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'The Warning Bells are Deafening': Super El Niño Threatening Global Hunger Crisis


'The Warning Bells are Deafening': Super El Niño Threatening Global Hunger Crisis

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As many as 50 million people across the world face potential hunger, disease, and water shortages by early 2016 if countries do not act immediately, declared Oxfam International on Monday, addressing those nations predicted to be ravaged by this year's Super El Niño as well as wealthy governments indebted to those most vulnerable to climate change.


PARIS was just more of the same. We should prepare for the worst because our so called leaders are full of shit and intend to do nothing but talk, eat and party and they will continue to do just that till they are all comfortably situated where this disaster will least effect them and theirs.


Five more years of this and people will see how frightening an increase of 2C degrees will be. What will it take to make governments realize that talking of keeping increases to 1.5C and taking action to keep from reaching 2C degrees is not going to count for much when we are on target for 2.5C degrees and higher.

As of yet governments do not yet imagine what an increase of 2C degrees will really mean. Most people don't either. They think mainly of heat (for good reason of course), drought, storms and refugees perhaps.

Maybe we should be most afraid of our tendency to not help each other most of all. Much of our conversation about climate change assumes we will help each other out of necessity. I am not saying that we won't because I assume that we will want to as the Paris conference shows.

I am worrying that we won't be able to help each other even though we want to. I am worrying about catastrophic climate change like everyone who is sane (therefore excepting many republicans) but it may be that we have to worry about that... later!!!

Before we deal with catastrophic climate change (the really bad stuff) we will have to deal with catastrophic society change!!! That's where 3 million people in New Guinea needed help and a million in the Philippines needed help and perhaps equal numbers in Indonesia and So.East Asia and refugees from killer droughts in Africa in the tens of millions need help ... year after year!

Catastrophic society change may overwhelm us before the worst of catastrophic climate change hits us. In other words we may go bust as a civilization. You could say civilization might be bankrupted by climate change and unable to mount the efforts to save millions.

Oh children ... you should fear when the heart is willing but the granaries are bare... because it will likely keep getting worse... until the heart is no longer willing because now you too are needy... and still it worsens ...but there is no more help out there.

What will our civilization be like in the future (a near future at that) if we fail these people now when yet it is still so easy for us to help them?

That future speeds towards us and still we do not fear it like we should. India thinks of economic growth and builds coal fired plants! Such madness is insanity and symptomatic of denial or utter cynicism.

We are not immune from that madness either. Here we think ourselves rich as California becomes unable to grow crops because of drought. Californies will become our Dust Bowl Oakies but in reverse.

But what if our corn belt fails and our wheat belt fails? There are more dangers in climate change than only heat and drought. Beetles kill our forests and add carbon to the atmosphere thereby. How strange is climate change eh?

What will it be like to experience climate change in twenty years? You do know that it could get much worse than we are expecting and much faster than we could believe possible right? We really don't know despite our projections and climate modeling. Year after year we have been experiencing increases in the pace of climate change. Each and every year we learn it is happening faster than we thought a year ago. Year after year. We don't know.

The warning bells are deafening!

For whom the bell tolls.

Good luck children... good luck to you all.


They will change their minds quickly because the effects of climate change are impossible to escape. It may take a few more years though before they start getting really scared ... that they have waited too long.


3 million facing starvation in PNG?. That is half the population in a very fertile, resource-blessed country 4 times the size of New Zealand. What is happening is that the failure of the wet season is drying out the small streams that people rely on as well as producing frosts in the highlands that kill off the sweet potato. Part of the answer is enabling local irrigation from the larger rivers, using locally grown bamboo as conduits, as occurs in SE Asia. However, there is so much rivalry and jealousy between villages that any such essentially cooperative effort will not occur. And rest assured; as during the 1997-98 EL Nino, the indigenous population, living in harmony with nature, will be going round setting fire to the rain-forest to clear ground and burning down half a mountainside in the process because it is so dry.

Aid projects will run into the same problem. PNG is a microcosm of the world; rivalry, enmity, jealousy, corruption and the sheer political stupidity that is creating hell across the entire globe.


"we won't be able to help each other even though we want to".

Don't worry, the "market" will find a way....If anyone in California wants to buy an old jalopy to head out east, I'll sell them one.............


Don't take my words out of context. That's a crappy way of doing things. Guess you got tired of typing such a lengthy piece?



Wow. Reading this article is really sobering. I had to read it a second time in order to fully absorb its implications. My God. WoW.
Well it sounds like 'down the road' just got 'in your face' close. And, as I understand it ,nothing of real interest will be required of any of the two hundred plus Countries who just left the COP21 before 2020. I wonder what that year will be like?


A microcosm of the world? From the stone age to modernity in a generation ... oh darn they just don't measure up. Meanwhile we in the world having thousands of years of civilization are of course free of rivalry, enmity, jealousy, corruption and political stupidity.

We as examples of cooperation, sharing, ethics and intelligent political choices are so very disappointed in them having problems that we have overcome ourselves.

So having been short changed by imperialism and then by colonialism and then by paternalism that made a profit, they are so disappointing when they cannot also overcome the climate change (that we caused not them) in a single generation as well.

