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The US Military Just Plunged Philippine Politics into Crisis


The US Military Just Plunged Philippine Politics into Crisis

Walden Bello

Early in the morning of January 25, commandos belonging to the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police crept into the southern town of Mamasapano — a stronghold of the separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front. The elite Seaborne Unit had come for Zulkifli Abdhir, a Malaysian bomb maker better known as “Marwan.”

By the end of the morning, dozens lay dead.


And in other developments you might have missed, all indicative of a pattern:

-several weeks ago, Marine la Pen, leader of the far-right nationalist party in France (no socialist or communist) flatly claimed that Washington was trying to start a war in Europe. By mistakes, hypocrisy, and overreach the US has “lost all credibility.”

-several days ago the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) denounced the recent actions by Obama to declare Venezuela a threat to national security. The members of UNASUR stand united with the Venezuelan government. It is also known that , like in the Philippine fiasco, the US funded and assisted the assassination of Reys in Ecuador as a peace negotiation with FARC was being finalized.

Rouhani and Khamenei should take note: The only peace that is authorized by the New American Century is the peace of death. It will allow no cessation of hostilities.

-Angela Merkel said she would rather the UK leave the EU than allow it to renege on free migration of workers between citizens of EU nations. Why, for heaven’s sake, are there so many epilogues to Fukiyama’s End of History?

-Violent attacks were carried out in Greece protesting the existence of high security prisons established prior to Syriza, and which Syriza has promised to close. Now, if anyone here thinks this action against Syriza is what it is meant to look on the surface, may I direct you to my personal web site where you can get in on the ground floor of my new perpetual motion machine.

Have a nice day!


Why exactly did the US FBI have a bounty on ‘Marwan’ and want him killed? Did ‘Marwan’ threaten the US, ever set foot on US soil, etc? Or was this just an(other) off-the-books military exercise by some of the sociopathic warmongers that dwell amongst us?

Okay, I see that he has contributed to various acts of terrorism in the world*, but that’s a regional and international crime, not a matter for US federal domestic authorities, surely.


Yeah, saw that re Bali and brother in Cali. Serious stuff. Still, ‘Marwan’ wasn’t here, and the US does not have jurisdiction outside its borders (theoretically). Brothers of domestic terrorism plotters who themselves reside overseas are a matter for international cooperation between law enforcement authorities and governments, one would think - not country X putting head (finger) bounties and military planning/equipment in play in country Y.


George W. Bush: “My Dad Was Meeting with the Brother of Osama on September 11, 2001. Does That Make Him a Terror Suspect?”

By this standard shown by the US in the Philippines, YES!


Wow. What a clusterf**k, even for the US military.

Once again, our military minds rely too heavily on technology and continue to second guess the people who are actually on the ground. Why would the Filipino government allow Washington to give orders to the Filipino forces and override Filipino officers?



It is not just the Philippines that takes its orders from Kings Landing. The reasons are many:-

  • The empire can either guarantee your security or fund your enemies.
  • The empire is involved in domestic politics, and can provide election funds to you or your enemies as well as provide good or bad media coverage.


The USA has the Philippines and native Filipinos by the balls.

The USA has done an excellent job of Americanizing the native Filipino mind, long after its brutal military intervention /occupation/“pacification” of the island peoples, but its establishment of public education with imposition of English as the official medium of instruction was the coup de grace to the nascent Filipino nationalism.

An imposed foreign language that can only result in a native mind conditioned to read, write, think and act like/for his foreign master. And add other incentives to do so.

Ergo from then on, we have generations of our governing elites and US/JUSMAG-trained military (and citizenry) consistently looking for approval and having mendicant qttitude become “running dogs” for supposedly “special friends” rather than looking after their real jobs, i.e. the common good of its citizenry, long-term peace and well-being among all its people. And consequently too, we native Filipinos continue to not earn recognition and respect among other Asian countries and peoples.

We do not see an end to this sad state of our Americanized Filipino mind and its dire consequences, short or long-term.