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The War on Terror Has Targeted Muslims Almost Exclusively


The War on Terror Has Targeted Muslims Almost Exclusively

Maha Hilal

Every year on September 11, the United States mourns the innocent lives that were lost in the terrorist attacks of 2001.

Each year I remember these victims, too. But I also mourn the often forgotten victims of the never-ending wars and draconian counter-terrorism policies of the post 9-11 world: the Muslim community.


The “War on Terror” was created to divert our attention away from the corrupt machinations of our government towards a group most know little about.

The parties of the Duopoly have fed us this garbage and many Americans find it easier to Hate this group (Muslims),they know little to nothing about, than having distrust in the Empire (United States)that murders innocents on a daily basis in quite a few countries.

Why are so many so blind?


Maha, I’m behind you 99%. I would change “exclusively” to “predominantly”. Why? Because the War on Terror also ushered in an era of pointing the finger at anyone whom the government feels uncomfortable with. These people may not show up in your numbers, may not get mentioned in the news like the Muslims are, but they are very real.