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The Vision and Legacy of Berta Cáceres


The Vision and Legacy of Berta Cáceres

Beverly Bell

On March 2, 2016, one year ago today, Berta Cáceres was murdered by the national and local Honduran government and a multinational dam company, with at least the tacit support of the US. Last September, all the evidence Cáceres' family had collected over many months was stolen, almost certainly by the government. The government has also refused to share information with the family and to allow independent parties like the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to help with the process.


The Oakland Institute has posted an action to fight the GLOBAL SEED GRAB

" Since 2013, the World Bank has been rolling out the Enabling the Business of Agriculture (EBA), an index put in place at the demand of the G8 to score countries on how they facilitate “doing business” in agriculture. The EBA is supported by four Western donors – the US, UK, Denmark and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. To design this new index, the Bank was guided by some of the largest agrochemical firms in the world (Bayer, Monsanto, Syngenta, Pioneer, among others) to determine which “regulatory burdens” hamper their business. "


Thank you. Such important stuff keeping seeds available to all of humanity.

I signed the letter and hope to stay abreast of what's going on.

We have been organic gardeners and bee keepers since the 70's. We've turned a wrong corner with seeds in the past few years and it is all due to the machinations of a few large overbearing corporations.


The US-sponsored coup replacing the legitimate president (Manuel Zelaya) with a junta of thugs, shortly after Obama became president, was my first clue that Obama was just as vapid and cynical as all his predecessors where compassion is concerned.

Obama's military is implicated in the murder of Cáceres, as well:

Berta Cáceres court papers show murder suspects' links to US-trained elite troops


Same as it ever was where US involvement in efforts to destroy anything that constrains profit margins is concerned.

What a shameful, bloody legacy my country has in Central America...The MidEast...hell, across the world.