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The US Occupation of Haiti

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/28/us-occupation-haiti


Canada got on board with these Coups because Mining Companies based in Canada bought up a lot of the resources in Haiti after the US forced the Government of Haiti to sell those resources to foreign Corporations.

Were the people of Haiti allowed to control their own resources and for their own benefit that would be prosperous. The Old Colonial powers all few feeding the one white guy billions of dollars takes precedence over spreading those billions of dollars among poor black people.

In one small section of Northern Haiti (2000 sq km) it estimated that there 20 billion in mineral wealth. The way the “investor class” works that means 19 billion for he shareholders and the one percent and the rest to be left for the people of Haiti.


That is called Capitalism.

Again, Canada and France joined in with the USA to help remove Aristide from power. That mans crime? He issued a “white paper” documenting Haiti’s mineral and resource wealth and suggested the Government would nationalize that wealth on behalf of the peoples of Haiti.

If one reads the mainstream media they often mention this mineral wealth but claim the only reason the people of Haiti are not prospering off of it is because foreign mining companies are “reluctant to invest” due to corruption and the possibility the Government might seize control of those resources. In other words the mining corporations are the good guys all eager to invest and spread the wealth to the people of Haiti and it “Socialist” type governments that are the problem.


sigh ---------And after the giant earthquake in Haiti, I think t was 2009 or 2011---------BUT the US was -------there BIG TIME -----and the Clinton Foundation was supposed to do,something. Not much was done, except NATO soldiers arrived and were apparently carrying cholera and pooped in the river water------- the water system for so many----and OMG—an entire nation screwed over again----Not just with Iack of heIp, but from the death of that once conquered disease-----but not conquered back then , probably not even yet --in Haiti. : (

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OMG! If you don’t know when the earthquake was, or what “Peacekeeping Forces” were in Haiti, I can’t believe that you’re involved in Haiti at all. And as far as the Clinton Foundation, NOTHING was done, not, “Not much was done”.

As for the history of the involvement of other countries in Haiti and their failure, including the USA on many occasions, I totally agree. What this article, as well as most miss is the Haitian occupation of Haiti.

Haiti is a “Free Country”, yet if you own anything you are a prisoner. Markets have to have armed guards, not to protect them from outsiders, but from Haitians. Gas stations, the same, banks, and on, and on. Then there’s home security…

I’m not sure of the years, but when the house that I lived in for a long time was built, it had a nice short wall and flower boxes. Later was added, by necessity another 10’ of wall, later another 2’ and razor wire. Nothing to do with any kind of outside invasion or occupation, but just to protect everything from other Haitians.

I believe that if you can solve these things at a street level, everything else will fall into place, including the exclusion of other countries into Haiti’s affairs. I wish you well with this, and may it come to be very soon!

william blum’s books may be the best resource on american imperialism throughout the world, crushing native democracy to make way for oligarchical rule without regard for human rights. he wrote about this effect in dozens of different counties, including haiti.

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Hi Joe_Crowey:
Cute response…OMG yes!