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The US Money Tree: The Untold Story of American Aid to Israel

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/31/us-money-tree-untold-story-american-aid-israel


My tax dollars go to buying the guns and the ammo for them that shoot Palestinians in the back as the Israelis steal the Palestinians’ lands. Just how should that make me feel that my taxes are building an apartheid state? Well it sickens me to my core. BDS Now!


Meanwhile people in Israel have universal health insurance.
Such an important topic in this articles. Numbers speak for themselves. You wish this topic were in the forefront of foreign policy public discussions - but of course it won’t, as the sustenance of Israel is part of a larger geopolitical strategy. Which leads me to the only point in which I question the author when he says: " American generosity has long been attributed to the unmatched influence of pro-Israeli groups." American generosity or Israeli groups have little to do with this, it is American self interest and American oil interests that fuel this.


I agree that attributing the US’s massive and long-term, unconditional financial support of Israel to “pro-Israeli” influence is incomplete and misleading.

Even “geopolitical strategy” is incomplete, imo - although ‘projecting US power in the Middle East’ surely explains one part of US support.

From one pov, ‘our democratic friend Israel’ provides justification for all manner of US military action in the ME - because ‘we have an interest in the region.’

From another pov, the sacred cow of “Israel” partly justifies an enormous, expansionist US military - both budget and military reality.

(To underscore the above, lulemali: oil does not have to be a real, undercover interest for supporting Israel: fantastical government military spending constitutes an independent domestic right wing ‘interest,’ and ‘Israel’ alone serves to justify such mindboggling taxpayer military expenditures.)

And from another, interlocking pov, “Israel” is the instrument of the right wing effort to get a domestic Jewish vote that, in domestic policy is largely Democratic; and that - in other areas of US foreign policy - is less aggressively militaristic.

Pro-BDS Jewish Voice for Peace - here comes my first 2021 donation.


Israel - the American Frankenstein.

Blazing the way in illiberal democracy, surveillance technology, and the ethnic, military state.

Thank you. So correct you are.