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The US Military's Battlefield of Tomorrow


The US Military's Battlefield of Tomorrow

Nick Turse

For three days, wearing a kaleidoscope of camouflage patterns, they huddled together on a military base in Florida. They came from U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and U.S. Army Special Operations Command, from France and Norway, from Denmark, Germany, and Canada: 13 nations in all. They came to plan a years-long “Special Operations-centric” military campaign supported by conventional forces, a multinational undertaking that -- if carried out -- might cost hundreds of millions, maybe billions, of dollars and who knows how many lives.


there is currently no real Islamic State of Africa. But the war game carried out at MacDill Air Force Base in January against that fictional group is far from fantasy, representing as it does the next logical step in a series of operations that have been gaining steam since AFRICOM’s birth.

In other words, if we don’t have the enemy that we want then we’ll invent one.

Turse has given us a pretty good breakdown of America’s military plans for Africa. I could complain that he never discusses our true reason for being there (control of Africa’s immense trove of natural resources) but that subject is not within the scope of his piece. Besides, those reasons are not too hard to figure out.

Likewise, it is not too hard to read beyond the text of this quote from Rodriguez.

“Where our national interests compel us to tip the scales and enhance collective security gains, . . .

Is there anyone with more than two functioning brain cells who does NOT know that the expression “our national interests” means “Wall Street’s profits” and “enhance security gains” means “kill anyone and everyone who stands in the way of those profits”?

For me, the most important - and saddest - aspect of this story is the conflation of local and regional militancies with Islam. Western colonialism has always put a religious face on its conquests; religion is such an effective emotional tool to use that such usage is as easy to understand as it is necessary to condemn.



replied in wrong place. so just found out that i can’t delete a post from the wrong place and repost. get a message that it is too similar to my original post. Well, yes, it is my original post–i’m trying to move it. i didn’t see a “delete post.” maybe i missed it.

anyway, great short expose (expozay), but believe that this is exactly what the MIC and Washington wants. The creation of people that hate us because we kill them every day, resulting in even more creation of hatred. Keeps the arms business growing, the surveillance business booming, etc. this is where our money goes nowadays, rather than back to us, at private contractor prices. “yippee, we’re all gonna die.” (Country Joe and the Fish)


polarbear4 wrote:

‘…Well, yes, it is my original post–i’m trying to move it. i didn’t see a “delete post.” maybe i missed it.’

Click on “More” (immediately before “Reply”). “More” should change to “Delete”.


To the extent that groups like IS and Boko Haram are viewed as rivals for and impediments to US and Western control of Africa’s resources, this can be said to be a “counterterrorism” strategy, but that is the context in which it must be viewed.

“Terrorism” must be managed, but it also provides the rationale for imperial expansion over the continent, and so we need to be clear as to just what the true mission is.

In the empire game, you can’t boogie without a boogeyman.



You must have missed Mr. Turse’s multiple references to the fact that AFRICOM’s missions are covert and their PR teams only cop to a singular mission a year. Since you may suffer from a bona fide reading comprehension problem, what this means is that THE PUBLIC DOES NOT KNOW about the many operations that are increasingly underway in Africa.

To not know is hardly equivalent to being the active agent or agency, nor does it in any way, shape, or form imply consent or complicity.

Using the WE frame to turn what militarists do into some generic reference to the entirely of the citizenry is how things like Nazism take root. It’s a subtle and insistent pro-military form of propaganda.


Ah. dah. thanks. :O)


You guys, a/k/a tag team are more predictable than chimps in a cage.

So, the 3 acceptable frames, repeated often are:

  1. Wherever possible (and even when it defies logic and/or probability) find a way to blame Israel
  2. Always make the problem about voters and how they “choose” their vote selection in order to keep discussions away from REAL power and REAL systemic corruptions
  3. Always use the WE frame whenever characterizing military operations

The narrowness of these memes is 100% indicative of pre-planned Talking Points. You all stick to the script and use alternative screen names (yep, even now although I am grateful that whatever allowed for a Cancerous growth of sock puppet names to daily dominate this site’s message threads has been minimized by C.D.'s current system protocols) to make it seem like LOTS of people just so happen to say these same things each and every day.

Soldier clones who can’t think outside of these old, stale frames. I’ve challenged the redundancy of these talking points because the consensus is artificial and planned. It always takes away from the substance of any and every article and pushes narrow conjecture in the place of deeper, probing analysis.

