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The US Role in the Honduras Coup and Subsequent Violence


The US Role in the Honduras Coup and Subsequent Violence

Stephen Zunes

On March 3, BertaCáceres, a brave and outspoken indigenous Honduran environmental activist and winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize, was gunned down in her hometown of La Esperanza.


Peace is so much easier for those who live upon the earth than for those who are insistent on extracting every last drop of profit from within her.


Very readable piece. Thank you.


The people of Honduras have suffered from the military coup and US subversion of their nation. What they, and no one else, needs is more of the same via a Red Queen tenure in the WH - as with Obama!

The way in the world the US chooses will be defined in part today when voters have a choice between an enabler/supporter/conspirator of the military coup/dictatorship and a very different vision - a more egalitarian and just vision and commitment, represented by Bernie Sanders!

In a nutshell as written by Mr Zunes:
"Clinton’s role in supporting the coup in Honduras is a reminder that the Middle East is not the only part of the world in which she is willing to set aside principles of international law and human rights to advance perceived U.S. economic and strategic interests. Indeed, it may be a troubling indication of the kind of foreign policies she would pursue as president."

Other views:


Want Endless War? Love the U.S. Empire? Well, Hillary Clinton's Your Choice


"There is no evidence to suggest that the Obama administration was behind the coup."

There isn't?
How about this line from the lead-in to Zelaya's interview on Democracy Now?

He talks about why he believes the United States was behind the coup, and what exactly happened on June 28, 2009, when hooded Honduran soldiers kidnapped him at gunpoint and put him on a plane to Costa Rica, stopping to refuel at Palmerola, the U.S. military base in Honduras.



Lanny Davis, that's a name to remember. He was more than a 'Clinton pollster', he was a Clinton pal, a charter member 'FOB'. His real role in formenting the coup is well documented. Our own military airfield was used to help force President Araya out of his country. Obama had plausible deniability? Don't you believe it. This article is way too kind to the usual suspects.


The role Hillary will play in the Corporate Coup in the USA and the subsequent violence? You know that is the thing never touched on by the media is the direction that the country will take if Hillary became president.

The media talks about the direction Trump might take us and avoids talking about the direction that people want Bernie to take us but Hillary is allowed to get by using only suggestions, promises and impressions of what possibly she might do but no details or hard facts.

Hillary is the 'I'll look into it' candidate. She's the 'I'll fight Wall St' (except when getting paid for speeches by them) but not actually what she'll do to fight them. However ...she will look into it.

Yet we do know something of what Hillary will do from her time as Sec of State. What happened on Hillary's watch? It is there that we need to look and question. Her emails were to avoid Freedom Of Information requests. Why so? Maybe an expected run for the presidency? That's why! To avoid answering questions about her watch.

When we say Hillary is a member of the status quo it is in this way most of all. Yes she supports the corporate coup being for the trade deals before an election year when she is now against unless elected when she will be for them again. However, Hillary is mainstream all the way. She isn't more electable but she is more mainstream than the others. Hillary is for the empire, the corporate coup, the MIC and so on. She voted for the Iraq war and would take us to war to prove that a woman can be just as stupid as a man or just as callous.

What will be Hillary's role in further coups and subsequent violence? It will be exactly the same role as we've seen and opposed from Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Bush/Cheney etc.. She wishes to be the anointed successor of the status quo, the Warrior Queen, the woman who will make the hard decisions even if they are wrong because the USA always make those kind of decisions... Like in Honduras.


Damn, I thought this shepherding of a coup into a dumping of a democratically elected president in Honduras was going to be suppressed and forgotten by the Clinton crowd in this election cycle. Lanny, who I referred to then as the Queen of Darkness' boyfriend (why not, Billy Boy had his babes), was the Johnny on the Spot after the coup was denounced by everyone except Clinton's US Department of State. Now comes the tragic news of Berta Càceres' murder by either a government goon squad or hired narco-terrorists and the can of worms was reopened. Like all the lies and fabrications of the Queen, she denies everything or claims she misspoke. This one has also come back to bite her in the ass. I was always surprised that Zelaya didn't end up with a bullet in the head during the execution of the coup but rather is still around to talk about it.

God I hate that woman.


Back in l953, the Shah of Iran decided to nationalize oil and use the profits to improve the lives of Iran's citizens.

Result: Assassination.

Back in Congo in the early l960s, Patrice La Mumba similarly had plans to improve the lives of his nation's people... but that would have cut into both profits and control by elites.

Result: Assassination.

In Chile, Allende was making inroads into improving the lot of the Chilean people.

Result: Assassination.

In Iraq, Saddam planned to get OFF the U.S. petro-dollar and also bring greater benefits to his own people.

Result: Assassination. (With a kangaroo court engaged as a fig leaf.)

