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The Virus Is Our Teacher

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/26/virus-our-teacher

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Tenderness of heart is something the system has become insensate to and cynical about. Thanks Bob Kohler.
I get together with a sibling on Saturdays and hike 2 miles uphill in awe of ancient maples and pines; the birds in song and subtle changes along the path and in our lives. Each time the blessing of the entire simple but stunningly beautiful sphere of experience restores the capacity to fight the good fight with the billions of souls on this planet.

My understanding is that conscious decisions to join together at an appointed time in prayerful observance and focus is actually a choice that has been shown to impact planetary balances. It sounds esoteric at first blush, but truly worth contemplating in its full scope.


In which case I have long ago been infected as well as liberated>

Robert. You’re in Chicago? Did you go for a walk on the South Side? Your nice serene experience is not for them. Only the white an$ privileged can do that, in safe clean neighborhoods. Those who have a steady income instead of a life based on tips. Those who share their neighborhoods with the homeless camps. Those who have family looked up in Chicago’s gulags, with the threat of viral death hanging over them every day. Those who are single women with 3 upset kids at home and no resources. They hardly have time to think, let alone walk around the block. Get a clue. You’re a boring white privileged male and nearly criminally stupid.

Why the gratuitous insults? Why the bile? Can’t we all be happy for another person’s fleeting moments of peace? Sure, you raise a good point. But couldn’t that same point be put forward without the bile and the insults? Could we please try to speak and write with kindness? Kindness to ourselves, to our families and friends, to everyone?

Try these words in place of the ones you wrote: “Mr. Kohler has described a powerful and liberating personal experience. He has expressed an important aspect of what it means to be in solidarity with humankind, with all living beings. Let us remember, though, that the experience he describes is not available to a large majority of humans on this planet. Let us remember the billions of people who are struggling just to survive, constantly tormented by predators and structural violence. I appreciate what Kohler has written, I share his dreams of solidarity, of a compassionate world. I only wish that he had also pointed out that these are privileged dreams.”

Be well. Thank you for your comment.