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The US-Russia Proxy War in Syria


The US-Russia Proxy War in Syria

Ray McGovern

Belatedly, at a sidebar meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Paris climate summit on Monday, President Barack Obama reportedly expressed regret for last week’s killing of a Russian pilot who was shot down by a Turkish air-to-air missile fired by a U.S.-supplied F-16 and the subsequent death of a Russian marine on a search-and-rescue mission, apparently killed by a U.S.-made TOW missile.


"Putin even complained, “We told our U.S. partners in advance where, when at what altitudes our pilots were going to operate. The U.S.-led coalition, which includes Turkey, was aware of the time and place where our planes would operate. And this is exactly where and when we were attacked. Why did we share this information with the Americans? Either they don’t control their allies, or they just pass this information left and right without realizing what the consequences of such actions might be. We will have to have a serious talk with our U.S. partners.”

This is more than eerily reflective of the same warnings given by Doctors Without Borders that resulted in a hospital--and medical staff--being bombed for close to 2 hours.

After these events, the professional clown crew, a/k/a Official Narrative spokespersons insist that "mistakes were made."

How many mistakes are allowed before criminal conduct is punished?

Would any entity other than MEN IN UNIFORM qualify for this kind of impunity in the face of premeditated murder?


State Department, CIA and other military diehards believe in many Official Stories.

One is that the President is the leader of "the free world."

Another for most pundits is that 911 was the result of Arab Terrorists.

Another is that Bin Laden was captured in a cave in Afghanistan.

There are so many false narratives today that in the same way that bio-technology's fusion of their gen-tech monstrosities with genuine plant materials can never again see that tainted twain separated, it's virtually impossible for citizens to tell the false flags from genuine terror-striking events.

I find this statement not only naïve, but ultimately a reversal of the mechanics of the Deep State:

"Obama seems publicly more afraid of offending the neocons who dominate Official Washington’s opinion circles and who hold key positions in his own administration, than of provoking a possible nuclear confrontation with Russia."

As if Obama is, or would be allowed to call the shots. Ridiculous.

Giving mere lip service to an important matter is a way of dismissing it:

"The model of governing in Washington is a far cry from Russia’s guiding principle of edinonachaliye – by which one supreme authority is in clear control of decision-making on defense and foreign policy."

Perhaps Mr. McGovern should read David Talbot's book on how the CIA & State Department came to evolve and the ways that a scheming, amoral sociopath like Allen Dulles shaped their inception. The initial seed to anything plays a huge role in its ultimate development.. and course.

At the close of the article, this ACCURATE assessment at last appears:

"Indeed, the banks and corporations involved in arms manufacture and sales enjoy immense power – arguably, more than a president; unarguably more than Obama. The moneyed interests – including Congress – are calling the shots."


One of the saddest things about the recent ramping up of the Cold War is our president engaging in name calling and ridicule, using school yard language when addressing issues regarding Putin. It diminishes Obama, the presidency and what it represents and it diminishes us.


McGovern Is EX CIA and has claimed he proud of his service. People who read him should never forget that. The CIA was on its founding a corrupt institution as that video you linked to makes very clear.

McGovern acted as an advisor to various Presidents providing intel on the Military strength of the USSR. This information was massaged so as to encourage ever more Military spending and more profits to the Cabal of traitors the CIA truly formed to serve. Those "National Intelligence estimates" was nothing more then a money making venture for the profiteers.


Well, not quite at the close of the article, but rather ten paragraphs away from the close. I guess SR decided the rest wasn't worth reading.

After giving the sage, prolific writer and astute social critic Chris Hedges a severe spanking for his use or interpretation of the word or concept of "feminism" in an article recently carried over to CD, she takes a wack at a most contagious anti-CIA and anti-war activist Ray McGovern for being so unenlightened as to have not read a book by David Talbot. Tut-tut Mr. McGovern, that tome should be at the top of your reading list.


At the close of the article:

"But that would require extraordinary courage and huge political – perhaps even physical – risk. There is no sign that President Obama dares bite that bullet."

This is not the first article in which McGovern has suggested that perhaps Obama concretely fears assassination if he steps outside what is permissible.


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NATO commander Gen. Philip Breedlove says it's time to seal-off the base and issue the "GO-Code" to protect our bodily fluids.

Dr. StrangeLove all over again...


I'm half-way through a 600 page book ("The Devil's Chessboard") that chronicles the more or less unauthorized bio of Allen and Foster Dulles, and their particular roles in the inception of not just the CIA & NSA... but the entire mindset (along with its enforced operational apparatus) that took down leaders (including JFK), and continues to use all sorts of disinformation and expert forms of mind control and propaganda to make ITS will the will of the land... Democracy, rule of law, transparency, and accountability be damned!


Again, the penis insists that what is apt for itself applies to the vagina. No, fool. THAT is what's natural for a percentage of males trained like pedigree dogs to march lockstep with centuries of warriors and warfare. Leave US--females--out of your equation!


Rich Smith/Zen Practice... I admire Chris Hedges. The question raised--and it is 100% valid--is can any man, particularly a man who identifies strongly with patriarchal religious ideology understand Feminism.

Ray McGovern stands by too many official stories.

The quote came at the end of the article and unlike your soldier buddies who shoot one glib line from the hip without reading (or usually possessing the reading comprehension to critically evaluate what they might read) the full article; I certainly have.

Rather than comment intelligently or engage me in a debate with some depth, you use silly words--like my "spanking" Mr. Hedges in an attempt to trivialize my stated observations.

I notice that whenever I comment in ways that attract a lot of "likes," the old attack team shows up.

Plausible deniability, right... just a coincidence.


NATO commander Gen. Philip Breedlove

What an amusing name for someone whose career, by defintion, has been bred on hate.


And at least one other reference was fairly explicit. It's particularly interesting coming from a man who was responsible for briefing presidents for so long.

Part of what interests me here is that such a threat may be made but not spelled out--in some ways, of course, that would have advantages. McGovern elsewhere traces it to the JFK assassination--which one would expect, of course, but also notably before he was high in the Company.

When heavies make threats of such sorts, at least against people of lesser clout, they often threaten vaguely, at least at first, invent or leave out details as to precise associates and so forth, and do a sort of good-cop-bad-cop number. McGovern may or may not know that this happens, and within the States, or what the valence or the frequency of such threats are. But what seems far more clear is that he does not know that it does not happen, since writes quite explicitly as though it might.

Given his prior position, I think we can take this to mean that the threat does exist, at least in some de facto sense.

If so, and that is not miscalculated somehow, that brings a good few circles together, doesn't it?


It took him an awfully long time to learn such common sense.


Has it ever occurred to you that by being so incredibly and consistently rude that you certainly appear to be the total antithesis of what you preach?


The same sort of thing has happened to a several news outlets in attack zones from Baghdad on. I am not sure how one would determine statistics for chance on hitting Al Jazeera in Baghdad were one not trying to do so, but no one accidentally shoots down a Russian plane outside of national air space.

The punishment, I believe, is that the Russians no longer will tell them when and where arms and munitions will be deployed. There may be something else as well, but that will probably involve loss of money or underlings.