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The War Before the Iran War


The War Before the Iran War

John Feffer

Tucker Carlson has impeccable conservative credentials.


War is good for only one thing.

Maintaining Hatred.


Thanks John for the hopeful viewpoint. However, I.F. Stone’s observation
about Vietnam war spending is poignant: that the bigger the military
establishment the bigger the nation’s problems.
If American/Israeli/Saudi attacks on Iran don’t happen, I’d think it’s more
by the grace of God than divisions in the neo-fascist conservative camps.


The War with Iran won’t be a conventional war. It will be bombing missions by Israel/US/KSA air forces and navies. It will be asymetrical attacks outside Iran by shi’ia militias, Hezbollah, and ragtag recruits who don’t like US/Israeli imperatives being shoved down their throats. The US can not put boots on the ground in Iran–it’s much bigger and more populated than Iraq, which was never under US control even after a decade.

And this war will create even more anti-US sentiment in a region brimming with it.


Blow up a paper bag and pop it behind a neocon and you end up with neocon shit (in pants). I bet not one of these chickenhawks could last a fortnight in the woods with the provisions they would issue to a soldier for a year. Banjo music for them all, I say.


It is also mountainous as hell. That is easily verified with Google Earth/Maps. (Remember Desert Storm? That was basically a camel race of tanks and APCs with low and effective cover by the A10s (Warthogs). Nothing of the sort could be replicated in Persia.)


Can’t imagine boots on the ground is the intended strategy in Iran, it is simply to large and mountainous for that.
With all the talks of “smart nukes” and similar insanity, i suspect they are hoping to use Iran as a testing ground for various new weapon technologies, as well as setting an example to anyone still resisting.
Basically a revisit of Vietnam, minus the troop involvement.
That is my fear, anyway.
Of course, America is in the business of war primarily for the business, so they could simply be hoping to drag it out as long as possible to maximize arms sales etc.


I’m not making a prediction, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see sporadic conflict all across the Shi’ia crescent.

I also wouldn’t be surprised to Russia and China meddling on Iran’s behalf in the background.

Lastly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Israel in a ground war against Hezbollah, Hamas, and Assad. They’ve been itching for it.


Yep, plenty of shock and awe.

Yet the fact remains: The region can not be subdued militarily. Hell, Afghanistan can’t be subdued militarily!


The majority of muslims in China are Sunni, so China does have an interest in keeping Iran strong as a check on one of what it considers to be inconvenient demographics. Strange bedfellows, indeed.


I don’t doubt that there are disagreements among the various breeds of conservative but under the American system, if Trump feels like ordering up an attack on Iran for any or no reason, the generals will salute and the killing will begin. Despite the imaginings of left and right, there is no deep state or military industrial complex calling the shots, simply one man rule.


Don’t worry folks, if there isn’t quite enough Republican support for war with Iran, the Democrats can always be counted on to carry it through. With modern Democrats, who even needs Republicans?


The military under Bush wanted to “mini-nuke” Iran’s bunkers and show the world how terrifying the US “small nukes” could be. Not only is Trump the result of this desire after Obama did his treaty and upset them, but they have a massive budget from the GOP they want to spend quickly. Trump’s constant tossing of hate to everyone including US traditional allies in Europe and NATO may mean the US does not have the back-up like they did under Bush. Trump’s disapproval rate in the UK is 85%. Add the carnage from his tariffs and perhaps leaving office soon. It is not a good time for the military to be performing wars of choice.


It’s just incredible that such a momentous decision with so many innocent lives hanging in the balance could be in the hands of so few. Unacceptable. Organize, oppose and resist!!


Good on all points. Let Netanyahoo see what it’s like, Allende-style. Russia would love to see the USA go down in Iran same as they did in Iraq. Whoever let these war mongers out of their cages? Oh, I keep forgetting that war is the business of America (US).


Oops! Make that Afghanistan. We did it to ourselves in Iraq.


Fvcker Carlson, another chicken hawk who didn’t serve. Let’s shower him with patriotic projectiles.