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The US State of War—July 2017


The US State of War—July 2017

Nicolas J. S. Davies

This is the state of war in the United States in July 2017.

The U.S. bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria is now the heaviest since the bombing of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in the 1960s-70s, with 84,000 bombs and missiles dropped between 2014 and the end of May 2017. That is nearly triple the 29,200 bombs and missiles dropped on Iraq in the “Shock and Awe” campaign of 2003.

"Every country destroyed or destabilized by U.S. military action is now a breeding ground for terrorism."


From twenty-five years ago:


Freedom of thought!

Freedom of the heart!


U.S. Foreign and Military Policies, especially since 2001, fully meet Einstein's definition of insanity.
We are a rogue state, completely out of control!


And so that we never forget, on November 8th 2016, 130 million voters in the United States of America cast their vote for the Duopoly which brings us 'The US State of War'.

Face it, Americans want War.

Why else would they continue to empower the Duopoly?


"WE'RE #1! ... WE'RE #1!"
Forget Outsourcing. The USA is the World's TOP Manufacturer ...
... of Enemies ... & 'Terrorists' seeking retaliation for what WE have done to THEM.
— If this embodies OUR "sacred notions" of Investment & Security ...
... then for decades the wrong folks have taken charge of our nation!
• Thus Our Entire "Election Process" ... is a FARCE!
— What we REALLY do ... is never even discussed.
— The REAL Enemies of U.S. Democracy ... are DOMESTIC Oligarchs living and scheming right here!

Nicholas Davies' article sheds a sobering light on Where We Are!
— For all Trump's personal repugnance, he is but the latest that has landed in a space of deception and sorrow that has disrespected humanity for many decades. Here and abroad.


The information complied for this simple report, should be among the lead stories on all US media, every day.

Instead, basically, we get... crickets. And a bunch of distracting nonsense, of many types.

This non-coverage of supremely important news is one key element of the comprehensive mis-direction, mis-education, and propagandizing of the peoples of the United States.

Educate yourself, and talk every day with your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers about the real news.


US State of War for the last Half Century going as planned.

They had to kill a Peace Monger to get in the Driver's Seat, so that they could drive us to where we now are.

Typical, even in microcosm, that they Privatize their (War) Profits and Socialize their Costs (the Blowback in their Victim's hatred against Our Nation that has been designed to last for Generations.)


PB, I think there are people (like myself) who still vote and there are people who have simply walked away from it, sensing that it is completely rigged.

Of those of us that hang in their voting, we're told that there are people we MUST vote for or it WILL be OUR FAULT when one of two completely weak candidates gets "elected".

So I am an unapologetic Green Party voter but this is what Chris Hedges means when he says that the usual levers that allow for corrections in a functioning democracy are no longer working.

We are in a dangerous spot and I think this author has some excellent things to say.

Just finished listening to James Douglass's "JFK and the Unspeakable". Douglass argues that JFK was assassinated because he would not do the bidding of the security state and the military. And the military wanted war. They wanted nuclear war.

So Obama worked on updating our nuclear arnsenal and Trump is like a kid with a new toy drum when it comes to the military. Doesn't have a clue how to use it but loves banging on it.

This guy is correct. We are in trouble.


Excellent article, Nicholas, thanks for it, particularly the stats detail.

The huge good news is, we have finally banned the bomb, So, all makers and users and owners of nukes are criminals in international law and must go to the dock in Den Hague.
We need to scrap the UN Security Council, as it is merely the cabal of nuclear terrorists and their lackeys. Australia here is both - covertly nuclear armed and a perfect, obedient lackey.

Avanti, folks. We are on a roll, and the species may survive.

Thanks on behalf of the entire biosphere, Common Dreams, for the huge effort

Peter Spencer Ravenscroft
Ravenswood Wildlife Sanctuary, Closeburn, Queensland Phone 617 32894470 (Australia) Email, (open to all to use) p.s.ravenscroft@gmail.com


Nicolas, the entire premise that anyone in Afghanistan was remotely involved in an "attack" on America is ludicrous. Let's start there. So if you, with your impressive credentials, really examine what happened on that sunny morning in September and follow the obvious, this entire path to perdition could be exposed and diverted. Go for it!


