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The Wall, The Endless War, and the Troops Who Pay


The Wall, The Endless War, and the Troops Who Pay

Gerry Condon

The suicide bombing in Manbij, Syria which killed up to twenty people, including two U.S. soldiers, a State Department employee, and a defense contractor, adds to the tragic toll of the war in Syria, said to be in the hundreds of thousands. ISIS has taken credit for the Manbij bombing, but they have provided no proof.

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“… and the troops who pay.”
The troops don’t “pay”, the troops get paid for a job they are doing as mercenaries.
As long as “progressives” misunderstand who is who in the US, they have no chances of being relevant.
The US has a military of mercenaries, the lower echelons of which are populated by illiterate trash who have no idea how the world fits together. The typical idiot in the US military can’t tell the difference between Austria and Australia.
The Military and the Trumpian White Trash are not your friends, please open your eyes.

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I support the author’s demand of ending our illegal and immoral use of the military around the planet, and bringing back the young people who joined, for whatever initial reasons they might have had.

Like the author I am also a Veteran for Peace, and know from firsthand experience how devastating the realities of military service can be for the individuals, their families and communities.

While there are many elements to the topic as a whole, each fraught with potentially strong views, reactions and feelings, it is still a reality in our society. I cite the following report as a telling example:



The endless war is endless because (I think, I fear) nobody knows how to stop it. And maybe nobody with any power wants to stop it. And maybe, as with a self-fulfilling prophesy, nobody can stop it.
Lord, have mercy!

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They can stop it probably but authoritarianism survives by creating chaos and endless war.



ANYONE who speaks for Peace is dismissed by the zionist controlled media. JFK was killed because he opposed the MIC and the acquiring of nukes by Israel. The 911 black op by the Mossad,CIA is the current rationale for endless war. Wake up sheeple, America is owned by Israel. We fund the apartheid genocide of the Palestinians and the chaos in the Middle East. All politicians must pay obeisance to Bibi or they are booted out. 6 media outlets filter all the news we receive. Truth is definitely treason in this Empire of lies. Just ask, Chelsea, Snowden and Assange. as well as all whistleblowers.



RobBear, the war is endless because a constituency has been created whose existence depends on waging war, namely, the military and associated industries.
By the way, for rational people there is no Lord, for the Trash there is Trump =)



Business is war. War is business. The most profitable one on Wall Street, where lives are cheap.

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Just asking? Why are chicken-hawks like Trump, Bolton, and Cheney who are cheerleaders for wars, the biggest cowards of all?

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