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The US’ Language of Terror and a History of Preemptive Aggression

The US’ Language of Terror and a History of Preemptive Aggression

Russell Webster

Following the recent horrific and brutal San Bernardino slaying, President Obama took to the Oval Office and reminded Americans, “our nation has been at war with terrorists since al Qaeda killed nearly 3,000 Americans on 9/11.” He also reminded us “we have no evidence that the killers were directed by a terrorist organization overseas, or that they were part of a broader conspiracy her

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War profiteering from blood, Media profiteering from Trump and corporate fascists rejoice.


When Obama disowned Pastor from Chicago Jeremy Wright it was over Wright’s preaching this exact message: He said, “God Damn America” following 9/11 for its state sponsored terrorism throughout its history. The second amendment had its origins in creating or legitimizing “militias” to repress any freedom fighters among the slave population.
Surely the Sand Creek Massacre was terrorism–state sponsored. Dick Cheney, who read Machiavelli every New Years fully advocated for rule by fear (terror). The School of Americas taught Latin American soldiers the use of terror tactics to defend “Democracy”. Actually the rule of the oligarchs, some of whom were educated at the SOA.


I think that was the ‘confident savage’ reference.

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Since the destruction of Civil Service and State sabotage of elementary education, Amer. schools have yielded little but cannon fodder and wage slaves.

We are fighting a religious war. To bring on the end of the world. Damn Christians have been at it for 1000 years. Never works, but never stops them…


“…no evidence that the killers were… part of a broader conspiracy here at home”

Obviously, Mr. Obama really meant to say,
“no evidence- none which we are allowed to CONSIDER, that is-- that the killers were… part of a broader conspiracy here at home”.

I wish.

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What We Know of Terror

The man who dropped the first bomb
invented it.
There were other missiles that arrived
from a distance
and fell in our yards, made the seas belligerent
and hot, threw the far shores
into our beds
and made us see the end
as if it were a lover
bent on ripping away
the tenderness
of the throat
where we sing
and pray.

What we know of terror
is a cave in the brain
a place our memories have been trapped
when the lions and wolves and the devil
of disease
could still take out the whole town.
Now that they have gone
we have become the thing with teeth and claws
and burning eyes
and sores.

Our worst dream is the one we cannot escape
through sleep. We pace around the ashes of the hearth
and whisper to the gods
but they are not there.
We know to sleep is to be what something else eats.
Our fear so great we make each beast
and every other miracle in its vicinity
fear as we have been afraid
sick with death and grief
completing the circuit of who is terrified
of whom:

We care nothing for the children.
They are as good as dead under our presidential gaze.


A few more adventures like Ukraine, or the South China Sea should run the USA up against people who can really do it harm. Not a rag-tag bunch of camel jockeys.
Americans have much more to fear from their own corrupt and dysfunctional leaders than from any foreign terrorists.

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Just remember it’s all bullshit.

There are many forces that worked jointly to subsume all opposition… essentially teaching, through example, that “resistance is futile.”

Having just completed my tour of Allen Dulles’ long and influential life (as chronicled in David Talbot’s book, “The Devil’s Chessboard”), what stood out was the election of l964… and what it meant to the Old Boys’ Club–planning both foreign and domestic assassinations in order to control policy–that Robert F. Kennedy was in a position to hold them to account.

This group whose Deep State infrastructure (and resonant philosophy) remains in place and it is very keen on wiping out any alternative to its own image, likeness, and practical purposes.

To those who chastise the missing Left, they NEVER speak honestly about all of the events–overt and covert–that did MUCH to expunge any meaningful opposition to policies deferential to both the MIC and the various banksters and corporations that routinely profit from war (and that includes spreading Terrorism).

Here are some key ones:

  1. Hoover’s FBI and its rabid attacks on anyone vaguely sympathetic to workers’ right or Civil Rights or Women’s Rights
  2. The long and established use of informants and individuals trained in infiltrating movements
  3. The assassinations of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, JFK, RFK and others
  4. Use of think tanks to infuse mass media with Official Narratives
  5. Funding of right wing radio talk show hosts to discredit government and anything vaguely Progressive
  6. Funding Pat Robertson and the Christian Right to gain a major base of Conservative support for often egregiously aggressive policies
  7. Time-tested use of a scapegoat, added to tactics of career blacklisting, media character assassination, and marginalization of dissenting views
  8. Celebration of macho force AS patriotism, war as proof of that loyalty
  9. Use of False Flags
  10. Centralization of power inside corporations, and then through funding, gaining control of politicians and lawmakers
  11. Using #10 to push treaties like NAFTA that are designed to decimate unions and leave U.S. workers in a battle against 3rd world laborers
  12. Fund academia in order to likewise, slant courses in a direction beneficial to the 1%
  13. Game Wall St to create a chasm between the very rich and the rest of not just U.S. citizens, but also humanity at large
  14. Push treaties like TIPP and TPP that effectively anesthetize ALL prior environmental, labor, and human rights laws
  15. Feature conferences that work as stalling devices… presenting the illusion that positive change will occur when in reality, it’s all just theater
  16. Coming down like an iron boot on any writer/journalist/whistle-blower so bold as to counter the Official Stories about things ranging from the crap in our food to the spying that goes on AS IF remotely indicative of anything consistent with an open, Democratic, transparent society

The above is offered in response to this item:

“Republicans are right about the fact that while it was Bush officials who led the way in implementing these radical and lawless policies, most of the country’s institutions — particularly the Democratic Party leadership and the media — acquiesced to it, endorsed it, and enabled it. And they still do.”


