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The US Needs Its Own Chilcot report


The US Needs Its Own Chilcot report

Trevor Timm

As the UK parliament released its long-awaited Chilcot report on the country’s role in the Iraq war on Wednesday, there have been renewed calls all over Britain to try former prime minister Tony Blair for war crimes. This brings up another question: what about George W Bush?


I don't know if it was years of using Cocaine or lousy genes but Bush, Jr. was only the front-man and hardly bright enough to act as the architect of foreign wars. Leave that to Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the GANG inside the Neo-con circles (along with their deep state collaborators and assorted war profiteering corporations).

"Beyond Bush, the political elite in the US has faced almost no punishment for supporting the invasion of Iraq. Dick Cheney and company are also living comfortably in retirement, and both political parties have nominated people who supported the invasion in 2003."

Please don't leave out the role of the Press, Mr. Timm. Fully morphed into an organic arm of the MIC, the press pumped out all of the propaganda and official narratives needed to launch wars of aggression. And who has paid a price for the lies that took lives?

In fact, the same Press along with many of the same touted experts continue to generate false stories (and/or cheer leading) for wars against Putin/Russia, Syria/Assad, and sometimes Iran.

How about the Psychologists who thought torture was perfectly sane and reasonable?

How about those who chastised Chelsea Manning--one of the only soldiers with true moral courage--for exposing the ungodly belly of The Beast... in operation?

And how about those legal punks who used verbal jujitsu to turn actual torture into mere "enhanced interrogation" in order to re-introduce practices so barbaric that even the least civilized nations of the modern world have banned them?

The fish rots from the head and that certainly means that those at the top of the command chain have the most to answer for. However, there were many willing accomplices.

I expect the WE-CHORUS will show up soon enough to attempt to smear blame over all Americans. In lieu of any honest critique of elections that falsified the vote in order to place Bush in power, they will blame voters.

And typically the same We Brigade also digests the whopping falsehoods of the 911 narrative... whole.

That's why I call them soldier boys and girls. If they're not in uniform--which would explain the uniform nature of their lockstep commentary--they ought to be.


Thank you, we do need an honest report but of course it would be stopped or marginalized. The common thread between Bush's and Clinton's dynasties is that both are political royalty. Untouchable like a mafia don. Obama was warned going in that he will not go against this unwritten law. He has been as illegal as the rest but he was only a place holder till they could get another neocon in the White House.
They tried with Jeb but he is just too dumb to pass so it had to be Clinton.
The Clinton P.R. illusions were still holding up so it was easier to pass her by the public than Jeb.
We have the constitutional right to replace a government that is out of control but they have long since discarded that. Surly they know there will be a revolution if they keep pushing us into corners.
Never Hillary


Elite always have been exempted from war crimes as how else could they accumulate such wealth without total complete domination all forms media all MIC stocks and get this they bought them using federal reserve notes We paid for the ink and the paper printed out of thin air greatest scam ever been and get this this Christmas break federal reserve act will celebrate its anniversary screwing we the people thanks to J Rockefeller and his bought and owned senator Aldridge welcome to how they pulled this scam off read "the creature from Jekyll island" a no this is not a monster like in fiction it is how European banking cartel plundered our wealth ever since


There will never be a Chilcot type report in this country because there is no opposition party to write it. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are the guilty parties, here. Both parties serve the same masters. The stranglehold of the MIC on Washington is complete and total and has been for decades. War is not just this country's primary foreign policy tool; it now shapes and fashions every aspect of government.


I have decided to review my conviction for propagating marijuana, and being convicted under federal manditory sentencing, as i see it, since mr,bush has been the fortunate son, and most distrusted president, responsable for a war, well, we all seen whats continuing.. ill ask for my full and unconditional pardon by the elected president. I feel under the circumstances, my freedom to again vote, and participate in an american election again,is small beans compared to treason,lying to congress, and well, the unrest in a part of the world that we should have ever set foot in... My appologies are sincere,to the ones who lost family and friends, since no one in office feels they owe anyone,anything. Maybe, we can send cheney and bush over there to fight,since they started this mess, no sense painting pictures about how easy it is for them,to live out thier lives,in peace...


War is a force that gives meaning to GOVERNMENTS. Chris Hedges' book says it gives meaning to the individual who fight and kill. But war simplifies governing by forming an instant hierarchy.
It takes the focus off complaints and directs attention toward the scapegoated enemy.
History give us examples: McKinley in 1900 finagled a war with Cuban Spain by claiming the Maine was sabotaged; Wilson pretended toward peace but diplomatically insured entry into WW I in 1916; the Riechstag Fire in 1933 that Hitler used to frighten Germany into allowing him dictatorial powers and WWII; LBJ used the Bay of Tonkin fiasco to declare support for South Vietnam in the 1960s; the false weapon of mass destruction in 2003 Iraq War. And of course the questionably 9/11 attack that led us into the War On Terror.
The people in the American examples were totally against going to all the above wars, and had to be persuaded. People don't want to spent a million dollars a year to keep one soldier in the Middle East for a year (contractors cost 3X more - which might explain why we have so many contractors over there).
As General Smedly Butler said, war is a racket, but it is also a POLITICAL racket developed and nurtured by political elites many, many times in the last 100 years, or so.
I hope I've made the point, It is as politically profitable as it is financially profitable (this is what I believe the Chilcot Report implied in essence).


Does this Timm guy actually think that any such report would actually be transparent? I mean seriously.


George Whore Bush--rot in hell.