Two million killed by U.S. military action since 9/11; risk of existential dangers in escalating tensions with Russia and China; We are a rogue state, etc....these things, which I don't doubt, should be trumpeted from rooftops everywhere by a deeply disturbed populace. We rarely here about them, though, except for places like Common Dreams, (thank you), because, I can only conclude, a majority in this country condones the status quo, as the election of D.T. shows. After 64 years of life as a grateful American I am now deeply troubled and ready to, (I never thought I would say this), pack my bags.


One country can destroy just so many other countries, and shatter so many lives, before the paybacks begin, our country is not immune to whats going to happen here...Wont be so easy for Americans to turn their backs when the blood baths will be that of our own children, moms and dads, our towns will be reduced to rubble...

If you watch corporate media as your sole source of news you haven't any clue as to what we have been doing to other countries for the last eight years, you have also been lied to...Assad is not what they are making him our to be but you wouldn't know that by watching the propaganda that's being shoved down the Americans throats on a daily basis and they keep swallowing it......its terrifying watching people lining up for their own slaughter..wtf?.....

There was not one day that Obama wasn't dropping bombs somewhere, not one day in his eight year term...think about that...Its not ok to blow the limbs off of other peoples children, its not ok to kill civilians on their own soil, some of these countries are the poorest on the planet, what threat did any of them pose to us? Two million and counting, its only going to get worse and its headed our way........This is where your hard earned tax dollars are being spent..wake up, our country along with the UK and other allies have been funding, arming the radicals they say they are trying to eradicate..there is no war on terror..years ago the then head of the CIA said the war on terror was making things worse, we didn't stop did we? Its not working because there isn't really a war on terror...Explain why Obama bombed life out of Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan..wake up!! Our government past and present are the terrorists....They are making great profits from the military industrial complex.....Cheney and Halliburton turned a profit of $39.5 Billion of the taxpayers dollars by destroying Iraq over a lie!! The profit off of smearing other peoples blood, shattering millions of lives...sad part is Cheney said he would do it all again, even knowing this was done over a lie. Does life mean anything to these maggots?
America has been at war 222 out of 239 years since 1776, let that sink in for a moment.. (stats are older so its actually more than 222 years).

You dont feed the monster, you starve it, there's a reason why its being stuffed!!

I wish you peace but its highly unlikely...


They are ignorant to the facts....corporate media makes sure of that, and when that's all they believe this is what happens...pure ignorance..Most couldn't name three countries that Obama bombed the life out of....why do you think that is? Being kept ignorant......in the dark.


Another generation has been added of late. We're still getting blowback from Reagan's policies in Central America in the 1980's, AKA the 'death squads" as sovereign leaders were deposed and replaced by brutal dictators in countless coups instigated by the CIA. Sick!!


Funny, no, interesting, how war is never even mentioned, except when launching cruise missiles to an empty, mostly, airbase. Where's the outrage for all the people slaughtered, and especially the children, by the relentless bombing of the Syrian landscape. Nary is even mentioned the cost to civilian causalities on the 'news'. They want to ban abortions, yet they have no qualms killing real children with their bombs and missiles and seeing parents pick up pieces of their once living children. Just makes me sick and it's been happening seems like forever.


I too am an unapologetic Green. After 30+ years as a mindless Democrat pulling the levers for endless wars, income equality and a shit load of other Duopoly blunders, I finally came to the realization that I could never again vote for either of the morally and ethically corrupt political parties of the Duopoly.

My wife and I got to see Jill and Ajamu on last November 6th, two days before the election at the University of Maryland Student Union Ballroom.

We voted for the best candidate Janet. It's not our fault that 95% of the voting electorate didn't do their research.

I'm proud to know you Janet. Please keep up the good work and have faith in our fellow Americans that they too may understand they must stop supporting corruption in our government.


Tami, Our fellow Americans may be ignorant of the corrupt nature of the Duopoly parties for many reasons, mostly, they don't have time in their lives to research the candidates records. So yeah, they listen to MSM that basically tell them lies and disinformation.

We must understand their ignorance and at least attempt to educate them providing that they are open to it.

I understand your frustration with their ignorance, but, who among us can say that they have never in their lives made mistakes due to ignorance?


I agree.


I'm beginning to believe that the UN Security Council is analogous to the US "two-party" system......both corruptible and both leading the globe to destruction.