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The War on Logic: Contradictions and Absurdities in the House’s Military Spending Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/07/war-logic-contradictions-and-absurdities-houses-military-spending-bill

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I’m sure glad the demodogs are standing up to us on Main Street that want to stop the endless wars. They just want to keep the cash flowing to them and repugs and the merchants of death. What sad little country we’ve become.


From the heart–thanks

But Rich, you forgot to mention; unless I missed your connection
with the House vote to keep troops in Afghanistan with
the suspiciously timed New York Times false claim about
Russia paying bounty for killing American troops. A lie
as shameless as Saddam Hussein having weapons of
mass destruction. “Deja vu all over again.”


’There is simply no logic to it—other than the inexorable logic of war profiteering and global control"

Well, that’s logical to them. Sorry, the democrats suffer from being called “chicken or appeasers” by the republicans to those of US that actually use logic; besides, who would fund their campaigns?!?! The failure to recognize that the “empire” is dying and needs too is what keeps these people going. Right now, we are in the midst of a pandemic, an economic collapse due to the ineptitude and grifting from the top, inequilty that dwarfs the levels right before the Great Depression, crumbling infrastructure and a climate crises - yet the band is still playing as the great titanic sinks. And logic much like “common sense” is taking it’s last gasps!


Trump is likely the worst President in US History yet these Democrats, duplicitous bastards that they are, burnish his credentials as a “man of peace” through their actions.

How can any voter who claims he is for peace and not war vote for a Democrat? This does not suggest voting Republican will bring world peace but this nonsense that all one need do is vote Democrat and then “hold their feet to the fire” is exactly that.

If you want peace and want to see a cut in the amounts the US spends on its Military than vote for a Party that has that in its platform. It is not the Republicans and it is not those Demcrats.


sad but predictable for the world’s largest terrorist nation and the logic of war for profit

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the Democrats have proven conclusively that they do not stand for anything, move whichever way their donors tell them to , and are a generally spineless bunch of war mongering corporate tools

  1. Demand more from the politicians that we vote into office.
  2. Citizen = VERB! Get active, demand more, yell louder!

been demanding for over 50 years --the political classes–both parties --have the inability to hear --much less understand --as illustrated by the simple fact that WE are the only OECD that has no universal health care for their citizens --months into the worst pandemic to hit us in modern times-with the Republicans trying to get rid of health care entirely and the Democrats promising to veto any attempt at single payer health care-the very definition of useless toadies–incidentally I have participated in every attempt at reform that has come down the pike since 1972 until the Democrats refused to fight for EVERY vote to be counted and rolled over like whipped dogs for the theft of the election by Bush and company–