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The US Is Facing a Full-Scale Assault on the Press

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/03/us-facing-full-scale-assault-press

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  Harvard, Yale, one wonders what education does to the minds of the 

privileged. No mention that Israel has long trained local police
departments in tactics their military learned from suppressing Palestinians;
but your most egregious omission is Julian Assange.
Now being tortured for supporting American first amendment rights,
and showing the brutality of the American military; killing unarmed citizens
in Baghdad, while joking about it.
How about your ACLU doing some legal action for WikiLeaks publisher, Assange
and then work for freedom of speech and assembly and the press; all of which are lost
because academia in America is lost.


I see this as great news. Maybe now that they are on the receiving end, they’ll start doing their f**king jobs. Maybe the next time a reporter is executed in Mexico or Bangladesh they’ll take pause and say, “Whoa, that could happen to me now.”


Why is there any surprise that these semi-journalists are being temporarily assaulted (and then released in a couple of hours), when Assange (a true journalist) has been slowly and publicly roasted for a decade. These are all sides of the same coin. Not sure what ACLU has done for Assange but they are to be commended for Manning.


What press?

Looks like carrying water for the high and mighty isn’t enough to protect you from their violent minions in the streets.

I would fire every cop in Minnesota and start fresh with a requirement to hold a degree in social work to apply. This racist, cowboy mentality should not be rewarded in a democratic society.

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“Full scale” is probably the wrong descriptor, but not because the assault on the press is not extensive. The assault gets scant sympathy because most of what most people regard as “the press” has conducted much of the escalating assault on reporting over decades.

“The press” in this sense has colluded in the persecution and likely eventual murder of Julian Assange for journalism. The “press” in this sense kept close silence regarding the long-term arrest-and-release policy against reporters like Amy Goodman and outlets like Pacifica. The “press” in this sense attempted to present Glenn Greenwald as a non-journalist because he had blogged for Salon, even regarding his writing in commercial newspapers that happened to be British, just because he had released part of the documents presented to him and several others by Edward Snowden about government surveillance.

These are the institutions and staff that have gone on for decades now pretending that “objectivity” meant a little bit of the Democratic Party point of view and a little bit of the Republican point of view, as though no truth existed outside of those affiliations, and even while the majority of the population left those parties.

Surely they imagined that they, the fairly obedient sycophants of government and corporations, the privileged confidants of endlessly cited “sources inside,” would not be tear-gassed and beaten by police, would not be arrested without cause and then released after the event that they had been reporting on had safely expired or wandered off.

Yes, let them be thankful, like the rest of us, that people with phones and gadgets have abundantly caught police departments in felonious abuse over and over during the last few days. Let them be thankful that others have succeeded where they have over and over and over again failed and failed for pay.

But let us not now and not ever put up with the fact that they are tear-gassed and beaten and shot at, albeit for the moment with rubber bullets. Neither government nor its abusive police have any particular capacity to judge journalism. And we have no capacity to judge journalism until the photographer gets to hold the camera and the reporter gets to write the copy or speak into the mic. Lousy, lying, manipulative sellout journalists also need protection from this sort of abuse. Freedom of speech must exist for those whom we despise, or it will not exist at all.

That includes the Washington Post and the New York Times. But protections had just better include everyone else, too. I am sure glad that the ACLU and Brian Hauss are on the case, because the journalistic community, as a whole and with exceptions, has not been. And even if such institutions arrive in some sense at this point, they will be out of practice and very late.

I’m a social worker. Thanks for the plug. What I understand, however, is the police academies root out high IQ’s. They don’t want officers who reason and think critically. They want officers who go out and “get” people. It’s one thing to patrol the streets and quite another to entrap. It’s about safety not about turning the people you serve into criminals. The other part of this is how officers are trained. A probation officer was quoted as saying the mentality is “Us against Them.” That explains everything. Lower thinking skills, trained that the public is the enemy, poor pay vs demands of job, toting a gun, ultimate power and immunity-no wonder we are where we are. And they are attacking the press because the press are DOCUMENTING THEIR ATROCITIES (the reporters and camera crews on the ground are documenting history, thank them and be humble) and you guys are bitching? That’s what I meant when I said if you aren’t fighting against this evil (the police brutality, the president, racism, economic injustice, homelessness, etc.) you fall by the wayside. You become superfluous. (Not saying that to you, space cadet, that’s in reference To something I said earlier in the week that was probably misinterpreted) :slight_smile:

Having said that last bit about the press: no well known coiffed talking heads have been maimed, manhandled, or arrested. When they do go out in the streets they are well buffered and well lit to boot. And far from the madding crowd.