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The US is Bombing Libya Again. It's a Too-Familiar Vicious Cycle


The US is Bombing Libya Again. It's a Too-Familiar Vicious Cycle

Trevor Timm

Just five years after bombing Libya to dispose of Muammar Gaddafi, the US is now officially bombing the country again, this time against alleged Isis terrorist strongholds that cropped up in the power vacuum created by the last bombing.


Or they just bomb the rubble. It uses up ordnance.



Glory be to the Sergeants and to the Grunts and to the Officers;
as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,
war without end. Amen. Amen.


Difference is that it will be a bigger vacuum. And more urgent and extreme incentive to fill that vacuum this time around.


I wonder how all this bombing is connected to the funneling of arms to al-Qaida in Libya and then on to Syria’s al Quida, that Clinton did as SOS, jells with supporting ISIS with arms?. Part of the Assange email leaks show she did just that. Iraqi soldiers have said that they saw Americans dropping arms to ISIS.

Israel has decided the Sunni al-Qaida Is a better evil than the Shiite-Assad-Syria, so they are helping al-Qaida overthrow Assad. (Then on to Iran)?
Clinton will go after Assad when she takes over because Netanyahu wants it. What to do with ISIS is another story. Seems like they are playing both ends against the middle.


It got Ambassador Stevens killed.


while it might ot be the intention, this will prove a boon to President Hilldawg. She’ll be able to start right in on warmaking and hide behind the fact that her predecessor “started it” and she’s just finishing up the job.

I can almost hear Clinton smacking her lips waiting anxiously for the chance to kill on her own orders instead of someone elses.


I expect that there is an obscure room somewhere in the Pentagon (or maybe its in the White House 3rd sub basement) where people that are not much good for anything productive toss about ideas. Somebody probably said something like “hey, who have we not bombed lately”? An idea was born from that.


Now that their boy/girl has been safely nominated – they can get back to the mess that is now Libya. Chaos brought about by the Neocons and HRC.
Make that Her Royal Caesar.
Its global warring (Clinton) or global warming (Trump).