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The War for Voting Rights


The War for Voting Rights

Katrina vanden Heuvel

“The Voting Rights Act has been an effective tool in protecting a right that is fundamental to our democracy,” declared a rising congressional leader in 2006, “and renewing this landmark law will ensure that each and every citizen can continue to exercise their right to vote without the threat of intimidation or harassment.”


'This month, Republican contender Jeb Bush explained that he does not support restoring the Voting Rights Act because “There’s been dramatic improvement in access to voting,”'

Florida, 2000 calls bullshit on you, "JEB!".


Come on. Republicans support the same voting rights as the founding fathers!

They're working hard to make sure only rich white male landowners can vote.


Republicans are never denied the right to vote. They all vote. Only Democrats, progressives, liberals, Greens, Socialists suffer voter suppression.


What can one expect from the family as described in Russ Baker's book , "Family of Secrets".