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The Violence Comes Home Again


The Violence Comes Home Again

Robert C. Koehler

I’m not against gun control measures, but they’re not enough.


“Mass shootings,” Murphy acknowledged, “happen almost nowhere else but the United States.”

This is not because of tepid gun laws. It’s because the country funds — and benefits from — endless war and violence of all sorts. Occasionally the violence comes back to haunt us. (Robert Koehler)


I think this is close to being the right idea.

But I think the violence haunts us always - and we have few effective ways of dealing with it, resulting in “moral injury”, all the time, for all of us.

And being morally injured may in some way have prevented us from acting on any number of pressing issues which threaten us all.

This is why, in “The Age of Stupid” - the question:

‘Were we just stupid - or did we believe in some way that we were not worth saving’

Cheerleading as the jets fly over a sports stadium is the operative mainstream - and it is just plain wrong - dead wrong.

As Ted Roosevelt once said:

“Death is always and under all circumstance a tragedy, and if it is not, then life has become one.”

And that’s where we are - a living tragedy, offering nothing to returning soldiers who have seen with their own eyes the hypocrisy and contradictions.

And it stinks - to high heavens.


When will the majority of A-moron-cans realize they are the ones responsible for enabling the parties of the Duopoly to commit these atrocities through their inability to govern because of their addiction to money?


I remember getting my juices up as a boy watching John Wayne et al. exterminate life. Fortunately, I was able to come to my senses. Now many consider me to be unpatriotic. Why? Because I don’t value American life over other life–human or animal. So be it.


Very pleased to see more authors connecting the dots between what happens at home and what this government does in (or to) other countries. It’s something I’ve been urging others to do for years. What a country does as a policy in other countries will unfailingly work it’s way into the fabric of life at home. The endless war and obscene arms sales this government has been conducting for decades now haunts us with an endless war on our own soil.


There you have it.
A government and population that are surprised when citizens model their behavior.


As always Robert Koehler, so true and thought provoking.


Koehler sez: "Murphy was one of the 89 senators who voted last month for …
bestowing $700 billion on the U.S. military next year, an increase of $80 billion, which is even more than the Pentagon or Trump requested.

Almost enough to make one wonder who did request it. And how many zeros accompanied the “request”.


Excellent post! Profound!


Excellent, cogent article!
" This is America, a global empire engaged in endless war."

I agree, how can we expect to not have psychopaths at home, when violence and endless wars are the psychopathic, modus operandi of our government!


Thank you nighthawk.

The native tribes here in the Americas, and I presume all tribes everywhere, were confronted by the moral paradox engendered by our big brains, while hunting or at war.

They apparently had extensive ceremonies, often both before and after either the hunt or the battle to prepare their hunters or warriors both for the upcoming taking of life and subsequently, in re-integrating both hunters and warriors into their societies.

We have only crimped and very limited abilities in this regard - often very impersonal, hospitals and psychiatric wards etc…

At this point in time, much consideration must be given to drastically modifying the behaviors we have, and have inherited.

To simplify, we might have to give up war and hunting, or at least industrial meat production.

We all can imagine how well these two suggestions will go over, but I am beginning to think there may be no choice if we wish to survive, at least in a world that does not resemble Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”.

Slightly off topic, but not really, this from The Guardian:


[During the Black Power Movement, a Black Panther, H. Rap Brown, said that violence is as American as apple pie. Hollywood and cowboys and Indians may have been a manifestation of it. At the local and family level, alcohol is a problem. Another problem is that we have not taught people how to disagree. A gets angry with B and fires off an emotional salvo. B gets angry and does likewise. They go back and forth until one pulls a gun but maybe even a knife. An alternative is for B to say: Wow, you sound pissed. Let me be sure that I understand you. Did I hear you to say thus? A may say-that’s not what I said. In the process of going back and forth, tensions decrease.

Another technique is to send an I message. I am angry, disappointed, frustrated, upset (in other words, how I feel) BECAUSE, etc. Because then focuses attention on the problem. Happiness is not a compromise, because a compromise because that leaves both unhappy. Happiness is a win-win solution.


And yet another shooter taking prescription anti-psychotics. In this case, Valium (Diazepam).


Thanks for posting this. I’m getting sick of the people yelling “nuke North Korea” in comments. I just reply, no lets nuke your family instead since you think it’s a great idea to do to people. Really, how dare they have a problem with that when they wish it on others.


some few people in the US benefit from the violence this country wages abroad, but most american citizens just pay for it, with their lives or their taxes or the absence of real health care or high speed trains or vetter housing and affordable education. all the money that for decades has gone to wars to kill people who never attacked or even threatened this country, could have been spent here at home to enrich our LIVES and society. instead they are spent, mostly against or without our consent, on perpetrating evil abroad. our military are not heroes these days : they are murderers, and have been that for decades now


NOT an antipsychotic and if anything, that medication should have made him more passive and peaceful. et your med effects straight.


I posted on this piece on Buzzflash, a good overview of the pervasive violence that has been here since colonization. Slaves, slaughter of the native Americans, countless imperial wars to this very day. Until a peaceful way of governing a country takes hold from this most violent of nation states, the violence and pathos will continue here and abroad.


well, the “majority” does not rule here and hasn’t for a long long time, if ever. look at the last 5 elections : 40% went to the loser of the popular vote, and the primaries and whole process of choosing who is on the ballot and gets media attention chooses the candidates for us. i think our POWERLESSNESS is also a big factor in the hoarding of guns and the mass shootings.


Thank you. I happen to agree with you, and with the WWF, who I have been proud to support in the past (unable to these days, but I would if I could).


Yes, Big Pharma has a hand in many of these events, though it’s rarely mentioned, especially by the MSM. I don’t have, or want, cable any more. On occasion, I am in settings where a TV is on, and it is amazing to see the number of pharmaceutical commercials. I think they, and the Insurance companies must be the largest buyer of advertising (except possibly in Election Years).