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The US Turns Its Back on Human Rights


The US Turns Its Back on Human Rights

John Shattuck, Kathryn Sikkink

Twenty years ago, the U.S. State Department opened an office charged with seeking justice for victims of human rights atrocities like the genocides in Rwanda and Bosnia. This week the State Department says they might shut it down.

Shuttering the State Department Office of Global Criminal Justice would send a signal to repressive governments everywhere that the U.S. government is no longer concerned about deterring mass atrocity.


Let’s face it, the World sees Our Govt for what it is.

When will WE?


"Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s “assertion…that U.S. policy should promote U.S. interests—not U.S. values”

Why are private corporations “US interests”? They only exist to line their pockets, usually at US government and people’s expense. US interests often end where corporate interests begin.

Direct Democracy


DJTrump’s agenda is to initiate and conduct war, civil war worldwide, the powers-that-be authoritarian and religious conservatives vs those they view as a ‘disposable’ population of poor and secular. Beneath his clown costume, Trump is NAZI.


Trump’s Russian Laundromat:




Umm, the U.S. turned its back on human rights a very long time ago.

At the moment, our “besties” are Israel and Saudi Arabia, both notorious for human rights abuses. Our militarized police kill people of color with impunity almost every day of the week in our cities, and our military forces have been reducing other countries to rubble for years.

A fun game to play with your friends is " Off the top of your head, name the human rights abusers that the U.S. has propped up and supported over the years, no googling allowed." I remember the Shah of Iran and his vicious secret police, Pinochet of Chile and the “disappeared,” Mubarak of Egypt, Somoza of Nicargua, the military dictatorship and death squads of El Salvador, Apartheid South Africa, and that president of Uzbekistan who boiled his opponents alive. That’s off the top of my head; there are lots more.



I can’t seem to get it straight. Have we always been at war with East Asia or is it West Asia? Somebody help me out here.