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The US Massacre in Kunduz Exposes the Bankruptcy of Obama's National-Security Policy


The US Massacre in Kunduz Exposes the Bankruptcy of Obama's National-Security Policy

Bob Dreyfuss

The aerial destruction that rained down on a hospital complex run by Doctors Without Borders in Kunduz, a provincial capital in northeast Afghanistan, on October 3 puts an exclamation point on the story of America’s 14 years of warfare in that Central Asian country. At least 22 people were killed, among them doctors, other medical personnel, and patients, including three children, and dozens were wounded in the attack.


Massacre - the unnecessary, indiscriminate killing of a large number of human beings or animals, as in barbarous warfare or persecution or for revenge or plunder.

Is the author stating the US military specifically targeted doctors without borders? Which military objective would have been achieved by this? Or perhaps it is persecution of doctors? Could it be out of revenge?


Russia pulled out of there because it bankrupted their financial system.

We must pull out of there because it has already bankrupted our moral system. We need to just plain get out of the M/E altogether. We have to stop creating the problem that we cannot stop with troops, planes, drones...oh, oh, oh but what about The Zionist's State, they have nukes, troops and Bibi, they don't need us, they just need our money.

We have become like Russia, our debt is caused by wars we cannot win. We don't make anything here anymore. Are we going to be able to pay down this debt with a service economy?

We are imploding just as Russia did over the same piece of ground. Dumb.


In homage to diplomacy over direct force, Mr. Dreyfuss fails to mention the backward, prison-like status of women when and if the Taliban takes part in power-sharing agreements.

Whenever a nation or entity is run chiefly by armed males, respect not just for women's rights, but for what it means to bring the OTHER partner (and half of humanity) to the decision-making tables is ALWAYS conspicuous BY its absence. A society's level of consciousness can be gauged by how it treats its female members.

This wounded part of the world bleeds from male arrogance much of it the product of religious deceptions; and this is as true for the Christian fanatics that fill the U.S military as it is for devotees of distorted versions of Islam.

Woe to mothers, wedding parties, and those doctors and nurses who minister to those injured by these insane wars!


... Guess you're here to do "military damage control" P.R., right?


WE--which is to say honest, law-abiding, peace-loving citizens who do not own, want, or care about guns... are NOT the Military Industrial Complex. WE are not the Deep State. WE did not give any endorsement for these wars. WE see through the 911 False Flag and recognize that coup-like Deep State interests--largely unanswerable to citizens/voters and operating in the dark--operate without our consent or often our knowledge.

We do not agree with these wars.

We do not think WAR should exist at all in the 21st century.

Do not arrogate to yourself, the right to speak for all under one uniform tent. THAT is disinformation!

THAT makes dissent invisible... which just so happens to suit the same intention shown when State Powers go after any and every whistle blower who exposes what this Deep State with its Total Information Awareness (and Control) apparatus is all about ... and continually up to.

Only those who are IN or identify with the Military Industrial Complex would use this promiscuous, one-size-fits-all, all-inclusive WE frame.


We...as in it's still our country...I agree with 100% of what you are saying, war has no place in our lives...so I used we...I am not part of the deep state, please do not include me there, do not judge me so


The purpose of the hospital bombing seems to crystallize looking like elimination of any current and future eye witnesses at the scene so as to proceed with business as usual for the US military, mass murders and assassination routines.


Actually the Taliban since their creation by Pakistani military and subsequent three year reign of terror along with their Pakistani ISI backers are responsible for multitude of horrific crimes against the people and nation of Afghanistan. Among them blockade of the capital Kabul for over a month starving the residents within the city limits, closure of highways leading to Kabul, a total destruction of Kabul once a beautiful city, crop burning all over the captured northern villages and towns, throwing cows into drinking water wells, summary executions of captured Afghan fighters, banning girls from attending school and work outside the home and the list goes on. Had it not been for direct military and monetary support from Pakistan, the Taliban would not have existed for long. True that they are also wreaking havoc across Pakistan however Pakistan's obsession with their military dogma of strategic depth as well as access to ME, Europe and Central Asia appears to take priority of a few skirmishes with the Pakistani taliban.


Doctors Without Borders treats the injured without regard for what side they're on, so it's highly likely it was done because they were treating enemy injured. That covers both the (illegal) military objective and revenge.

Because God forbid Doctors Without Borders should treat people as human beings instead of denying treatment if they aren't on the U.S. side.


The military has control of media. Now it wants control of docs so facts don't get to públic, or else


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Whilst I would agree that the Taliban are not a nice bunch of thugs, their birth was brought about by the Carter administration back in 1979 in order to destabilise the USSR-friendly socialist government of Afghanistan, their gestation was funded by subsequent USAian governments following the USSR's invasion in 1980 in order to try to prop up the USSR-friendly socialist Afghan government, and their maturity came about when the USSR withdrew from Afghanistan. That's simple history. All part of the Cold War etc etc.


Do you think the US really considers the Taliban "enemy"? If the did they would stop military and financial aid to the tune of $2.5 billion every year to Pakistani military. The same strategy of double crossing double game they play with ISIS.


Actually Carter mistakenly listened to that war monger Polish idiot with anti Russian complex Brzezinski to arm and train the Afghan freedom fighters (mujahidin) against the Soviet army. The Taliban are the sons and grand sons of the mujahidin. They came out of nowhere in the late nineties and terrorized village after village and town after town until they faced commander Masoud of Northern Alliance. The US ignored Afghanistan after the Soviets were ousted however Pakistan using the billions of dollars in foreign military and humanitarian aid to the Afghans used the monies to bolster it's own military capability as well as train and finance the so called Taliban to destabilize Afghanistan.


"United States has engaged in a brutal, mismanaged and ill-conceived war" It wasn't ill-conceived, it was a well thought out criminal endeavor. Colin Powell stood in front of the United Nations an told one lie after another. Cheney, Bush, and administration officials stood in front of Congress and the Nation and told one lie after another. Iraq and Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11. All of the supposed hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, and some of them had CIA connections. The very same people who brought us to war with lies and deceit, were the same people who investigated 9/11. Does anybody see any connection?


Excellent analogy and statements of facts, bravo! One thing America has been going for it is the military superiority and the power of the dollar allowing us to print ever more money increasing the taxpayers burden enslaving us and the generations to come to slave like labor. While the richest bastards keep getting fatter and fatter especially since that most stupid president in US history Mr.GW and his right man Satanic VP Cheney who brought us 911 a decade ago. Before that the Mr. Smiley puppet Reagan began the dismantling process of American democracy by giving the US government keys to the richest and most powerful corporations and individuals.


America will not cease it's infamous foreign policies until the people of this country suffer under similar circumstances.....
By that time all will be lost anyway.
Dissent is represented by our nation's flag; Too many Americans only believe that our flag stands for maniacal patriotism....anything else is "disloyal" to the country.
Yes, millions marched against the 2003 invasion of Iraq; not enough marched in the outrageous "1st Persian Gulf War" in 1991.......
The Patriot Act becomes almost similar to Hitler's "Enabling Act" in the early 1930s.
We live in a quasi totalitarian fascist state.
Until multi-millions of Americans are willing to die in the streets will we have change.
But, to what?
We had "rules" to the games we play across the world; when a few countries ignore the rules, chaos will ensue.
The same with our economic system; we had rules; the referees were laid off, fired....the rules thrown in the toilet and now we see the results.
I repeat:
Until many more Americans are willing to lay down their lives in the streets NOTHING will change.
Forget the "Democratic or Republican" political system; it's trashed, corrupt and beyond real repair.
Only individual US citizens can change what is now ogling everyone from the abyss.
Do they have the will??