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The Very Best Liar: Nearly a Year In, Trump Averaging 5.6 False or Misleading Statements Per Day


The Very Best Liar: Nearly a Year In, Trump Averaging 5.6 False or Misleading Statements Per Day

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"It's scary to have a president who lies so brazenly and who seems out-of-touch with fundamental reality."


I’m in charge of his Presidential library. Here is my starting list of materials to acquire: snake oil, fun house mirrors, coloring books of Ivanka, Trump’s upcoming book: “Lying for Dummies”, straight jackets for overly exited visitors, a McDonald’s franchise, a KFC franchise, a dedicated room titled “You may be a Narcissist If…”, dedicated rooms titled “You may be a ______ If…”. Please send donations to WiseOwl c/o CD. Many thanks, this is going to be bigly.


Great idea, with one suggested addition: make admission free, but charge visitors a big fee to see The Egress.


The ginger chimp is “the very best pathological liar”, and destroyer of all he surveys…especially our fragile ecosystems and environment…an ignorant and shallow beyond compare excuse for a human being.

“The problem, as many analysts have noted, is that Trump’s prodigious lying has had little to no effect on his core base of support.” His “core base” are as ignorant, un-educated, “religious” brainwashed, racist, sexist, shallow and mindless as trump himself…and his cabinet is another obscenity of lies, taking moronic glee at the destruction and exploitation of Mother Earth.


There is no such thing as the truth anymore.

Bush: Iraq WMD’s
Obama: Libya and closing Guantanamo.
Trump: Changing course in foreign policy.

They lie and they don’t care. They are NEVER held ACCOUNTABLE…


In the olden days, an obese creep like Trump would have been called the “worst liar.”


Way back in time there was this invention called television. In order to reach the broadest audience the content was aimed at a 5 year old. Around that same time djt was born and stuck inside a box with 4 legs and a glass screen and no one has seen him since. Tom Hanks blames t.v. for his ADD/ADHD. Improve your mind. Murder your television.


For at least the past two decades many of our local GOP voters have taken pride in how many lies the GOP candidates they vote for get away with. They never consider how those lies ultimately affect them…they just look at it as their team doing whatever it takes to win.

Trump and his base wear his lies as a badge of honor.


In the past year, if the United States of America had had any integrity or respectability at all, it is surely gone now.

Will someone, anyone, please put an end to this Madness named Donald John Trump?

Mr. Mueller, as soon as the indictments are ready, please take them all out.


Carrie Fisher (before drugs killed her) was certain that Donald Trump had been snorting coke before each debate.

It might help if we understand specifically why the Donald is so wack.


They lie and they don’t care because they know they will never be held accountable, because of all the liars and war criminals for a long time before them in previous administrations who were never held accountable. To paraphrase Obama: When talking about Bush. We need to look forward; otherwise, I could be next!


One must chuckle at the absurdity of ‘lying’ Mr Trump and his daily musings a tweet at a time. No, I don’t have a Twitter account nor do I follow it. I rely on valued sources and blogs to translate the new retracted form of communication, issued in tweets or texts, to keep me abreast. I’m too old to learn a new language. During the run up to the election we had several handles used by Mr Trump that seems to have stuck. We had lying Ted(Cruz), crooked Hillery, the Bernie bros, and others I can’t remember. I think Mark Rubio had one. For myself I added lying Donald to the mix; seems I got it right.


You’re asking for a list as big as the NY City telephone directory. For the youth, we used to have big books of phone numbers. Well some were big for the cities and small ones for towns.


An old saying but most appropriate: How do you know DJT is lying? His lips are moving.


While The Trumpster is on a raging twitter, our country’s sanity and well-being is reduced to a pile of litter. He’s quite mad and very bitter, but sadly, he’s no quitter. The best we can hope for is Mueller, and not Sessions, as his full-time babysitter.


The experts have already spoken on his wackiness.

He’s Mentally Ill.

And then some.


Lie “like a rug” Donald suits him.


Quick before we’re all in the shitter (titter)


That would of been so easy, like BW or Bligh, defending Democrats because; well, they’re not quite so sleazy. More like feta and less like Velveeta, when their compared to something rather cheap and cheesy. Right now, both of them, when thinking of our future, make me feel more than a little queezy.


A very disturbing article. Especially as there aren’t too many fish anyway.