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The US Role in Turning Countries into Shitholes and Provoking Immigration


The US Role in Turning Countries into Shitholes and Provoking Immigration

Juan Cole
Since Trump is a racist, he thinks that countries get to have poor economic and security situations because of the race of the people that inhabit them but he's wrong, once again. 
"The right wing government and military and death squads of El Salvador, with American help, murdered 70,000 civilians in the 1980s, in the course of crushing a leftist insurgency." (Photo: Getty Images/John Moore)


Trump may be the best thing to happen for those of us who are anti-Imperialists!


Yes, an incredible xenophobic experiment in Japan.

But that experiment will play out globally when climate change picks up catastrophic steam.

Then we’ll have shithole countries everywhere we turn…


Ronald Reagan is lauded by Republicans.

That should tell you something about their morals and more importantly, their desired end point of the direction in which they are taking this country.


Most of my friends are in there 60’s/70’s and do not have a clue about US intervention in other countries overthrow and dictatorships. They don’t realize that US military around the world are protecting are national or multinational corporations around the world while they rape and pillage other countries of their resources.

They don’t like me talking about the above and don’t believe that US would do such things. Some may think unpatriotic to describe US in those terms.


Cole sez: “… according to the Washington Post (Chump) launched a tirade at Dick Durbin asking why we have to have people here from shithole countries and why we can’t have more Norwegians.”

Perhaps because from the perspective of Norway, the U.S. looks like a, well, shithole country.

The ‘Shining city upon a hill’ has become the ‘Shantytown clinging to a toxic dungheap.’


Good short essay by Dr. Cole - proud to donate to his website.

I’d only add that the Salvadoran gangs learned their trade in greater LA during the 1990’s, mostly. Prior to that, Salvador had not had a gang problem - so it was the US that actually created much of the violence about which Trump now whines.


The same people who will say that the “Iran-Contra Affair” was nothing.


Yup. “The worse, the better” works every time. Look at how well it turned out with the German Leftists in 1933. Ask any Jew how well “the worse, the better” worked!


I bet they are all comfortable, well-off-in-their-retirement liberals too, right? I know a few myself…


Thank-you Prof. Cole. I hope you get this printed in more than a few op-eds becasue otherwise, you are only preaching to the choir. Everybody should read this.


I doubt they are liberals.


What we did in El Salvador was repeated in many countries inc. Haiti and african countries. Western countries colonized across the world, destroying the natives lives. When running colonies was too difficult, they made sure that dictators were put into place to continue the raping of the land and people. And any of those countries that dared to revolt against their masters would have their efforts stopped and new dictators taking over.

That is why these countries are shitholes of poverty. We made sure they became so poor while we stole their riches. The US became wealthy off the work of others, whether domestic or international.


Several issues to remark on.

Juan Cole, in repeating it, exaggerates. There is no earlier claim that Pres. Trump engaged in a tirade directed at Rep. Dick Durbin. Other reports also say that Trump would like more immigration from Asia. By which I presume he means the good parts of East Asia or India, not the “shithole” parts containing Syria. (Even if Steve Jobs’ ancestry traces back to Syria…)


Out of this, I note that Juan Cole did not take a victory lap, not noting that the current government of El Salvador comes from the FMLN, the leftist guerrillas fighting on the revolutionary side back in the 1980s.

And noting

Worth noting from Wikipedia:
“As of 2010, El Salvador ranks 12th among Latin American countries in terms of the Human Development Index and fourth in Central America (behind Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize) due in part to ongoing rapid industrialisation.[16] However, the country continues to struggle with high rates of poverty, inequality, and crime.”

If the current government has been doing so much good for the people of El Salvador, then why is the country’s economic growth, 2%, among the lowest in the region? Also noting that another country in the region, Nicaragua, is run by another '80s era do-gooder, Daniel Ortega of the Sandinistas, while a third, Honduras, with its election controversy, should be doing among the worst in the region.

“The violence [in El Salvador]?” Pause and rewind and relisten to the history of the region. It is violent now. It was worse violent during the Civil War period, with the FMLN and ARENA-associated death squads were fighting and killing people.

In all this, one thing I am disturbed about is that Americans have no knowledge of, and American media don’t bother to inform us much about the period before Salvador’s military overthrew Col. Molina in 1979 during Carter’s US Presidency. Col. Molina had won the Presidential election 1972 over Jose Napoleon Duarte, an election viewed as fraudulent. Resistance against Col. Molina had grown since the bad election.


In the early 1980s I worked in a cooperative construction guild which took in, and trained, survivors of ARENA peace iniatives. It was my first experience with PTSD in young adults from civil wars created and funded by The Alphabets.
I’ll spare you the gruesome details because they are, unfortunately, now normalized in American foreign policy around the globe. And, normalized in a frighteningly high % of white and well-educated members of our Congressional representatives. Who call themselves Christians and patriots. They are, in point of fact, international war criminals and mass murdering psychopaths. Giving them our tax $$ voluntarily makes us complicit in genocide and, war criminals, as well. That’s what we now are faced with , what our future generations will pay the price for. " What goes around, comes around " so, if your loved ones are decapitated in their front yards while the neighborhood’s children are forced at gunpoint to watch, blame the good American leaders, and yourself, for placing them in positions of power. I will feel no pity for them, for their comfort comes at the expense of many, many lives. " Sow the war winds for money, reap the whirlwinds of not being able to buy your way out of the wrath of just payback, for your heinous crimes. " End of story.


Some of the biggest apologists of US militarism and interventionism are liberals. Just tune in to the liberal NPR news to hear for yourself…


Yeah, that is one of the most biased articles I’ve read lately. I guess that having educated Salvadorians return to their homeland would in no way improve conditions there. I’m glad there are improvements in the country but I really don’t think this article provides an unbiased view.

Additionally, the U.S. and Japan are not growing their populations but they are not significantly under replacement rates. There is a reason for that. 82% of population growth in the US is from immigration. Not to mention that immigration is not producing a decrease in countries that are over populated.


Good one!

Norwegians enjoy a significantly higher standard of living than we do. A Norwegian would be insane to leave there!


I know neo-liberals do that, they usually support military action. Real liberals that I know don’t make excuses about what we do.