Doubtful that Mr . Webster read either “The Devil’s Chessboard,” or “JFK & The Unspeakable” by John W. Douglass…since these sources go much further in their analyses of the Pentagon setting up JFK because those lunatics WANTED a full-scale invasion of Cuba… than this:

"Looking back again to the “terror” policies into the 60’s, President John F. Kennedy, “ordered his staff to subject Cubans to the ‘terrors of the earth.’ ” Obviously, he was addressing the “barbarians” of the day, the “terrorists” off the coast of Florida, who were, by virtue of existing in “successful defiance of the US,” being “a negation of our whole hemispheric policy of almost a century and a half,” who must therefor be subjected to the “terrors of the earth.”

JFK tried to BREAK the narrative and habit of absolute aggression disguised as National DEFENSE. And he was killed primarily for THAT.

Once that precedent was in place, what President would stand up to the Cancerous labyrinth that makes War its business, considers the loss of human life as casually as do Insurance Actuaries, and believes that “war is the health of the state”? And by that it means authoritarian state controls… since freedom is so messy and besides, it might privilege other than the ownership caste (or 1%).

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"It seems Washington’s choosing to continue the recreation of ancient myths and children’s tails. "

Children’s tails = their behinds.

You meant children’s tales.

The editing stinks, and so does the naïve use of a WE-FRAME that PRETENDS that it’s citizens, rather than a Deep-State fueled MIC that not only enacts policies, it writes the P.R. that is circulated to all of the media’s featured Talking Heads so that their lock step narratives are made to appear as unimpeachable Truth.

If WE had any say, and by WE I mean women, Indigenous Peoples, and Black citizens–had any influence over policy, the phallic wars would not be perpetuated into perpetuity by pathological patriarchs who can’t feel a damned thing… like empathy!

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The Media is Mightier Than War ©

We The Peoples’ Network (WTPN)

Problem Statement:

Americans have a long, challenging, courageous and often treacherous history of implementing democratic social change based on their inalienable rights and self-interests. (See Howard Zinn’s “A Peoples History of the United States.”) However, they have been systematically blocked and unable to participate, let alone influence US Foreign Policy and its devastating impacts on our serving military, veterans and their families, communities, cultures, countries, environments and economies. (See Dr. Andrew Bacevich’s “Breach of Trust.”)

A rare exception is possibly the Peace Movement which ended the tragic folly of the vile war against the Vietnamese, Lao and Cambodian people. However, it was not sustainable and mostly ineffective since then ~ Latin America, Iraq and Afghanistan, environmental degradation, nuclear and nonsensical weapon systems proliferation…etc. According to Dr. Bacevich, our current national security system is “obsolete.”


Engage ordinary Americans via social media, institutional channels, national veterans organizations and organizing entities in collective action to determine Why, and Who serves, sacrifices, suffers and pays for US combat operations, and their vulgar and brutal consequences! Secondarily, it will focus on how to rationalize current media platforms and teaching methods for sharing unimpeachable history, knowledge, scholarship and public intelligence to openly engage local communities in foreign policy debates and decision making starting in high schools.

WTPN will form/enhance vibrant strategic alliances, creating trustworthy social media channels communicating awareness, purpose, principals and values, thus stimulating citizens’ imagination, acknowledging their Constitutional obligations and achievements within and among their communities, and their vigorous participation in determining our nation’s role in world affairs.

Connecting the vast expenditures for preventive wars of choice and regime change to the ruinous US economy from Vietnam to the present, WTPN will strive to enlighten and engage Americans, as independent thinkers to diminish and eventually eliminate the propensity to wage perpetual war by the Complex President Eisenhower and Dr. Martin Luther King warned Americans about.

Pope Francis recently called the arms industry ~ the “Industry of Death!” His visit to the 9/11 Memorial culminated in the multi-religious ceremony ~ a Call For Peace!

U.S. Marine Corps, Major General Smedley Butler, twice recipient of the Medal of Honor and anti-Fascist documented, “War is a Racket!”

Organized communities, faith-based and higher education institutions, veteran organizations and NGOs will inform and inspire ordinary citizens nation-wide to participate fully and equally in the foreign policy debates and decision making creating modesty, realism, transparency, severe sanctions and accountability, keeping in mind that War Profiteering is the existential threat to our humanity!

