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The Walton Plot to Privatize the Public Schools of Arkansas

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/05/walton-plot-privatize-public-schools-arkansas

I cannot fathom how charters are still in existence. Every metric of performance puts them underperforming the majority of public schools despite the fact they are able to throw out troublemakers and kids who need specialist services. And this is true even in many profoundly poor districts… and if they get rid of public schools entirely what is going to happen to the troubled students and the special needs kids forced out of charters??? Straight to private child prison schools and asylums I presume? Win win ‘eh Waltons? And I love they support religious schools because not a single Walton family member seems to have morals of a cockroach…smh.


The Walton plan is nothing new. Democracy in Chains author Nancy McLean addresses Virginia’s push to abolish public schools in response to Brown vs. Board of Education during the 1950s.

Arkansas will be ground zero for neofeudalism.


Don’t forget Bill Gates and Eli Broad, who also support privatization.


To answer you’re question Diane, no. If they(all of the 1%) had shame, empathy, morals, honesty, integrity, etc., they wouldn’t be sitting on billions of dollars, that they can never spend in their lifetimes, while the 99% sink below the water line. This is but one example of the problems created when wealth is concentrated into a few hands, it must be taken away and redistributed to the many, by legislation if possible, or force if necessary.


Class please break out your textbook titled “Why WalMart is good for America” and turn to chapter 23 entitled “Walmart promotes Freedom and Liberty!”

Class your next assignment is to detail how Microsoft helps guarantee justice and equality with Microsoft Windows 10!

Class turn to the “Great Americans from History” section and review how Bill Gates and Sam Walton helped make The United States of America the greatest country in History!

Johnny you get an F on your last assignment. The paper you submitted it on was purchased from Staples and your parents were told several times that it must be WalMart provided.


Charter schools should be outlawed. No where have they shown to be either competitive with or out-perform “public schools”. No, what has happened is that corporations have realized how much more money they can suck down off the public teet - and they are salivating to get some more!

Yet another reason to vote the GOP and corporatist democrats OUT!!


The low life leaders

  1. Raise taxes on billionaires. Priority number One.
  2. See number One.

If you kill public education and schools, You can teach whatever you want. A secondary benefit is they load up the school board (mostly Republicans) to suck at the public teat. The kids tested don’t do as well as the ones in public schools. Why do you think the GOP and 1%'s are always trying to destroy the teachers unions? Stay strong teachers, a lot of us have your back.

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