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The US Government’s Despicable Afghanistan Policy


The US Government’s Despicable Afghanistan Policy

Tom Gallagher

"We will never 'win' militarily in Afghanistan, nor can we kill our way to success."

Retired Admiral James Stavridis made a lot of sense when he wrote these words for TIME magazine last May. Taken out of context, they might make one think that Stavridis, past NATO Supreme Allied Commander and current Dean of Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, had come around to calling for the U.S. to cut our losses in what is already the longest war in our history.


The largest and most powerful military in the world has become a military too big to fail. What is the message we get if we admit that we can lose? If we are the biggest then how is it even possible that we didn’t win?

So now we stay mainly to avoid facing the fact that we didn’t win.

A military so much larger than anyone else’s - so much more powerful and supremely equipped and trained - so how is it that we haven’t won?

How do we answer that question?


Protest is increasing, just like it did during Bush jr’s time in office. But it’s hardly a good thing, considering all the damage done. Just take the Post Office’s reform that Bush signed off on, where they have to pre-fund their benefits 75 years in advance.


“Bernie Sanders has occasionally indicated a desire to alter the direction of U.S. foreign policy, he too has offered few specifics about breaking with the course of the last decade and a half.”

You can say that again. And should.

We heard many years ago that this conflict would end when the government and Taliban negotiated an agreement. But these negotiations apparently went nowhere. But this is the probably the only way this can be brought to a peaceful conclusion. But will it ever happen?


There’s something inherently wrong when daily conversation in a country revolves around the military.

Why isn’t the talk about peaceful relations and the coordinated effort amongst all nations to build a better, more environmentally cleaner world in which we share technologies that move mankind forward, not back towards a time of excessive uses of resources?

Oh, I forgot.

The Duopoly is in power and has been, forever.

I cannot think about it too long as I get mad at how regressive minded my fellow Americans are.

I usually rationalize it that they are too young to know or care or they just don’t give a shit either way.

My cynicism is a condition of my age I suppose.


I would say that one possible answer to your question is that “victory”, never ever defined by anybody, was not the goal.

The goal is to wage the war because that is where the money is. Mere presence, I suppose, is enough to gather the minerals that are the spoils of this conflict.


Maybe so but you just have to wonder because we would be hard put to try and justify having such a huge military if it never wins anywhere.

We have an apocalypse size military that is capable of fighting massive wars like the two world wars but otherwise it is not efficient when used in small scale conflicts. So it ends up that the conflict is not resolved satisfactorily and so… we are forced to remain rather than have to admit that our giant military couldn’t win!


Hi TulsiFan

The ONLY purpose of Endless War is, and always has been, to benefit War Profiteers and the Entities, and People, that Grease Their Wheels.

Industrialists and Bankers Bankrolled, Condned and Enabled Hitler, as they did for Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Poppy, Bill, W., Obama and now Trump.

Any other explanation, at this late date, is either incredibly Naive, or In On It.


From Darius I of Persia to the Soviet Union, no invader has ever “won” in Afghanistan. And our inept and unbalanced Fake President thinks he’s going to? What a crock!


Yes, another case of attempting to Undermine the Constitution, which empowers Congress to provide us with a Federal Post Office.


The writer, of course, is absolutely correct. But for the anti-Trump outrage to be channeled positively into changing some of these murderous policies, it would have to stop being manipulated by the Democratic Party. Indeed the conspicuous absence of antiwar rhetoric at most of the anti-Trump rallies is striking, and highly suspicious.


According to the headline, first you hate Trump, then you hate war. Is that the way it goes?


Yes, indeed. We must realize, and remind ourselves daily, that all of the things that we are for, and all of the things we are against, are inextricably connected. Peace vs. War, Stewardship of our Environment vs. the Destruction and Pollution of it, Social and Racial Justice vs. Injustice, Human Values vs. Corporate Lack of Values, Climate Change Mitigation vs. Climate Change Denial, Income Equality vs. Increasing Inequality. In short, everything that we care about is likely impossible to realize or achieve as long as our Nation remains on a permanent war footing. Our resources, both human and material are being wasted by war. It affects the way our people think, act,stion and treat each other. It is a toxic force eating away at our society, and it has become normal because very few even question it any more.