In Libya, Qaddaffi was preparing to also wean his nation from the U.S. oil-dollar and life for most Libyans had already been vastly improved.

Result: Assassination.

In Haiti, when benefits were beginning to impact the People, the U.S. military came in to deliver their leader, Aristide BACK to Africa.

And here, with Honduras, a GOOD EXAMPLE cannot be tolerated, as thus:

"Despite being a wealthy logger and rancher from the centrist Liberal Party, Zelaya had moved his government to the left during his four years in office. During his tenure, he raised the minimum wage and provided free school lunches, milk for young children, pensions for the elderly, and additional scholarships for students. He built new schools, subsidized public transportation, and even distributed energy-saving light bulbs."

Zelaya promised the common people too much!

That's why Chavez was hated and before his untimely death, he called out the likely culprits--believing that the CIA had managed to expose his body to a fast-acting Cancer agent.

This pattern is long-established.

How it is that the MIC-CIA, responsible for destabilizing governments, spreading misery, and practicing War of Aggression can still pretend that its motives are humanitarian and based on "spreading Democracy" is a SICK joke.


The military coup in the U.S. has already happened. Is their something that the military has been denied from the public in the last 100 years? Military contractors now represent over 87% of all manufacturing in the U.S. That sounds like a coup to me!


Mossadegh in 53 not the shah.


I think of us as the NeoPrussians a military embedded state. To succeed in Prussia you went through the military. It was required more or less in society, business and their everyday culture. They became a Hollywood stereotype (the heels clicking salute and duel scar stuff).

The integration of the military into all walks of life became who they were. It was more stage acting than they ever realized.


I may be really naive, and that is okay with me, but there must be some really evil people running this world. Or maybe, "forgive them father, for they know not what they do."


If that's correct, thank you.


Madame Clinton is despicable and totally immoral and unethical. She does not have the most important qualities required of the nation's top job. She is unworthy of the position.


The Shah of Iran was not assassinated. There were two attempts, but both failed. He died of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma .
A bit of a shock to see the grammar and fact corrector, fail.


Given her expertise in how the US operates around the world and the sad probability that she will be the Democratic nominee, perhaps the planet will be better off with a more bumbling Trump, who might be content with meddling within this country and give the rest of the world a rest from our interference.


Wow I've seen a lot of false accusations reported in my time but it would be nice if someone who is well educated and has a clear knowledge of the facts would at least report both sides of the story and not just the one that supports his own political views.

The FACT is that Berta Caceres was killed by a man connected to the Dam project that she was actively protesting and disrupting. This happened years after she openly criticized Clintons role in the aftermath of the coop. The Killer was charged and brought to justice. The activists that were sabotaging the Dam project were disruptive enough to get the Chinese company that was building the dam to pull out leaving the local officials holding the bag. There is ZERO connection to any US government or corporate interest in the story.

Also Zelaya was trying to change the constitution to allow him to run for a third term despite what the good professor says. That is clear. There was wide spread protest to this action which seemed to be sowing the seeds for a new dictatorship in the country but that is left out of the conversation again because it does not support his political views.

In the end the result was bad regardless of how you look at it and from what side. In an attempt to stop what looked like a power grab the powers that be got an opportunity to do what they wanted to all along which was to grab power. So may be Zelaya should not have tried to change the constitution and just ended his term with his reforms in place to make steady and gradual progress to help the country. With his control of the local law enforcement and support of military leaders he could have helped to transition the winner of the next election in a peaceful and democratic way. Instead he fanned the flames of decent from his opposition which almost led to a civil war. Likely if he had been reinstated through military force from an outside government that is exactly what there would have been. Of course the Obama administration and HRC in particular would have been lambasted by their critics for allowing the bloodbath to arise.

I can tell you from experience that Honduras is beautiful a country with warm and friendly people and that most of the violence that is attributed to it is carried out by drug dealers that traffic in the urban areas and rarely affects anyone other than other drug dealers that are constantly having turf wars. And no, I'm not basing this on my experience in Roatan where I've never been but on my experience in La Ceiba which is lovely. If you really want to help the people of Honduras go there and see for yourself what a beautiful place it is. That would help the locals and their economy a lot more than ass hat talking about the evil HRC.


Where did you get that statistic


That stat came from Chalmers Johnson (Chair of University of California, Berkeley from 1967 to 1972) in his book "Nemesis". I believe that that number is higher now, as it is difficult to see any manufacturing on a large scale that is not related to the military. Most American car companies make their cars abroad, our electronics sector is exclusively off shore and to buy anything from a pair of shoes to a toaster oven is next to impossible if I want it "made in the U.S.A." Walk into a Walmart, Home Depot or a Best Buy and try to find something made in the U.S. It is a real chore. However when it comes to the "military", government prohibits out sourcing of production from the U.S.... or else every defence contractor would make their missiles, guns and tanks in China as well!