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The ‘Venezuelan People’ Are Whoever Agrees With Donald Trump

The ‘Venezuelan People’ Are Whoever Agrees With Donald Trump

Alan MacLeod

The latest bizarre episode in the Trump presidency is currently playing out in Venezuela. Just weeks after President Nicolás Maduro’s inauguration, Trump officially recognized Juan Guaidó, the 35-year-old head of the National Assembly—a man who has never even run for president—as the rightful head of state.

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I am squarely on the record as loathing Trump. However, it is naive to lay the aggression against Venezuela on Trump, Obama, or even Bush. Upon whom should we assess blame? The Powers That Be. It is impossible to name them all, but the Boltons, Cheneys, Pompeos, Abrams, etc. of the country are their dutiful and well compensated lieutenants. Yes, the presidents do bear blame, but to overstate their culpability plays right into the playbook of TPTB. Let’s not fall for that trick in an Enlightened forum like CD.

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The majority of the protesters against Maduro , have at their core what used to be the upper Middle Class prior to the arrival of Chavez. These are the ones whose parents could afford a University education for their children either at home or abroad. Prior to Chavez as the poor were expected to do all the menial tasks and labor , this upper crust would enjoy positions of privilege as middle managers filling the limited number of high paying jobs.

Over 50 percent of all households lived in poverty. Chavez nationalized the Oil Indusry so that money would not flow out of the Country as profits to Corporations abroad , and disbursed those revenues to the poor offering health care and education. Extreme poverty dropped 70 percent. The percentage of households in poverty dropped to 26 percent. That upper middle class suddenly saw university seats sat in by the very poor and saw those very poor as competition for those high paying jobs. They did not like this. Those Corporations that once drained Venezuela of wealth via profits to send to the already rich living in other Western Countries did not like this.

These two groups worked in concert along with Western Governments to ensure the economy of Venezuela collapsed. They feel that in what THEY call a Democracy, the poor should have no voice and are not warranted a voice. The poor are to remain silent and do as they are told. The poor are not supposed to have money enough to attend the same Universities or show up at nightclubs where “the beautiful people” hang out.

Now Maduro has certainly made mistakes , but at the core of these protests and of the Coup being instigated from abroad IS class struggle and IS the demand by those people with positions of wealth and privilege , that the masses remain in their place and that place is underfoot.


Excellent view of what has actually been going on in Venezuela. To add to your toolkit, here is a fact based and well researched article that lifts the lid on what this soft coup is based on.


“in what THEY call a Democracy, the poor should have no voice and are not warranted a voice”

You could just as well apply this to the elites in Amerika.


Anytime you hear a President or Administration spokesperson giving the interests of a foreign country or its people as the rational for intervening in that country, know with near certainty that you’re hearing bullshit.


why does the opposition have very healthy looking people???
but when we bash Maduro, there are many pictures of poor kids scavanging in the trash???