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The War on Terror Is a War of Chaos


The War on Terror Is a War of Chaos

Tom Engelhardt

Here’s a footnote to America’s present wars that’s worth pondering for a few moments. The U.S.


One connection that isn't being made in the discussion of permanent war is the climate connection. I've been reading Christian Parenti's Tropic of Chaos. It's a journalist/historian's trek through East Africa, Afghanistan, the Indian subcontinent, and Latin America examining the links between drought, collapse of states and warfare.

I didn't know that the initial civil war in Afghanistan in the 1970's was largely triggered by drought, which is intensifying today. Poppy is a drought-resistant crop, one of the only crops Afghan farmers can make money on, and NATO and the Afghan government are intent on eradicating it. Of course Somalia has been wracked by drought since the late 1980's. Parenti's book was written in 2011. Research has since shown how drought helped instigate the Syrian civil war, and the Daesh in Iraq took advantage of the opportunity. The flashpoint of the near future is Pakistan, drought-stricken southern India and flooding Bangladesh, with the former two already in a nuclear standoff.

The future is here. We talk about climate change like it is coming - and for the rich North, in relative terms, maybe it is. But for Northern Africa and much of Asia it is here, and it is deadly. It means civil war, extreme right-wing insurgencies like Daesh and Boko Haram, millions of refugees, failing states, and permanent global warfare. There is no military solution (though the Washington Consensus pretends there is) and the collapse will continue to spread.

We must see the underlying causes and understand that this is an existential threat that requires radical political and economic changes to confront and survive.


The war on terror is a war on Anarchy. Chaos is Cascading Cataclysm/Horror


The War on Terror is a HOAX, Tom. A hoax. Constructed by the caretakers of this planet to keep us in a perpetual state of war.


Amazing that this article has only four comments. I guess perpetual war can't compete, as a subject of concern, with perpetual obsession with the Orange Guignol.

I also think that, in the mass media at least, this is all by design. Because the astroturf Resistance©, as the tool of the Democratic party, is in essence in favor of the belligerent war policies.

If the Dems are going to survive, they need to clean house, fast, and look to people like Tulsi Gabbard to make them into something other than a corporate war machine occasionally throwing sops to their identity politics running dogs in lieu of concretely progressive politico-economic policies.


To really have a war on terror, the #1 terrorist nation in the world.... needs to stop terrorizing the world!