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The ‘Viscerally Terrifying’ Lockdown a Mom Experienced in a Classroom of 4-Year-Olds: ‘I’d Never Witnessed the Real Thing. And, Oh God, This Was the Real Thing.'


The ‘Viscerally Terrifying’ Lockdown a Mom Experienced in a Classroom of 4-Year-Olds: ‘I’d Never Witnessed the Real Thing. And, Oh God, This Was the Real Thing.'

Leslie Gaar

Leslie Gaar is an educational consultant, mother of three, former teacher and writer who lives in Texas. She was recently at a school coaching a prekindergarten teacher on how to meet district goals when a lockdown was called. It wasn’t a drill.

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I appreciate your writing about your experience and wish that your piece is reprinted many times since the subject matter should be brought to everyone’s attention and discussed at town hall meeting and parent-teacher groups. Below is my reflections on the topic.

From Stephanie Savell’s article Now in 80 Countries, The American War on Terror Couldn’t be more Global.

The US supports 800 basis around the world. Can you imagine Italy or Spain building and maintaining a military base on our soil? Included in her research Ms Savell found at least 80 global spots where military presence was actively engaging in exercises including teaching “local security forces which have used torture and committed extrajudicial killings, as well as engaging in sexual exploitation and abuse.” Why wouldn’t the effects of the global military forces and exercises finally affect the populace of this country where the media and other sources constantly push favorable glory on military and rapid response security forces in local municipalities. In the end this has all filtered down to Emergency Lockdown Drill in elementary schools. Two years ago I travel through Europe for three months and when I mentioned my plan to a neighbor he ask me if I was afraid for my safety. I wondered to myself if he was so unaware of what is happening in this country? Mass killings in public and in our schools, fear and hate encouraged by the top members of our government. Southern Poverty Law Center reports on the increase of hate groups in 2018 for past four years.

“By the end of 2019, Washington’s global war will cost American Taxpayer no less than $5.9 trillion already spent and in commitments to caring for veterans of the war throughout their lifetimes.” (Stephanie Savell)

In addition to the financial cost of our Perpetual War Economy the people need to admit to the cost of humanity.

Stephanie Savell is co-director of the Costs of War Project at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs.



Yeah. This “lockdowns” are sort of the drip-drip way to induce stress and anxiety disorders in children – a whole new way to perturb their ordinary bio-psychic development and inculcate in them psychological trauma and the accompanying organic brain disorders. It seems to me easily argued that the mass damage of inculcating a whole generation of kids to the normalcy of fear and anxiety – and inflicting on them the concomitant life-long disorders – far exceeds any nominal benefit.



well sure ! It al la banana republic Make America Great Way