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The Useful Idiocy of Donald Trump


The Useful Idiocy of Donald Trump

Chris Hedges

The problem with Donald Trump is not that he is imbecilic and inept—it is that he has surrendered total power to the oligarchic and military elites. They get what they want. They do what they want. Although the president is a one-man wrecking crew aimed at democratic norms and institutions, although he has turned the United States into a laughingstock around the globe, our national crisis is embodied not in Trump but the corporate state’s now unfettered pillage.


My only complaint about Chris Hedges’s columns is that they are over dense with important truths and observations. Every piece he writes is like the Cliff Notes summary of a book–history, the destruction of the environment, abuse of power, idolatry, psychoanalysis . . .

But what a great paragraph, the one above.


There is a new world a’borning - here it is:


But isn’t the commodification of everything the natural end game in our capitalist system? The whole point of Citizens United was the enshrinement of money as free speech, right?

Capitalism won, democracy lost. Put it on the gravestone of civilization.


Such a clear crystal explanation of our times.


From the first paragraph, Chris Hedges nails it!


The USA Gymnastics version of offal office occupants - or maybe its the other way around.

Empire is an obsolete goal/method/model. Its non-existence claims (no consequences; costs?what costs?; trickle down? - its no longer necessary to beat a dead horse or pretend there is no hephalump in the rum of empire.

My fervent efforts utilize the smelling salts provided by the emerging human beings who call on our humble skills and dedication - all of which see the exponential blossoming from assiduous composting of the shit dealt out by an abusive system, spreading, airing, turning and tending of the TRUTHS spoken by those being abused. Stand together and remember that under a predatory system we are only as strong as the weakest among us!


As usual, excellent article by Chris Hedges.


Perhaps but for me I find that part of what makes him a great writer, that he can fit so much information and tell it in an elegant way in a single articls. But I can understand why that kind of style might not be able to reach as wide of an audience as it should.



Chris Hedges is always powerful. This piece is simply amazing, in its reach, its depth, its grasp of the essence of today’s struggle --for our humanity.


Thank you Chris Hedges, the world of Donald Trump summed up in a few hundred words. It’s too bad the general public will never read these words, or understand them if they did read them.


Well said. I really liked the part where he talks about the similarity between Trump and Obama and the Clintons. Very true, unfortunately.


That is the point that needs to be continually hammered home, especially in the face of Dem apologists, even here. Trump is just a more severe instance of what the Dems have been doing for a while now. If one steps back and think critically they will find both parties look shockingly similar. Remember the immortal words of George Carlin “It is a big club and you ain’t in it”.


Aren’t you confusing financialization of everything with the commoditization of everything. Commodities are, and were, traded for centuries before Capitalism became relevant or even descriptive.
I’m not hearing the fat lady singing, quite yet, either.


Exactly. Corporate, mainstream Democrats need a fire under their you-know-what to do the right thing or get out of office. I guess it’s up to organizing and leaders like Sanders to get the people to demand a truly progressive government.


To the extent that your genetic code is being commodified, I’d say we’re entering territory once reserved for diplomats who arranged strategic royal weddings.

Except now you can know how likely you are to die from colon cancer.

Soon, even eternity will be for sale:


I think that’s by design for him. It’s a form of narrative resistance. He encapsulates the larger picture repeatedly as an attempt to help make an alternative narrative stick. It’s using the propagandists own techniques against her.

This is just one more. The danger of what Hedges does is that after the 100th siren, it’s tempting to just tune him out–not from disagreement, but from repetition.


Idiocy is Trump’s excuse but that doesn’t excuse anything when you compare the others who did the same thing. Let’s use the words, depravity, greed, sociopathy and ultimately idiots who destroyed lives, economies, countries and the world to line their pockets. Hey maybe sociopathy covers it.


I read this article when it first came out on Truthdig this morning. A very powerful piece as usual from Chris Hedges. He is perhaps the only person who can and will give you the unvarnished truth of the state of our society today. Often he feels like the prophet of doom and perhaps he is. I see very little hope out there and many monsters waiting their chance to feed. Ignore Chris’s warnings at your peril.


The problem with Chris - and I am a years long admirer of him - is that he keeps singling out Trump, Obama, Bush, Generals, etc. etc. and not the actual puppet masters. If they all disappeared, we’d get the same exact thing in the next pres. We need to name our enemies that are looting and destroying us and the world. Attacking the puppets is a diversion.