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The Vital Congressional Hearing on the Endless War That Probably Nobody Watched


The Vital Congressional Hearing on the Endless War That Probably Nobody Watched

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Taking "an important step towards a long overdue debate and vote," a bipartisan congressional hearing Tuesday afternoon put a spotlight on what is often dubbed a "blank check for war"—the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF).

For over 16 years—a time period spanning the George W. Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations—the executive branch has leaned on that AUMF to justify wars across the world—from the Philippines to Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia—in the name of defeating supposed terrorist organizations, without prior congressional approval.


Our corporate opinion makers frighten our public into profitable wars for the oligopolies, but most young people get their news online. I’m still waiting for the tide to turn.

Direct Democracy


The abdication by Congress of it’s constitutional duty to declare wars started when the US attacked North Korea in 1950 and ever since, Amerika has been a military dictatorship pretending to be a democracy with the following scenario: ENDLESS ENEMIES; FOR ENDLESS WARS; FOR ENDLESS WAR PROFITS!


The endlessness meme needs to be repeated endlessly until everyone realizes the goal of the dual citizen neocons.


The first one to run over Congress was old Abe and to this day he is a hero. Since WW2 it has become a habit an addiction a drug we can not afford, nor can the planet. The MIC uses more fuels and produces more pollution than anyone or anything. Stop 2 run-a-way trains at the same time sounds really good to me. I wish I’d tuned in to the hearings.


Yes, there have been far too many dual citizen- Israeli/US neocon “Citizens” in our Government-
*correction: dual “Zionist”/US neocon citizens…


When you consider the corporate lackeys in Congress–and war is very big business to enrich the few–it will not happen until we reach critical mass and act on it.


Thanks for your reply. People in the military, take an oath to protect America from all enemies, foreign and domestic and what we really need now is protection from the treasonous, domestic enemies.


We have no current objectives for our military effort. We have no plans for what we will do once we meet these non described objectives. Not even our military leaders think the war in Afghanistan will be any better a year from now. We are on the losing side of that war. It is time to reevaluate our war efforts. If we can’t define obtainable objectives we just need to phase out of the wars.
Congress needs to take the lead.


I was unaware of these hearings- Don’t own A TV but am online constantly- Why no news or notification of this event??? Maybe CD could have let us know in advance?


As long a Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan in control this will not be taken up. They have abdicated their role as senators. McConnell seems only to be interested in using strategies t win elections and fill the Supreme Court with conservatives and Ryan only seems to want to reduce finding of the federal government (except for the military).


Endless war = endless profits for the plutocratic oligarchy. We owe it not only to “brave (if misguided) soldiers” to revoke the AUMF; we owe it to all Americans who desire to live in and contribute to a decent, democratic, pluralistic, and peaceful nation.


This article is nonsense. When has the US Congress ever voted against a war that was desired by the 1 percent?

The USA has been at war 91 percent of the years it has existed as a nation. These endless wars predate the Neocons. They predate North Korea. They predate the founding of Israel and dual citizens of “dubious loyalties”.

The United States of America was founded as a nation via war . On founding it engaged itself in wars in the Chikmunga wars. the North West Indian Wars, Tecumsehs wars, the Seminole wars and other wars too numerous to mention against the First nations peoples, all of them with the USA claiming itself the aggrieved party.

When they were not at war domestically killing the First nations poeples and extinguishing their Cultures and Civilisations the USA would war against itself in the Whiskey Rebellion, Shay’s Rebellion and its Civil war. When killing the First nations peoples for their lands not enough and they got tired of killing one another they entered into wars again against Britain once more and Mexico and then Spain. They made war on the French. They landed troops in China to kill the Chinese. They made war on peoples in Burma and in Formasa , in Sumatra and the Ivory Coast then turned again to their own locale to make war on the Yakima, The Cheyenne , The Utes, The Apache, The Navajo all of this before the year 1900.

This ENDLESS war IS the United States of America from its founding and Congress has never done anything to stop it. Ms Lee was the single person to vote against that AUMF showing it was distinctly non partisan. These same voices were silent about that AUMF when Obama was expanding US involvement in wars in Syria and Yemen and Libya.

Quite frankly for the sake of the rest of the world the ONLY thing I can see ending these endless wars, is the dissolution of that entity known as the United States of America. It is certainly not going to be done by those warmongers in Congress.


There is no stopping these killers, no way no how. That is stark reality.


What we really need now is for our military to say, “Bring us home. Let us help rebuild “our” country and create peaceful relationships with all of our neighbors.”

“We do not believe murdering poor people for their resources is an honorable mission.”


(The AUMF) it has also been used to justify “a range of human rights abuses from detention without charge or trial to extrajudicial killings via drone strikes far from any battlefield.”

Human rights abuses? No! This is a war crime and crime against humanity. Don’t sugar coat what this country has been doing in the Middle East.

It’s way past time for congress to stop doing Israel’s bidding and taking out countries that threaten them. And for gawd’s sake, if we’re doing their bidding, then at least make them pay for their own wars and maybe make them use their own troops. Why should ours die for Israel?


Oh for gawd’s sake, Lrx. Obama continued PNAC’s goals in the Middle East in case you forgot. He killed 3 Americans without due process, remember?

Hillary voted for every military intervention she came across, yet here you are again only blaming the GOP.

Wake up!


Yep. This includes the 8 years that Obama was president and that was after he won the Nobel peace prize. Go figure.

And yet people still say that he was the best president since FDR and that he ended two wars and hasn’t started any new ones. I saw this comment often on websites that say they are progressive.

Obama actually deported more immigrants than any other president, yet people only woke up after Trump became president. The 8 years of amnesia this country went through is staggering.


Cheers, Barbara Lee it is too bad we don’t have more people in government like her. Thanks very much.


Yes, the World’s #1 terrorists are in the white house; the halls of congress; an the pentagon!