When it comes to defending our nation and protecting and healing our troops, veterans and their families, herein lays the “moral essence” of US citizen obligation. We must begin to deeply understand the very complex nature of genuine fears, threats, and the required measured responses, which will eliminate the obsolete components, assumptions and foundations of post-World War II U.S. Foreign Policy, and the shocking slaughter, sufferings and economic and environmental degradation that continues to impact communities here and abroad. This task will take incredible “moral courage” as intense and sustained as our honorable warriors serving in harms’ way purportedly protecting our nation and way of life.

Ordinary Americans are the Best and Brightest and ultimately responsible for these decisions; and, We must instruct our government employees about the great truths for solving our most dangerous problems. This historical struggle is about our core values, beliefs and ideas of our diminishing democracy, its vision and the underlying humanitarian principles and values inherent in our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and most international treaties that inspire them to take preemptive actions to protect our world and humanity…when we choose.

Americans must also choose to redress the grievances of previous and current demoralizing policies. Thus, reconstructing our prestige and exerting legitimate power insuring progress toward greater international stability, understanding, tolerance, prosperity and grass-roots abundance will be WTPN’s rejuvenating organizing principles for ordinary Americans to develop, fund and enhance systems, measures, programs and institutions that will prevent economic crisis, poverty, ecological devastation…and war. In essence, Wage Peace!

Legitimacy of moral life depends on the willingness of men and women to struggle with such questions before they decide what to do. Karl Jaspers, a Jewish-tainted German WW II philosopher notes, “all men, like all nations, are tested twice in the moral realm ~ first by what they do, then by what they make of what they do. A condition of responsibility denotes a kind of second chance: men are, as if by a kind of grace, given a chance to repay to the living what it is they find themselves owing the dead.”

Arthur Engendorf, a fellow Vietnam Veteran author notes, “healing is the way we restore ourselves…with a little help from our friends, we can heal ourselves, even from war…healing culminates in a renewed vision of what is possible for us and our world. In light of this vision, our individual healing shifts from being the center of attention to an instance of much more encompassing possibility ~ healing for all humanity.”

Seasons Greetings ~ Peace on Earth…For Our Children Everywhere. Treasure Life ~ Organize and Occupy.

Semper Fidelis,

David DeChant
Marine Vietnam
Veteran For Peace

Hi Sioxrose,
You’re as prolific and cogent as ever, and you work so hard at it.
Pearls before swine? Well that’s a little rude perhaps.
Sorry !:-)~
What, are you still doing here?
These “journalists” have their historical perspective limited by faith. That’s not a reflection on their ability or facility with language. Thank you Russell for the piece, many good points made. I just wish more challenge to reverence re: national religion, USA. Alas. Deep State recognition is not found here.
Do check BFP.org

Thank you for your responses.

I think it’s naïve–and a very popular stance, I might add–to posit that were the public to know thus and so, this knowledge would eradicate the problem. But the problem, then, as now, is one of disproportionate power.

I think the arguments you raise are largely solid, but they HARDLY go far enough. I encourage you to consider looking into the sources I’ve mentioned.

Most here understand that the public is kept out of the loop. After all, with the obvious war on inconvenient truth-tellers, a/k/a whistle-blowers added to the pains taken to keep everything from Obama’s Insurance corp. giveaway (branded as health “care” reform), to drone strike kill numbers (presented as surgically accurate strikes), to the horrific TPP and TIPP and what these would-be binding treaties eviscerate (with NO public input allowed) in the way of established laws and environmental protections… the gap between public interest and policy is as wide as it’s been since the prior robber-baron era.

I think you make a lot of generalizations and I don’t have time to debate them one by one.

Thank you, Haps. I definitely come up against an enormous amount of conformist group-think here. I also
think a good percentage of it comes from private enterprises seeking to control the parameters of both debate and conjecture, itself.

I don’t write to tame or educate the herd. I write with the hopes of touching intelligent, open-minded persons
who have no wish to remain “inside the box”… like you.

What recently occurred to me is the obviousness of those who have run, governed, directed society for so long… and arguably led the world to ruin on all levels, STILL insist that they are the experts and should continue their roles of “leadership.”

Watching the Paris Conference through Amy Goodman’s program-prism, I was greatly upset by the usual suspects controlling the discussions and freezing out the wisdom, experience, teachings, and sacred understanding of those who could actually help to heal our beleaguered marvel of a planet.

I’ve been feeling what David Suzuki spoke of in his piece… that deep grief for all that is being lost. And also for all the millions made refugees of war and climate chaos.

To be human is to be part of all of this and therefore feel the pain of others.

What I refuse to submit to is conformity to a WE frame that takes what is done by dominators and applies it evenly to all souls. That is not true, and it is not consistent with the Law of Karma, or Universal Justice.


"Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being.” – Rebel Quotes – Albert Camus
As you say, “To be human is to be part of all of this and therefore feel the pain of others. What I refuse to submit to is conformity to a WE frame.” Rock On Sioxrose