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'The US Knew': Report Says American Intel on Threat of Coronavirus Was Shared With Israel and NATO in November, Dismissed by Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/17/us-knew-report-says-american-intel-threat-coronavirus-was-shared-israel-and-nato


“So both campaigns are going to run on a platform that the other candidate is too “soft” on China. Should be edifying.”



This is no surprise. The press reported some time ago that the Canadian Government knew this as well. Had they acted much like New Zealand acted they could have headed off the worse of this.


If US intelligence knew, if Israel knew, and if Canada knew in November, then how could it possibly be true that the virus began by people in Wuhan eating bat soup in a wet market? How could it be an accidental event if so many ‘intelligence’ agencies knew in November?


Many people knew what was coming except the terminally stupid narcissists in the WH. I posted the following comment on 21 march after a conversation with an old friend with Chinese connections, re the timing of who knew what and when - here it is again.

Just spoke with an old friend with medical researcher connections/friends in China. He says it was clear that by mid-November what was coming down the pike to the US population, and the trump regime did nothing but lie, misinform, defund and fail to prepare in so many ways; all due to malignant stupidity and ego-driven mental illness from the oval office!
That boils down to criminal incompetence in the extreme and anything that follows can rightly be laid directly on trump and his sycophant moron profiteers. A hanging offense in any language!


Canucks, Kiwis, Aussies, Brits, and USofA … the Five Eyes all share the same intel plus the fifty first welfare state of America, the Zionist. The first known meeting by Trump on the virus was not with health professionals but in a lead lined vault with military and intel officials of the most top security clearances. Of course the MFers knew.


It would be interesting to know the full text of the November '19 warning from US intel. I have the impression that virtually everyone underestimated both how contagious and how deadly SARS2 would turn out to be. Case-fatality exceeds 12% in the worst European countries today. That inexorable rise of fatality has dramatically exceeded expectations, and continues to. We still don’t know how high it will rise.




Wait, do you mean to say that the US Military told a lie? That would seem to be a dishonorable act, was anybody punished for it?


That may be but, as far as US America goes, Trump failed at the most basic level to prepare even if NATO countries also did an inadequate job. And this administration continues with the lies and deflections, attacking China one day and then WHO and actually defunding this critical organization.


But in spite of the tremendous damage the the MAGA economy, millions out of work and a less than stellar health system, israel will still get its $3.8 billion a year aid package into 2026. That works out to about $23,000 per each Jewish Israeli family of four." And all we get is a lousy $1200 one time gift?

And according to a Trumps zionist official, “Israelis don’t have to worry “even if there is a depression”… and even though the aid is damaging to Americans.” The only plannedemic is israel.


They knew it was gonna cause this kinda chaos and they (corporate politicians) allowed it to catch the populace off guard. All in order to reap the most benefits for their varied nefarious causes, of which there are many.


It doesn’t really matter when they knew. It’s that nothing was done. There still is no testing available and the tests out there do not yield good results when used. And nothing continues to be done. That’s what matters.


Nobody cares. Everybody lies. I’ve heard that so many times today.

Criminal Incompetence, Indeed.

Lock Them All Up And Begin Building The Gallows.


If real testing of the masses takes place before November, I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts, somewhere between 1/3 to 1/2 of the population has been infected.

The Orange Anus will likely do everything he can to prevent that from being revealed before Election Day.

Even murder.


V, help me understand…sincere question: why is he still alive?

i think this is deliberate genocide. global.


first time in my life that i’ve begun to support the idea of capital punishment…for some criminals, not the ones IN prisons.


that money should go to palestinians and gazans…tomorrow.


And to consolidate their authoritarian control that much faster, perhaps in time to credibly suspend elections.