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The Wages of Poverty in America


The Wages of Poverty in America

Rajan Menon

So effectively has the Beltway establishment captured the concept of national security that, for most of us, it automatically conjures up images of terrorist groups, cyber warriors, or “rogue states.” To ward off such foes, the United States maintains a historically unprecedented constellation of military bases abroad and, since 9/11, has waged wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and elsewhere that have gobbled up nearly


Trump (and his ilk) love the poorly educated because they can be manipulated to vote for him.

Trump (and his ilk) love the poor because their desperation places downward pressures on wages.

Trump (and his ilk) actually love immigration because that further depresses wage standards.

Trump (and his ilk) publicly oppose immigration because the poorly educated do not understand how this works. Therefore, by (purposefully) so badly botching deportation, there will be a clamoring to cease it. Smoke and mirrors…


The poor are doomed to come in last in a political system that runs on money and this system, with full support of the courts, has worked to keep it that way for a long time, now. There will be no progress on inequality, poverty and the rights of workers until this corrupt, money-driven political system is brought to its knees.


$16,460 for a family of two.

Anywhere I’ve been, you can expect to pay $1000 rent for a 2-br apartment. Landlords typically ask for income information and require you to earn 3 times the rent to be considered. That’s $36,000 bare-bones. A 1-br is typically $850, with a similar income requirement of $30,600.

If you lie on the application and don’t get caught, you spend $10,200 per year on housing alone, leaving a monthly balance of maybe $500 after taxes for food, car expenses, utilities. . .

Good luck!


The facts in this article are well-stated and true, but it should be noted that real wages began their flattening/decline in the early/mid-1970s. The policy and practice of low wages/high profits is a Duopoly program on behalf of their plutocrat/oligarch/corporate owners. Those who want to change/reform the Dem wing of the Duopoly should be clear about this.

Also, Menon portray’s Romney/Obamacare (written by the medical-industrial complex) as a positive, when it fact it has set the fight for Single Payer back by decades and made the most expensive ineffective health insurance in the developed world worse than it was.


National security If this phrase had never been used before, you might think it refers to the things that makes our nation more secure: a stable economy, good public health infrastructure, adequate funding for public education, ecologically-sound business practices.

But not only does “national security” refer exclusively to war and war-related endeavors (and does anyone doubt all this war makes us less secure?), but attention and funding for the things that do make us more secure are repeatedly being cut.

How can you take this into consideration and think that the U.S. is not a fascist country?


But… the tv says our government and its enforcers consists primarily of heroic supermodels who only ever do the wrong things for the right reasons.


It occurs to me, the landlord class benefited from the 2008-2010 recession and from Trump’s big tax cut. Subsidized bare bones studio apartments likewise benefit the landlord class. Jobs being created today include those in construction of market rate and subsidized apartments.


“Food prices haven’t risen significantly?” Yes, they have - a lot. Everything went up but our wages.


You can throw Obama on to that. Stop voting for the Duopoly. Both sides are the same. Obama was just a better liar (while he ran an immigrant lockup scheme in the night and didn’t adopt a higher federal minimum wage, or a path to citizenship, and allowed wall street to rape and pilliage us and steal millions of homes and trillions of dollars disappeared from the federal reserve, and expanded war to 7 countries. Drop the identity politics of the problem being Trump. The problem is the DNC and RNC are so corrupt they only serve the super rich. And, so do their candidates.


$16,460 for a family of two AND they want to cut SNAP, WIC and CHIPS even more. The US has the lousiest social safety net in the industrialized world. After the Trump world tour this past week and today we literally are the laughingstock of the WHOLE fucking world.


A number of places I’ve been $1,000 a month is dirt cheap.
Try $1,500 and up for a one bedroom condo.
You can pay nearly that much for a room in a group house, internet and electricity not included.


I’'m guessing you’re in DC? My area it’s around $2,000 for a 1 bedroom apartment. I think $1600 is the best deal I’ve heard of and not normal anymore. But we also have a massively inflated housing market. One bedroom Condo’s are going for $800K-1 million now.


The biggest result of such disenfranchisement is going to be the further resentment of those in the middle of the country who are unable to cope. This festering of ill will against the other will be fueled into a massive flame, and the bloodlust will be turned into an orgy of attacks who are not white.


I agree with your statement except for the word “doomed”. I would tend to use the word “designed”, in that it is a legacy system of colonization. The usurpation of land on this continent was achieved by the assertion of dehumanization and “othering”. Native peoples were ‘othered’ by the pope’s papal bulls cementing (like concrete booties over millennia) the uniting of church and state, which became integrated into US law. This is not taught in schools. The result is the corporation ‘person’. This is the 21st century conflation of church and state into a mythos of non-entity that acts as supreme ‘god’. Note well the entities that manipulate the “financial system”. This is the penultimate “externalization” of costs in that it creates a parallel universe of rationalizations not founded on any form of actual function. Those rationalizations are the threads of the legacy. What a ‘god’, eh?

Interesting that the mafia came out of this system. Sound familiar?


Congratulations, Paul Ryan. You are winning the war on the poor. Keep minimum wages at starvation level. Reduce safety net programs into oblivion. Take away health care. Now they will just die off and you won’t have them cluttering up your Perfect America any more.


Precisely. Income inequality has gone up under administrations both D and R for 40+ years, by design.


The Duopoly of Democrats & Republicans is what’s causing our problems. If the politicians can’t do anything to be more popular except by starting wars, they do not belong in politics. The Duopoly Parties accept donations & the 3rd Parties do not. The media focuses on the Democrats & Republicans. I wish the 3rd Parties would find a way to get their messages across. I voted for Jill Stein in 2016. The 3rd Party I do not like is the Constitution Party. They are more extreme than the Republicans. You have to be homophobic & against abortion to be in their party.