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The US Is Becoming a Terrifying Nation for Women


The US Is Becoming a Terrifying Nation for Women

Sonali Kolhatkar

Much is at stake in a Supreme Court case over a Texas abortion law. The nation’s highest court heard oral arguments last week in Whole Woman’s Health v. John Hellerstedt. The case challenges restrictions placed on Texas abortion clinics under a law known as HB2. That law uses medical arguments to restrict women’s access to abortion in a state that has already decimated clinics.


Fundamentalism Christianity meets Patriarchal Capitalism. Ultimately, life is cheap in this system and wars are prized. But patriarchy relies upon the virtual slavery (2nd class status) of all females and in order to maintain the father-head-of-family grip over women, the state lays claim to what women can do with their own bodies. As if Jesus would agree with this war on women.


I find myself wondering about the history of eugenics, forced sterilizations and this case in Tenn

DN yesterday on Buck v Bell.


NO KIDDING, tomjohnson! They've always been chattel under the patriarch.


Unwanted babies are needed to grow into the poor who must go into the army to eat, an army where they will fight the endless Wars for Empire.


The US has always been a terrifying nation for everyone who's not a wealthy, white, patriarchal male. The Constitution codified the ownership of other humans!
What we need, is a Matriarchal Movement, similar to those going on in Honduras. They're fighting the corporate ownership of their lands with incredible courage.


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Good point, blue. Unwanted babies, which are mostly born to poor women, do make good cannon fodder.


Abortions and other means of women controlling their reproduction has always been available to wealthy women. A pregnant woman in Texas Solicitor General Scott Keller's family would simply take a "vacation" to Japan or elsewhere and come back with new clothes and Scott Keller would be none the wiser. Abortion availability has always been a class issue and a capitalist patriarchal system cannot operate without the 99% being oppressed and that is 99% of men as well as women.


What makes the US truly terrifying for some women is its women.


Yes! You are absolutely right. Thanks for pointing this out.


The USA has been a terrifying nation for a lot of other people too.


Just as deadly for women: How many die each year through domestic abuse? How many will die through back alley abortions? How many will become depressed because of all this and kill themselves?


Denial is right. Asinine glib comment.


Not rhetoric: reality when, as it is becoming, legal abortion becomes impossible. Simple. Men die of violence inflicted by other men. You seem to see game playing around the corner where there ain't none but for your own inclination.


This is so very much true. All whores except my mother and my sister- you forgot sister! I We (my wife and I), have reared our daughter to be powerful and self assured, but of course she gets confronted by the crap you described, and all the not so overt stuff, as Ms Rodham Clinton is, and she had to fight much more so than a man. It's not as bad as it has been, true, but faster progress would be good.


Game indeed. How many men die at the hand of a woman?


Well the one with the sister is from Sicily... Still there is progress. I see my sons and the friends they cultivate and I am proud and hopeful.


My earlier comment having to do with how frightening today's women are seems to have been misconstrued by some.

I find the second wave women's movement "unequivocally" to coin Obama's favorite word, a remarkable failure and insult to my gender.

Women have become a savage species and in their hateful ignorance have completely overlooked the incredible power bestowed upon our gender if only they were smart enough to use that power wisely.

Abortion has become another holocaust because women haven't enough self-respect to keep their legs together. Yes, there are indeed forms of rape and abuse that need to be addressed, but we are looking in the wrong places for some inane savior to come to the rescue. Nothing could be more pitiful than a ghoul like Gloria Steinem who is on the biggest ego trip since the Grand Tour to shame and threaten young women voting their conscience for Sanders, to be the hallmark of this disgraceful and destructive movement that has done nothing more than send women back to the dark ages.

The men they love to hate have adapted the attitude of "why pay for the cow when the milk is for free" and rightfully so. Take for example, how Megyn Kelly exploits herself to bring Trump down. It takes two to tango, and she is equally obsessed with him, if not more so, than he is with her. It is quite evident that she has sold her soul to Fox News and feels as though, in spite of her open admission, in fewer words or less, to blue-balling him at some point, that she deserves to be exonerated in the media while she allows Fox to exploit her integrity. She is an absolute horror. This is the way the women's movement has encouraged us to operate; as thieves just like Hillary Rodham Clinton and her deranged junta that promotes pedophilia and the rape, incest, and yes, MURDER of innocent young girls.

But you are not going to silence the screaming banshees who have nothing better to do with their lives than to keep picking off the same dead carcasses like turkey vultures. Some of us really enjoy being members of a straight species, having been born female and woman, and find it hideously insulting for those who are so incredibly obsessed with their own sexuality that they have nothing better to do than bark at the moon for what seems like eternity.

There have always been lesbians and homosexuals. Rome fell because of the contagion of homosexuality. Now we have Pope Pawn the Puppet interfering with American politics because the sick and failing Vatican has become so egregiously heretic that it has no other way to exhonerate its hideously destructive history of pedophilia (that has been rightfully exposed thanks to the movie "SPOTLIGHT") that instead of coming clean, they are on a worldwide crusade to make "P" for PEDOPHILE the next letter of our alphabet to add to LGBTQXYZ. Abstinence is holy. Period.

The rabid liberal movement is so obsessed with animal magnetism that they are too stupefied to see that their beloved leaders, including Bernie Sanders, are doing little more than exploiting their stupidity as they further their great agenda of the human scientific experiment.

The entire transgender movement is little more than an evil experiment that exploits those who were indeed abused as children, yet they persist in furthering their cause by making the consenting age 4 years old; the international pedophile syndicate includes the Clinton-Obama-Bush-Labour25-Harriet Harman-Larry Sinclair-Jeffrey Epstein-Vatican-Israel junta but anyone having the audacity to bring the core issue to light is excoriated. Biography creates biology. So we have the XY factor to become obsessed with now, and the "got science" movement that annihilates the soul in favor of ridiculous facts that change every single moment of our lives.

Throughout the ages there has always been persecution. We seem to waste the power to wonder why Jesus Christ was so incredibly powerful that his life on earth brought about an entire movement that is still alive, and always will be, two thousand years later. The human animal takes a very long time to mature. We are all here to love and support each other, and even to accept each other, but that does not mean that we must all be complicit in the inability we have to take responsibility for ourselves on every single level.

Some of us have had enough of the kind of insanity that has brought America to its knees, so much so that our country is about to be auctioned off to satisfy the debts our failed leadership has incurred while we've all stuck our heads in the sand worrying about the rainbow coalition. We are a culture of narcissists that expect to be served, rather than to serve. This is exactly why Rome----FELL.


You're going to have to explain your "logic". I see it not. What victims are counted twice?