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The War for the Democratic Party Continues


The War for the Democratic Party Continues

John Atcheson

Elizabeth Warren just threw her hat in the ring for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. If the Democrats were smart, they’d get in line behind her, or Bernie Sanders.


um, ya lost the “war” when you went right back to the Pelosi-trough.

Democrats can’t say ‘no’ to them beautiful dollars.


I see little evidence that the party establishment is serious about ditching their neoliberal ways. The party power elite remains forever fixated on edging to the right to steal a tiny percentage of voters from the Republicans, rather than make a serious effort to mine the MUCH larger percentage of voters who have dropped out of the political system. A handful of progressive leaning Ds and their pal, Bernie, continue to create the illusion that the party is turning more progressive, but their progressive bark is much louder than their actual bite. Makes for good press, but it all vaporizes after the election. The party power structure remains Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton and company and can be counted on to follow the money, first, last and always. Count on them to nominate another tired old party hack like bumbling Uncle Joe Biden in 2020, then find another scapegoat to blame when they can’t beat someone as pathetic as Trump … again.


Shame on Pelosi and Schumer! Neither gives a damn about the Earth, our children, our civilization. It takes a special kind of person to care about life as we know it. Someone who refuses to take money from dark sources.


My new years wish is for the Democrats to enter a 12 step program to shake their corporate money addiction.


Is support for the capitalist economic model of private ownership & ‘free markets’ and US militarism progressive? Here are some of Elizabeth Warren’s quotes

Elizabeth Warren’s Support for the Private Ownership / ‘Free Market’ model of Capitalism:

Elizabeth Warren’s Support for a Potential Military Attack Against Iran

Elizabeth Warren on Iran and the War on Terrorism

Elizabeth Warren on US Exceptionalism and US Imperialism/Militarism as a Force for GOOD


People need to understand what is going on here-----we live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE! The US number one export is weapons----we are the big gun dealer on the block. Anytime you turn on the news there is all kinds of propaganda supporting the military and the police. The people need to take back the COMMONS from the elite. And for any candidate to pierce this powerful corporate elite is a real challenge.

I am so glad Warren will put her voice in this fight----I hope Brown of Ohio will do the same----but I hope at the same time these people understand as Bernie does that its not about an individual its about creating a MOVEMENT.



Warren and Sanders are both FDR-type John Maynard Keynesians. They are in favor of social programs and some civil rights, but not ownership of the means of production by workers. Neither are either persistently against war, though Sanders manages sometimes.

These are the policies and ideas that 20th Century Americans called liberal.

Sanders dramatically folded himself into the Clinton camp in 2016, but has been generally less willing to fold than has Warren, who took only a few days to reverse herself about whether the nomination had been robbed. Such things do not make Sanders or Warren identical to either Clinton or to Obama, although they do raise some serious questions about just what the relationship is.

Warren was what we generally called a “moderate Republican” until she got an education in economics and had some time to look around at what Reagan’s and Bill Clinton’s economic actions along with the various bushes had done to the sorts of Americans of moderate income that she had grown up around. But she seems to retain a lot of her old assumptions as regards other matters. And again, as to economics, she’s capitalist, and she’s not joshing when she says so.

She is not what libertarian types call a free market capitalist. She recognizes that markets are intrinsically regulated. Per this vocabulary, a market is free insofar as it is not primarily nationalized and driven by government decisions, after the style of Castro’s Cuba, Mao’s China (not the contemporary state, despite the nominal retention of “communism”), and of course the old Soviet Union between Lenin and Gorbachev. There is no oxymoronic fantasy about a market without regulations.

Hopefully, the fight within the party will be considerable and give the party some chance for some of the review that it has not as yet managed since '16.


“The authoritarian system we live under is set to benefit a tiny minority — an all-powerful elite gets obscenely rich, while billions are cheated out of realizing their true potential. But the system is rotten. It’s ripe for collapse. It’s the duty of every revolutionary — everyone of us — to hasten that collapse… It’s not a crime to fight injustice… The system’s conditioned us — hypnotized nearly everybody into accepting that life has to be the way it is. We’re hypnotized into believing war is natural — famine is natural — crime is natural… but they’re not. They’re products of the system and its all-consuming greed! People have become robots — zombies — too busy scrambling for day-to-day existence to be able to see they’re really victims. It’s up to us to open their eyes. From cradle to grave, we’re taught — indoctrinated! — that happiness depends on always getting more. Buy — throw away — buy more! Doesn’t matter if we destroy the planet on the way! Politicians say they can fix the world’s problems. Just give them more power. Religions say do more of what they order and you’ll be happy — but only after you’re dead! They’ve been making the same hollow promises for thousands of years, and we, the people — the sheep — have listened. But it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee — the days of external authority and force-backed power are numbered… that’s the way the system is set up! A sham democracy that acts as a front for the elite’s ambitions… It doesn’t have to be like that. We can change it!”
― Alan Grant


Maybe they can drag ol’ Ralph out again for an encore. Just for old times sake.

I just had this image that Hilldawg’s going to be a brain in a jar running for president in 2178 in the New Earth hellscape.



And to think she was a Republican not that long ago.
And now she’s just to the right of Lenin.

If Warren’s the hope for your party, then your party’s pretty hopeless.


Until someone mentions, “higher power”, and then Hillary screams, “where?! dammit, it’s mine! That power is mine!”


This article bemoans that a non-profit fundraiser run by DC blacks is seemingly no longer contributing funds for needy student scholarships as it was set up to do.
To me the bigger problem is how they are raising the $500,000 a year in the first place. The money is raised by arranging for corporations and union leaders and lobbyists to party with Democratic elected officials. That to me is the sad part. I know, Citizen’s United. No longer a crime.
This article states that the treasurer doesn’t know what goes on–he just signs checks.



The reputation of the Democratic Party, fully earned, is so low that they have keep putting out this kind of disinformation to create the illusion that it is somehow possible to reform the Democrats into a genuine working class party.

People have been trying to do this for a generation now, no success. And the leadership has doubled-down on their traditional position of painting a liberal face on the ultra right wing agenda at the behest of the donor class.

When I think of all the resources wasted on trying to reform the Democrats, and on trying to elect Democrats, it fills me with despair.


Sanders may have supported Clinton in 2016 because he foolishly promised he would support the Democratic nominee no matter who it was. But at least he didn’t run around the country telling lies about who Clinton was. He focused on saying we had to defeat Trump. On the other hand, Warren was an actual cheerleader for Clinton. Warren told all sorts of lies about what Clinton could do for the country, when Warren even mentioned what a collaborator Clinton turned out to be when Clinton became Senator from New York. Warren had made no foolish promise to support Clinton that forced her to do so even when she knew better.


Been saying this for years. We need to kill this system we are under now. The repubs and demos are one in the same. They both throw lies at us so they can serve their masters. The American dream is just that…A DREAM. We the people must make our reality by getting rid of these two parties and starting a new. Yes it won’t be easy but, anything worth fighting for is never easy. So are we the people just going to sit on our collective hands or do we stand up and tell these politicians. This is our nation 360 plus million and less then 1000 are making an telling the rest how we must live. What wrong with this picture?. It’s time America are YOU willing to stand up for your nation?. Fight we must even if it means I must die for America and what I believe in. I AM WILLING!>


Just read that she didn’t bother to mention Medicare for All at her first 2 Iowa events. I guess it’s just not up there on her list of priorities. Lip - Service Liz.