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The War in Afghanistan is Over, says the President. Not, Says the Justice Department


The War in Afghanistan is Over, says the President. Not, Says the Justice Department

Benjamin Wittes, Cody Poplin

Yesterday, President Barack Obama delivered remarks before a Memorial Day service at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia, in which he celebrated the day as the first Memorial Day since the end of the war in Afghanistan.


I’m certain that Red Cloud or Crazy Horse would say, “Corporate State speaks with forked Perception Management.”
I get so tired of the word games. I’ve said it before but the real problem with the "ganda is that it is spiraling down from the mere juvenile to the infantile. Are ALL of the White House/State Department spin quacks people who cliff-noted their way through their communications degree? Someone, please, tell me it ain’t so.


Well, at least the war is over for the Rachel Maddow set.


Quit watching, reading or listening to the MSM and its daily propaganda put forth with either outright falsehood, omission of pertainent facts or just silence regarding stories which would cause embarrassment to the self assuming “powerful.” Just say no and find other sources you can trust.


As professional thieves, killers and assorted hit-men spin tales that allot them a faux license to do massive harm, it’s the moral likes of Kathy Kelly that sits in jail for the “crime” of opposing these moral, physical, economic, ecological, and spiritual travesties!

Upside-down world, indeed! As if trained assassins in uniform can in any way, shape or form build peace!

Peace is the ultimate basis for National Security. It’s also cost-effective on all levels.


What baboons and military orders have in common is a hierarchical pecking order. That means only those at the top GIVE the orders. The other baboons remain in place only if they follow those orders.

And while the German defense *(during the Nuremberg Trials after WW II) of “just following orders” at the time did not hold water (or much in the way of judicial currency), it appears to be back in vogue.

Thinking is dangerous in such Orders… Chelsea Manning found that out real quickly!