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The War on Medicaid Is Moving to the States


The War on Medicaid Is Moving to the States

Greg Kaufmann

In the early 1960s, as the Johnson administration worked to enact Medicare and Medicaid, then-actor Ronald Reagan traveled the country as a spokesman for the American Medical Association, warning of the danger the legislation posed to the nation. “Behind it will come other federal programs that will invade every area of freedom as we have known it in this country,” he said in one widely distributed speech.


A Eugenics program for the destitute and disabled. How uniquely American.


Every generation has had to fight for this since it was added to Medicare and no it doesn’t just affect the poor and disabled. It is your turn. Because no one wants you to know that you can administrate a national health plan at 3% of its budget. The best health care value there is or ever has been and it is protected by federal law. It needs to be fully strengthened as Medicare is. Call or write your Senator or Congress representative…

Excellent Article Thank you


So pregnant women must have a job to receive pregnancy medicaid?
Will kids on medicaid, who turn 18 yrs old and don’t have a job, lose their health coverage, while kids who have private insurance coverage through their parents, will keep it till age 26?
Will Seniors, who are unable to work, lose their medicaid coverage for their Medicare premiums? Asset limits count cars used to work.
What about medicaid? Are people who get cancer going to be denied coverage? In the early 1990s, in Republican Indiana, it took an average of 8 years after application to be approved, if you were still alive.
What I don’t get is why all those rural republican politicians dont care about rural hospitals closing.


As everyone’s well aware the ‘fat cat assholes’ are just going to kill everything, I just don’t know which will die first, the poor folks or Earth. It may take several million years for Earth to recover, give or take, but she will win in the end. It’s just too bad that humans are taking every great living species along with them. I just get depressed this time every year when I think too hard about the dire shape of things. I just realized this is the wrong article for this comment but I’ll let it stand. It’s still pertinent. It was meant for Amy Goodman et al’s article about mother nature, sorry.


The 5k asset cap is actually not that bad if it’s for a single person. California’s cap has been 2k for one person, 3k for 2 people, etc. These CA caps are still here for non-MAGI Medi-Cal, but the ACA Medi-Cal is of course (and fortunately) only based on income caps and not asset ones.


Those who are on Medicaid have access to primary care when they become ill. Those who do not have Medicaid, or who are removed from it, will nevertheless become ill. Some may die. Good riddance many conservatives may say. But many will find their way to expensive emergency rooms. These have no alternative to shifting the cost of uncompensated care to those who have insurance-- me and thee-- in the form of increased premiums, co-pays and deductibles. As these increase, more people and companies become priced out of the market to send more people to the emergency room to shift more costs. So we are all in this together. Also, this is why about ten years ago the Institute of Medicine, the medical branch of the National Academy of Sciences-- whose mission is to advise the Congress on medical matters–said that the healthcare system in the United States is unsustainable in the 21st Century


You have to really be careful about what you read and do a little fact checking for yourself. Like medicare, they say it is going bankrupt, what they don’t say is that they haven’t raised the taxes to pay for it since 1985. Or, the amount of medical fraud by providers that nothing is even done to change.

Also, don’t forget about those folks that have catastrophic illness and medical expenses beyond their insurance coverage. There are many people that would be at risk without medicaid.


Massachusetts may be a progressive state, but our current Republican governor is determined to reduce the Medicaid rolls, and is kicking people off for arbitrary reasons. I am a senior with nearly a dozen chronic illnesses related to a major immune system disorder, and dependent upon Medicare and Medicaid since my medical costs each year are more than my income.

I continue to work part-time (mostly at home) as a writer/editor because my social security, after 42 years of illness and high medical deductions is barely $400 a month. And once a year, I get kicked off Medicaid and have to go through a long frustrating nightmare of appealing, which takes several months, and could put my life in jeopardy. The most recent reason for being kicked off (when I was recovering from the flu and had pneumonia) - I didn’t get my W2 form (for teaching one course) to Medicaid by January 12.

Companies and schools don’t have to provide W2 forms until January 31! This is a legal catch-22. It is set up simply to get rid of people on Medicaid who have any work income whatsoever even if it’s under $1000/year.

And the staff and supervisors say there’s nothing they can do about it - that that’s how the SYSTEM works, and THE COMPUTER (read:COMPUTER GOD) automatically terminates your coverage if they don’t receive your W2 form by the 12th. I’ve talked to my state representative who says that he spends half of his time now trying to get people back on Medicaid who’ve been arbitrarily kicked off for reasons similar to mine or no reason at all. (A very low-income friend of mine whose one kidney is failing friend was kicked off because after she was approved - after her income was “recalculated” in some strange way - ignoring her legitimate deductions - so that she was $1 over the limit).

And now I hear that there’s a plan in the works to make it impossible to get back on Medicaid once you’ve been “kicked off”. Why? To save the state money. And this is MASSACHUSETTS, one of the most progressive states.

I could more easily accept dying from a terminal illness than I can accept dying because the state has arbitrarily cut me off from Medicaid. I know one person who died when he was cut off and couldn’t pay for his heart medication, and have no doubt that there will be more…and that I’m at risk for being one of them.


It also reminds me of another certain group in the past who wanted to weed out the “inferior” people.