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The US Superbug Crisis Growing as National Tracking Efforts Fall Far Short


The US Superbug Crisis Growing as National Tracking Efforts Fall Far Short

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Deaths related to antibiotic-resistant infections are going uncounted in the United States, a new Reuters investigation reveals, "hindering the nation's ability to fight a scourge that exacts a significant human and financial toll."


And records of the dead killed by drones (US) are also not kept. How convenient.

Big Pharma does not want tracking deaths as a result of antibiotic-resistant infections. The FDA simply does what it is told to do by Big Pharma...their biggest paying customer. Globalization, environmental degradation/destruction, income inequality stoking poverty, and overuse of antibiotics combine to dramatically increase the incidence of "Super Bugs" worldwide.


Here is a War that should be fought, however, it is the Public that would benefit instead of a Monied, Powerful Few, and therefore there is no Legislation or Programs in place to do so, as there are no Bribes (Lobbies) to further the cause. (as per Page & Gilens)

Knowing about this situation fifteen years ago, in a Sane World, would have resulted in a War on Superbugs, that now would have been fifteen years in, and probably already Victorious.

Proof of the Culling warned of by the Prescient among us?


Considering that 70-80% of all antibiotics used in this country are used by Our Agricultural System to raise animals in terribly dirty and overcrowded conditions and the FDA and USDA fail to make any MANDATORY changes to this system, this will only get worse.
The antibiotics are NOT only used when infections are present but to allow faster growth of the animals under the filthy conditions that they are raised. They are used in subtheraputic doses that hastens drug resistance to develop also.
So please don't blame the doctors in this country as they have little to do with this growing health crisis.
Blame the legislature that will not do their jobs and make proper laws, or finance our regulatory agencies to do the work that must be done.
Medicine will soon be back in the 19th century with deaths from bacterial infections that used to be curable.:flushed:


Yes. And for those who missed it. The filthy, overcrowded, pen conditions they are raised in are a major cause of the illnesses for which the livestock are treated. Free-range livestock do have illnesses which need treating but at nowhere even remotely near the amounts caused by the pens. Even if you don't give a hoot about the animal's mental health in those lock-downs you should think about the physical health the conditions cause. Think about living in your own waste products. Then think about the sewage and other runoff which visits communities (farm and human) around and downstream of these operations. This should be criminal. It is as far as I am concerned but the law allows this. Humans are at the end of that stream and it kills us. It will kill more of us as it continues.