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The Wars Come Home: A Five-Step Guide to the Police Repression of Protest from Ferguson to Baltimore and Beyond


The Wars Come Home: A Five-Step Guide to the Police Repression of Protest from Ferguson to Baltimore and Beyond

Michael Gould-Wartofsky

Last week, as Baltimore braced for renewed protests over the death of Freddie Gray, the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) prepared for battle. With state-of-the-art surveillance of local teenagers’ Twitter feeds, law enforcement had learned that a group of high school students was planning to march on the Mondawmin Mall.


Excellent, informative article.

Since war device manufacturers represent a major force within our nation’s corporate picture, imagine what TPP and TIPP will mean in terms of “taking off the gloves” insofar as aggressively conflating any threat to THEIR profits as equivalent traitorous conduct. Sure to be lots of “fun” for all. Environmental activists fit the #2 position on THE Corporate Hit List about to become enshrined into law with the passage of these corporate decrees.

“While the basic architecture of this program has been in place ever since 9/11, it is being built up in new and ever more sophisticated ways…”

This technique I term “gradual accommodation.” It allows insidious behaviors to creep up so subtly that they’re not noted until it’s too late.

“Since 2012, the NYPD’s Intelligence Division has officially encouraged its employees to engage in “catfishing” on social media sites “for investigative or research purposes,” which, with the permission of police brass, may include “investigations involving political activity.” Increasingly, such catfishing has become common practice among police and private security forces nationwide.”

I think this is what goes on inside message threads on sites like this one.

What’s amazing is that the kind of money dumped into all this macho Mars-ruled military-style controls, weapons, and protocols under the guise of DEFENSE or that sort of law enforcement arguably in place to make people safe (or safer) is the most hubristic sort of pissing in the wind possible when the REAL threat will come from climate shifts, weather upsets, and profound earth changes. And many of the latter might have been better protected against had the Big Brother Control State instead invested in remedies and adaptations to this TRUE threat.

Alex Jones and David Icke may get some things wrong, but they are astute and outspoken about others. One of those is their observation that elites DO announce their plans via science fiction and other film depictions.

I only came to see the film “Enemy of the State” recently. This film is probably 20 years old yet it shows how quickly satellites can track a “person of interest.”

Mr. Jones and Mr. Icke have also pointed out that whatever elites allow for exposure is YEARS behind the technology in their possession.

I also have noted that films like “True Lies” set up Arabs as terrorist enemies way in advance of 911 and the Middle East (pre-planned) wars that followed. The way I see it, prejudices are pre-programmed into mass consciousness to massage the way to war.

The times are strange and ominous; yet out of what looks to be a series of events catalyzing an imminent collapse of civilization–as known–will come the opportunity to build far more just and balanced social contracts and societal models.


A police state of mind

Steels its synapses


Lets not overlook the US Army Northern Command that since 2008 has been stationed in the US and dedicated to “quelling domestic disturbances” and will be deployed if conditions on the ground reach a point that state police, local police and national guard forces need backup.

Other US Army task forces from various bases in the US have been carrying out helicopter drills in small towns recently under the guise of being prepared to fight terrorists.


Protesters are terrorists huh? So, when are these over-hyped, military wannabe goons gonna start flexing their para-military toys on abortion clinic protesters? If protesters are terrorists. Can anyone say Eric Rudolph? These abortion clinic protesters need some tear gas pumped up their ass before another clinic gets blown up!


“Environmental activists fit the #2 position on THE Corporate Hit List”

Meanwhile, abortion clinic protesters get left alone even after the precedent of Eric Rudolph.