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The Vital Importance of Sexual Education


The Vital Importance of Sexual Education

Ann Starrs

Evidence of the value of comprehensive sexuality education in young people’s lives is clear and convincing. Over the past decade, a growing number of governments have expressed commitment to delivering sexuality education and health services to adolescents and young people. This progress is immensely encouraging.


“Comprehensive sexual education is simply good policy” indeed when it comes to empowering the 99%. The 1%'s mission, however, is to disempower the 99% as much as possible. The 1% instructs politicians they own to implement “policy” approved by them, not the 99%.


This issue is, of course, where religion does the most harm and most stands in the way.


Isn’t there more to CSE than biology/contraception, are respect/consideration for partners/the world future part of the message?