That's what happened to Germany before the Nazi's could be prosecuted
There may as well a bust of Hitler right next to it.
How short sighted are we? How much recklessness & arrogance will the US people tolerate?


Ala Ashford, this bust of the quintessential war criminal should be perpetually draped in black sack cloth. The bust is not a true depiction of the Cheney visage as it sports a shit-eating, smarmy grin rather than the ever-present cockeyed snarl and curled lip. The eyes on the bust appear to be smiling, which is the direct opposite of his cold, steely-eyed, mean stare/glare. Wonder how long it will take for mucus, gum, and other detritus to appear on the bust.... Or, even better, have it fall to the floor in shatters due to unknown forces. A colossal waste of taxpayer money.


Fascist impunity is nauseous to us all because Fascism is alive & well right here in the good ole USA Our government is completely co-opted by the fascist right wing nut jobs!


Nice satire. That is satire, right?


Reminds me of yet another bust of someone from the same club in our Missouri Capital rotunda.


Surrealistic, yes. Nauseating, yes. And just plain disgusting. Both.


Dick Cheney. What an asshole.


I got the chills when I saw that marble bust... and then I saw the gargoyle and that was the icing on the cake... I cracked up..


Hahahahahaah!! Darn, I hate that they won't let me just laugh..


I disagree. He should be brought to justice in a world court independent of the militaristic powers of the world, in a case including all other heads of state war criminals (including present heads of state). In such a proceeding, humanity would be exposed to a powerful lesson about the necessity for justice to be comprehensive if it is to be true. With principled legal counsel (even war criminals deserve this, as does everyone), the verdict should not include a death penalty, as such would be no kind of justice at all, but rather a sentence of life-long re-education, following the insight that perhaps compassion is the greatest teacher of all. I personally think it entirely possible that war criminals' negative karma will not, however, be so kind, and that beyond death they will pay for every ounce of suffering they have caused--maybe unless they can truly atone, change, and dedicate themselves greatly to others' benefit.


I just want to throw-up! no one else makes my skin crawl like this mtF! bernie would jail him!