Twenty years ago (or so) National Geographic did a piece about a headhunter (a real one) who drove a cab in the capital. Though headhunting was illegal, he was legally allowed to retain the skulls of the enemies he had killed as a young man (taking their heads) before it was made illegal.

Somehow you just would think even an Aussie would respect the difficulties inherent in going from the literal stone age to dealing with rush hour traffic in a single generation and cut them a bit of slack about dealing with climate change.


The first part of your sentence is a lot of hooey. People will still be around.

The second part ... you have a point about that for sure!

Life will still be worth living but >>> Life just ain't what it used to be! <<< will be how people describe it.

Geez ...what will life be like in 2050? I'm guessing a lot of people are gonna be pissed then!


Yes, how many people here are familiar with Guy McPhereson? I'd really like to know...
I have been reading and listening to him for about ... 3 years now... maybe a bit longer... I have gone back and forth... maybe more toward complete agree ment with what he says.... THAT WE ARE ALREADY COOKED .... WE ARE DONE...
So, I have been in the camp of... maybe if we did turn off civilization.. we could AT LEAST STOP NEAR TERM EXTINCTION. .... BUT...


Good one Wereflea.... Good one... you brought it home... and just to top it off... I live Between Elmira NY and Binghamton... and tonight at 7:30pm.. ish... it was 63 degrees in the town three miles away.... and I googled the temp at a little after 8 pm and it was 58 ... in DECEMBER.... in the north east... AT NIGH.... those are SUMMER NIGHT TIME TEMPS.... I am afraid .... I am very afraid....


I would imagine that the 1% might keep a nuclear holocaust from ruining their all year long vacation plans.


Yeah.. no joke... we really don't know what lays ahead with climate change because we are basing our guesses on information from the past when man made climate forcing wasn't an issue.

Sure there was climate change but it took thousands of years to happen while what is happening now has taken 30 years and is only just getting ... warmed up!!!

Nice weather for the end of a planet! (metaphorical).


Well it should be crystal clear to all concerned that the government of the United States is following a different script than what the citizens want. Their orders come from some wealthy individuals and corporations and that they will never do the peoples work. Change must come from the grassroots movements taking matters in their own hands may it be individual decision to ditch the cars, go vegetarian, grow one's own food and get off the power grid to massive civil disobedience. Those at the helm will not change anything that would interfere with their profiteering from human misery, war and natural catastrophe. The elites declared war on us way back after they assassinated JFK.


I was being ironical about the "market", the be all and end all of human existence these days.

I gather around 300 000 climate refugees headed to California in the dust-bowl years, meeting the delights of "market forces" all the way. What we are going to be facing will be more like 300 million climate refugees, a great many of them from Bangladesh. The "market" is a major part of the problem.


Having spent a third of my working life in PNG I am very familiar with its problems. Australian colonialism certainly was NOT one of them. Papua New Guinea is indeed our world in miniature, with rivalries, jealousies, vendettas and other "modern" issues that go back generations to before we whities got there. After all, they are human beings. Their farming habits involve slash and burn and LANDSAT and other satellite imagery clearly shows the damage even that small population has achieved. Having watched the place burn during the 1997-98 El Nino I know what is going to happen this time around. It will be more of the same. No PNG did not cause global warming and no, PNG cannot be blamed apart from being like all humans daft enough not to recognise the mistakes our industrial civilisation has made.

One thing I learnt from PNG: our anthropologists should go there to study how OUR societies behave; the only difference is that our tools are more powerful and we have different styles of make-up and clothes. And by "our" I include all other peoples.


QUOTE: Before we deal with catastrophic climate change (the really bad stuff) we will have to deal with catastrophic society change!!! UNQUOTE and to do that we need to support Bernie:

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We had 60 in Albany 'round 10 last night, Monday the 14th of Dec.


Lol. You have a point there!

But that is the thing about free will. God isn't a polluter and is not responsible for global warming. We are!

Human beings do this. We were warned about greed destroying us and so it is. God or mammon...not both!

Somehow we have made so many excuses for capitalism that we are blind to the difference between the two and have claimed that serving mammon is serving God. Our choice. Our error.

We choose to do global warming not God.

BTW... this is not the end of the world either. It will be the end of the good times... the bountiful Earth that was His gift and would provide for us forever with all its diversity and wondrous beauty if we had been good stewards. But we were not and chose to use up and waste that bounty until scarcity and want will be our children's fate. We threw it all away but we aren't going anywhere.

We have ruined and spoiled and wasted until that web of nature that was His gift of life is broken and fragmented yet we are not going anywhere. Our children will live in the mess we have made because of greed.

An example is fracking. Solar and wind are there but fracking makes some people billions. Yet it poisons underground water and causes earthquakes. We poison our own wells... and will have to drink from them.

That is biblical sounding to my ears. To poison the wells and have no other waters to drink?

Don't blame God for the misery that lay ahead of us. You might blame the devil who would be happy to see the suffering caused by global warming. But I blame us because we do it.

Free will.

For good or ill

Free will.