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The Wall is Not Beautiful

The Wall is Not Beautiful

Sandra Lubarsky

Donald Trump insists that the border wall he wants built will be nothing less than beautiful. He has assured us that the latest version, a series of steel slats topped by triangular spikes, will fulfill the non plus ultra of architectural design: it will be “totally effective while at the same time beautiful!” "Boom. Bing. Done."

Sarah Palin had her word salad and now Donald Trump has his superlative soup. Ambiguity is his long suit decked out with the fool’s gold leaf of over-the-top adjectives. He has his remaining base bedazzled, which doesn’t take much as his real messaging to them is his bread and butter–hatred of all things not his base. The Republican high cover that has been extended to the man is beyond revolting. As an anti-Republican Independent I cannot wait for a day of reckoning, of which I am not certain in materializing. The gears of justice are spinning more slowly than I would prefer, but if the spokes are able to grind deeply into the likes of the Great Offender(s) I shall honestly renounce my impatience.


Wanna know what true beauty would look like?

A representative form of government based on honesty and equality first, and one in which the slightest form of corruption or lies were severely punished.

And the words, Democrat and Republican were banished forever.


In Trump’s case we need to have patience with the wheels of justice. Just as Nixon was brought down by first undermining those who surrounded him, Mueller appears to be applying the same strategy to the current organized crime syndicate disguised as a gubmit.

For Trump, his birther movement and the wall are the most beautiful things in his life since they, more than anything else, solidified his base prior to him being elected and continue to keep his base engaged.
Had he not utilized those strategies to squeeze every ounce of racist angst out of his base he would have figuratively been road kill in Iowa.

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If we actually had, or were able to achieve or restore, a sense of beauty to our society and culture and consciousness…

Most elements and products of what we call “the economy” would be immediately recognized as horribly ugly.

We exist mired deep in socially-produced and reproduced ugliness.

Just one important facet of the multi-faceted assault against our consciousness, and our humanity, and the ecology, that we experience from the day we are born, as part of the foundation of our existence in the “modern” world.

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The appreciation of beauty requires a modicum of education. The ignorant white brutes that worship Trump don’t have the brain wiring needed to appreciate beauty beyond narrowly-defined cultural bounds.
To the Trumpian white scum, beauty are broken bottles dangling from the rafters, the vomitive barking of Nugent or Eminem, the urine taste of Coors, the pleasure of sex with their siblings, joining the military, the Confederate flag, an Oxycontin high, and, of course, Trump’s wall.
The wall isn’t an aesthetic issue, however. The wall is a catastrophe for the wildlife whose migration routes will be disrupted. Wild animals will pay the price of the illiterate Blue Collar scum rage.

Is this loss not part of the mythology of money, the idea that it measures or represents value?


If we could get rid of pollution, disease, war, crime, homelessness, overpopulation, poverty, resource depletion, wealth and power concentration, species extinctions and the rest, what is left would be beautiful.

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He knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.


Damn it Trump, I told I wanted a wall high enough to keep intruders out. Well, I guess you accomplished that part, but it just doesn’t look right. It’s 18 inches thick like we agreed on, but why is it only 20 ft. long and 750 miles high?

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The group Border Angels estimates that since 1994, about 10,000 people have died in their attempt to cross the Mexican border with the U.S. at other than official crossings.

A effective ‘wall’ could significantly reduce the number, while an open border would eliminate the deaths.

Maintaining the existing situation will not be ‘beautiful’.

These walls are hideous.

Now a wall around Trump that prevents me from ever again seeing his face or hearing his voice, well, that wall would be very beautiful.

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I mostly agree that I get this nauseating feeling whenever I see Shrub or Trump. One thing I do like about seeing Trump is when he egotistically sticks his head up and out of his turtle shell, stretching his neck way out. It reminds me of how Saddam ended up. What a target for a lariat.

Trump only does that, neck stretching move, because he knows he’s being filmed.

I know that he must believe in his mind that he’s taking a defiant pose that embodies strength, however, anyone who knows his history, realizes that he’s just doing it out of vanity.

Beautiful article Sandra Lubarsky! I am troubled though that so many comments are simply vituperous. I am on the Left but there are many conservatives that I know who agree with you Sandra and they are not the devils that writers like Monckton make them out to be. What the wall says is that there is not common ground, but I believe there is, and rests on common appreciation of beauty.

So, now I am the one making bitter & abusive comments.

You’re a lefty huh?