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The Virus of Nuclear Proliferation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/12/virus-nuclear-proliferation

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I worked on an effort to get engineering professionals and academics , to agree to sign a pledge to refuse to participate in R and D related to ‘usable’ nuclear weapons. I was disturbed to find that most, including many self-identifying progressives, refused to sign the pledge . In some cases it was out of fear of job or funding loss, in others it was out of a sense that the pledge politicizes research , in others it was out of the notion that we need to protect ourselves from enemies. I was also disturbed to find that March-4-Science organizers refused to take a position on this matter. A reflection of how much more work we need to do to educate folk in STEM regarding social justice and responsibility.


MC Escher’s perpetual staircase is an apt analogy.

Joining Trump in this Sisyphean journey is the lackey country of Canada,
which voted against the ban on nukes under orders from Washington –
another reason the world should keep Canada off the UN Security Council.