Then, it applies sinister derogatory insults to those writers and activists that see and speak beyond these normative frames.

Chimps R U.


I said that we invented enemies. I never said that we publicized who they are.

I see that you’re making an effort to be especially nasty today. I think that it would benefit you to come back to this site after you’ve sobered up and reread some of the stuff that you’ve written.



i’m sorry, SR, i must have gotten careless in my wording again. i mostly agree with you on being careful with our language, but be assured, i am definitely NOT a part of any tag team. As you can see, i am teh same ol polarbear4.

i was thanking JohnIanetta for showing me how to delete a post, bc i didn’t mean to reply to namaste. i think we are in agreement on the MIC creating enemies, creating money, vicious cycle thing? Maybe we are misunderstanding something here. I’m off and away for a while, but was wondering what you are offended by in my post, really.


Don’t let SR’s posts bother you. She makes the same complaints all of the time in every thread regardless of the subject.

She’s actually upset with me for some exchanges we shared a while back. You just got in the way. There was nothing wrong with your post.



Despite this massive increase in missions and a similar swelling of bases, personnel, and funding, the picture painted last month before the Senate Armed Services Committee by AFRICOM chief General David Rodriguez was startlingly bleak. For all the American efforts across Africa, Rodriguez offered a vision of a continent in crisis, imperiled from East to West by militant groups that have developed, grown in strength, or increased their deadly reach in the face of U.S. counterterrorism efforts.

Mr Turse is missing the point.

Go way back to the 1950s and Generals of the United States Military gave “bleak assessments” of US Military might versus the Soviet Union. These “bleak assessments” fed by intelligence from the CIA were fabrications. The Generals that spoke had as their duty making as bleak an assessment as possible so as to create more military spending and to ensure the MIC more firmly rooted in the society.

This is the same thing in Africa. These “failures” followed by “bleak assessments” are not failures at all. The United States of America set out to destabilize this region, They did so in order to entrench their military in the region. They entrench their Military in the region so as to ensure Corporate access to that regions resources, That entrenchment in the region in turn leads to more Military spending in the United States of America.

This leads to more money going to the MIC and more liberties removed from Americans citizens. “Support the troops” and support their wars will be used as rationale to demand Americans make “sacrifices” in the way of their pensions and wages so as to support that war effort just as that “greatest Generation” supported their own troops in WW2 through rationing.

These are NOT failures. It is going as planned.If there were no radical groups in Africa the CIA would go into those countries so as to help to create them.


thanks, spotless, but i really do enjoy many of SR’s posts and hope that i was just misread. :O)


“creation of people that hate us because we kill them every day” There’s your downfall; that’s what garnered the unwelcome attention. ‘We’ must not ever misplace ‘them,’ TPTB onto ‘we,’ as that might be misconstrued to mean ‘we, the people.’ Skirt that particular shoal if you want clear sailing in these patrolled waters.


Wanna know why this is happening?

Now it’s completely gone. But there was a “Witness” episode broadcast on Al Jazeera, that featured Phil Halberg “the Landgrabber” from Goldman Sacks landing in his private Gulfstream jet in Southern Sudan meeting with the president of that new nation and sliding across his desk a bunch of land agreements which the president refused to sign. Phil had been trying for ten years to steal this land and stated as he left that the Sudan was broken up the way every country in Africa was soon going to be broken up.

A few months later, the Southern Sudan fell into civil war and the people living on the land Halberg was after fled when soldiers that somebody armed started killing them. Phil got the land. The land had oil.

Now oil has been discovered recently in Uganda and Kenya and those countries are falling into civil war. Are we seeing a pattern yet? I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for this anymore! :older_man:


Ah. Thx. :O)


This sounds just like them. Isn’t it wonderful the way these bankster people can steal without regard to justice by using “legality?”



The list of those 13 nations here could have been lifted from that 1950s comic book, Blackhawk, which featured a U.S. led group of intrepid flyers - ex-World War II - who tackled terrorists, pirates, dictators etc all over world hot spots.

When the Pentagon announced The Long War after 9/11, it was only a matter of time before we would again see insane life imitate comic art for kids. And when will we see an anime or Disney version?

Well, gotta make the world safe for democracy and business, right? And, meanwhile … the entire planet burns.