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The US Teachers Strike in Historical Perspective


The US Teachers Strike in Historical Perspective

Steven Parfitt

In the US, a teachers’ strike is spreading from one red state to another. It began in West Virginia when 34,000 teachers walked out on February 22 2018. They stayed out until March 7, against the advice of their own union leaders, until they received a deal that they could live with from the state government. They were soon joined by tens of thousands of teachers in Oklahoma, who struck from April 2 to April 12, and then their colleagues in Arizona followed them on April 26.


This, being an election year, is a great time to ask every person running for office what (s)he plans to do to help workers join together into unions, and what legal protections for unions (s)he will help write into law. Even ONE billionaire in a society where so many are without food and housing and medical care is one billionaire too many. Capitalism cheats the many to enrich-en the few. Make the politicians work for us for a change!


So grateful that I am a retired educator.
I am in total solidarity with The Public Educators…:fist: